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[Paul Lismore] Who are these people ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 19 Janvier 2023

[Paul Lismore] Who are these people ?
I used to read the posts of many people...I no longer do that, simply because I want to retain my sanity, and I really need to prevent the likelihood of my neighbours hearing me screaming abuse at my laptop when the crap of these people appear on my screen...I now only ever read the posts of people who write and think with knowledge, perspicacity, acuity, and originality. Granted, there are not many individuals on Facebook who display these eminently laudable qualities, but they do provide a breath of fresh air to counter the dross and detritus of so many attention seekers.

First on my list of those pathetic individuals are those who refer to themselves as people who have "followers" or, even worse, "fans". Eoula! Ki zot gagne? Zot kilot/lamoresses tro serre et p morde zot fesses, et c akoz sa ki zot rode fer zot passe pou seki zot vreman pa ete? C ene maladi sa, bonom, sa obsession pou gagne ene ti latansion by any means possible...Fans? Met ene ventilater kot to tonkin, parski ene "fan" sa...

Of course, the one distinguishing feature of these ignoble, miserably inadequate dregs of humanity is their seemingly incurable desire to copy/paste anything that moves. And the biggest insult of them all? When they try to masquerade their inability to think of anything constructive on their own and they gloss their copy/pasting with some fancy title, like "World News Reporter" or some other piece of tripe....Haha! World News? Eoula! Aprane lor to meme avan ki to copier seki lezot in ekrir, et to ena toupee deklar sa kom orizinal! Et zot ena toupee deklar zot kom gran gogotologue/sousoutologue kan tou seki zot fer, c zis copy/paste!

Now that we are not too far from the next general elections, or that useless thing called "Municipal elections" where councillors/mayors/Lord Mayors will have to beg the government for all the money that they will need for everything, including only resurfacing the roads outside their own homes, and their parties/functions/committees for manze boir...Those attention seeking oiks are trying to give the impression that they have been offered tickets! Eoula! Nou kone ki nou ban leaders politiks ban vre fesses, mai pa sa fesse kot zot pa rekonet ban charlatan kouma zot do!

And then they exhibit that nauseating "false modesty" which sits ill at ease with their constant need for attention: " Mo pa fer parti zot bann ou oken bann, moi! Mo bizin pense bien bien serier avan ki mo aksepte ene ticket...Meme si mo ban fans p sipllier moi ki mo aksepte"...Are these people mad? Mo kone ena la secheresse et possib pena patole dan bazar. B, assete ene pipengay , do! Al rode zot plezir avek sa et arete amerde fesse dimoune avek zot soi dizan popilarite ki existe zis dan zot imazination...

The other idiosyncrasy of these really weird people is their uncanny ability to name drop..."Oui, mo ti zoine soz lot zour la, mo ti pran ene cafe ar li et nou ti p diskitte ban zafer politik"....Invariably, the other sad individuals who zot ti pran ene cafe avek (or most likely sent a message to via Messenger/WhatsApp..) are zourlanus and/or a politician that most people already know to be an absolute idiot.

Finally, God in His or Her wisdom, decided that some people would be very pretty and a feast to the eyes, others will be nice, charming individuals, and many will be well educated and with good manners.

So, how come it is the ugliest ones who keep putting "selfies" on Facebook? The ugliest, most vain, most pompous, most useless ones...Don't these people have friends who could tell them, " Meme si to met to foto ene million foi lor dimoune zot Timeline lor Facebook, sa pa pou fer to la guele ziromon vine ene zoli briani ou vindaye, do!" And yet, lepep kouyon seem to "like" these selfies that seem to be making good business for opticians, because if you look at them for more than 2 seconds, your eyes will become sore...

Those who recognise themselves in the above: si sa upset zot, dimane zot "fans"/"followers" amene in p pipengay lakaz pou zot ressi servi ene kiksoz ki ena ene sans kapav fer zot at last accepte ki le centre du monde zamai ti dan zot Trou kanaka..

Jeudi 19 Janvier 2023

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