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[Paul Lismore] Why is our "free and independent" press campaigning for a La Kwisinne reject to be the next PM?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 10 Octobre 2022

Tro boukou longanis dan sa ggt pays la! Zot ti koir ki dilo dire oui la kwizinne et Lady Macbeth ki fort? Kouma boir sa, tasse et vine esclave? 

Ala ene lot ki so treter paret pli fort, parski so dilo dire oui p fer zourlanus ekrir tou kalite flatteri lor li, kouma dire sitan zot kontan li ki zot erect penis ki p type sa ban lartik lariaz la...Oui, Nando Bodha, Brylcreem Boy, Bois de Rose environmentalist, champion promoter of auto ecoles, active partner of the Jugs when they tried to vote themselves as the DPP and decide who to prosecute, active and senior member of the band of renegades who stole all the assets of Dawood Rawat and, like the shameless thieves that they are, shared the loot amongst themselves and their parasitic friends, and a willing participant in the many, many sins committed by la kwizinne and its zombie PM....

Lexpress zordi in ekrir ene lartik kot mo sire seki in ekrir sa in bizin al pran ene cold shower apre, sitan li in gagne bon flatte so Nando....

Who is Nando, really? He is currently the leader of a minute little party where people find it almost impossible to name any of the members. Hardly anyone takes any notice of what he says, and I know no one who will listen to a press conference led by his nonentities for more than a minute. And yet, L'Express waxes lyrical about the potential of their hero, and makes many references to the glorious future that beckons for him...What about his past? The past where he was always with SAJ whenever the dear, departed came up with many of his insulting remarks? The past where everything that Pravind Jugnauth has been doing since 2014, esp since 2017, has been fine and wonderful? Shall we forget about that? What about the over Rs 20 million rupees given to his brother in law zavoka for some 6 weeks' work for ICTA, of all the rotten institutions that we have? Sa oussi korek?

"  Bodha dit à qui veut l’entendre qu’il ne va aucunement gaspiller ce qui lui reste de vie politique pour seulement travailler à la gloire de Ramgoolam et satisfaire le désir de vengeance de celui-ci. " Eoula! Desir de vengeance? Alor, seki in kokin par milliards, nou dire, korek sa mam, to ti bizin kokin plis"? 

Desir de vengeance? What exactly is wrong with that if decent investigators can retrieve the billions of rupees of our money that have vanished since 2014? Kifer Bodha p refiz fer seki fair, just, and the only decent thing to do? Kifer ban zourlanus p apel sa "politique de vengeance?" Ban la oussi ena pitaye ki pa in deklare pou kassiett?

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Kan zourlanus apel the desire to get back what was stolen from us "la politique de vengeance", b vreman ene pays enba lao sa!

Ziska ler, zis Ramgoolam in dire, " Ban la pa pou sape ar moi"....It is nothing new, as that was a very successful and popular policy of SAJ and the MSM (with Bodha...) in the 2014 electoral campaign...Alor, kifer Berenger et les zot leaders politiks zamai koz sa? Kifer zot apel sa "politique de vengeance"? 
Eski zot p dire, kouma ene lopposition koronpi dan elections presidentielles dan Kenya ti dire: " You have had your chance to eat. It is now our turn"?

In that case, may as well let the ti cretin and his la kwizinne rob the little that is now left in our Treasury, non? Better stay with the thieves that we know, non?

Lundi 10 Octobre 2022

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