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[Paul Lismore] When an "absence of ethics" is really 4 favours from the "Patriots"

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 11 Février 2022

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Far too much hypocrisy from the wankers posing as future serviteurs du pays, and from the wankers currently servi pays...

I mean, where else would you expect a restauranteur to go except to our most notorious la cuisine? When Lady Macbeth displays her bountiful, juicy melons, how can the peasant find the courage to refuse, and say like Tousse Seins, " Non, merci! Mo prefere gro papayes moi!"? A restauranteur in la cuisine seems to me to be the most appropriate place for the onion slicer to find his third home...or is it fourth? A real Bummer.

Now, we come to the one who has suddenly realised that " Mo fiere mo sorti dan cite, moi", even though no one asked her the fucking question. Sorry, she does not say "moi", but like all self obsessed waste of spaces, she constantly refers to herself by her first name. As soon as I heard her praising her cite background, the song from Jennifer Lopez came to mind, esp where she says:

" I'm still, I'm still Jenny 
From the block (cite...)
Used to have a little
Now I have a lot...."

The people from Sun Trust tell me that Jenny from the block received 4 huge favours in order for her to redefine the word "ethics":

1/ Apparently, her brother has a rape case, and our wonderful "patriotes" have already told our free and independent police force: Touffe sa case la! So, we won't hear anymore about the overactive penis and the thuggish little brain....

2/ Her husband is a policeman, and once again, the "patriotes" will ensure a promotion very soon. 

3/ "Mo fiere mo sorti dan cite" was going to be sacked by Rogers soon apparently, but the "patriotes" in koz dan zorey and she will get a promotion soon instead of the sack...

4/ Our biggest thief and fraudster, Rakesh the robbing bastard, is now the lynchpin of all the dirty deals involving money with la cuisine. We all know he gets hundreds of millions of rupees in loans from bank managers who could not run a brothel if their lives depended on it. Those loans are of course never paid back and the money goes into the pockets of the robbing bastard, who then uses some of it to buy people who have discovered a new, corrupt version of "ethics"....and to pay off corrupt politicians...And these huge sums of "legally" stolen money help to provide him with the best legal team of zavokas available, including a retired judge....

Yes, Rakesh is a man for all seasons, and despite being a confirmed Judas who is now with la cuisine, has lawyers of the PTr, Reform, etc defending him...They will tell you it is the cab principle and they have no choice but to defend anyone if asked....And we say, bousser fesse, do! C pitaye la ki fer to decision!

Anyway, the girl from the cite has felt Rakesh's bulge...Pa sa do, ban perverts! Apparently, a big bulge of cash has exchanged hands...

These are the facts: Forget all the "rassenbleur" crap, the absence of "ethics" discovered overnight after more than 10 years feeding off that party. The real facts to explain the actions of the tifi depi cite lie in the 4 favours mentioned above.

As Bobok Hureeram said on Radio Minus yesterday, " Nou pou akeyir tou dimoune?" The obvious response to that is  "Ki to ete toi, gardien ene loka kot ninporte kisan la kapav rantre"? 

For once, our national Bobok has spoken the truth: The MSM will take anyone, will make anyone a member as long as they spit on their previous group with comments that are as disgracefully hypocritical as the sad, miserable, pathetic personalities saying them. The hypocrisy of these transfuges is simply quite breathtaking. Eoula! Mo sire zot la main meme sitan degoutee ar zot hypokrizi ki zot refiz zouer ar zafer la....!

Vendredi 11 Février 2022

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