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[Paul Lismore] Zis ene zourlanus kosson ki pou rode fer assassina Kistnen passe kom suicide...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 29 Août 2021

Extrait de l'express Leaks. 26/08/2021
Extrait de l'express Leaks. 26/08/2021
Bez sa! We must all be aware by now that we have only a handful of dignified, responsible, educated journalists and a plethora of quite useless individuals known as zourlanus. As Mauritians seem fond of this abomination known as the caste system, we can see different strata within the ranks of the zourlanus. These range from:

1/ Those who try hard but who still remain zourlanus at heart, and who view trivia as world shattering events...To them, a "jeune fille avec les jambes en l'air" is the perfect framework for what they consider to be a real, interesting newspaper article...The poor pets.

2/ Those who are absolutely useless but, despite that, we know that they are good eggs, and mean well.

3/  The lowest of the low, the pigs who are in it to make as much money as possible by taking bribes for writing positive articles about their benefactors, the absolutely shameless ones with hypocrisy in their DNA and who will talk about "deontologie" all day long, and who in public give a fairly credible but false impression of being part of the "caring, sharing" brigade. These are by far the most dangerous ones, because there is only a paper thin margin between their disgusting personalities and mentalities and the bastards who have turned them into willing mercenaries: the politicians and their "bankers".

I have had a go recently at L'Express Leaks for "bigging itself" up too much about "scoops" that never give us the identity of the people they write about. Nevertheless, I do understand their worries that the pigs they write about may sue them for large amounts of money for basically telling the truth about them.

Yesterday, L'Express Leaks dug up from the sewer an absolute pig of a zourlanus who crossed all lines of morality and decency many moons ago. Remember the laughs he gave us when he travelled all the way to Italy because he presumably thought that Nandinee would not be able to possibly resist the charms that only he thinks he has? Nandinee never opened the door, but I suppose the per diem was worth the journey...

That idiot has since given us a new definition of the word 'mercenary'. As if touting for Lee Ki Shim at the last elections was not bad enough, and writing crap articles for the 2 sheets of toilet paper that Lee Ki Shim brought out at election time to kouyonne ene lepep deza kouyon; as if touting his charms to various newspapers and being tossed around like an old prostitute was not bad enough....The hypocrite has the nerve to yap and yap about "deontolozie" all day long and to criticise real journalists, and have a go at the few decent ones who can still resist the lure of easy money.

But it gets worse folks! His latest escapade in trying to distort the murder of Kistnen into one of suicide has even got one CCID chap to say, " «Zordi zour avek larzan, tou posib avek mersener», lâche dépité ce limier du CCID qui suit le mercenaire de près", according to L'Express Leaks. I suppose when you are used to crawling on your stomach, you cannot sink any lower....Waaaazaaaa and Insane News would love an expert slitherer like him, I am sure....

So, there you have it. Zourlanus selling what little soul they have to the highest bidder. Like a pig sniffing for the foulest smelling turd as long as it is wrapped in currency notes. Yuck! 

Dimanche 29 Août 2021

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