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[Paul Lismore] When Bharat Mata treats Chota Bharat as its very obedient bitch

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 3 Juillet 2023

[Paul Lismore] When Bharat Mata treats Chota Bharat as its very obedient bitch
It pains me to write this about India, the land of my ancestors and a country which I love very much.  Perhaps the Indian High Commissioner and Thakur the gullible and very obedient/subservient head of the Financial Services Commission can explain the attitude and decisions of Bharat Mata in the International Arbitration in favour of  Telcom Devas Mauritius Ltd.

It is clear to everyone that when India lost many cases at arbitration, it has used its "independent" judiciary to get the Supreme Court to wind up the affairs of that company that had successfully sued India on several occasions...And as all jurisdictions outside India have supported the findings of the arbitration and found against India, what does Bharat Mata do?

It gets Chota Bharat to behave like the lapdog it has now unfortunately become and use its corrupt institutions headed by chatwas to do its dirty work...No wonder Nandinee Singla, the Indian High Commissioner, loves the company of ti cretin and Lady Macbeth so much....

Here are some of the arbitration findings: well worth reading the full report at the end of the post. 
" The facts clearly show that a number of international arbitration proceedings followed against Antrix and India, andDevas and its investors prevailed in every one of those arbitrations.Devas won a substantial victory against Antrix for wrongful termination of the Agreementin an ICC arbitration in 2015, later confirmed by a United States district court in a judgment for nearly USD 1.3 billion."

Page 6 and 7: "  although India has accused Devas in these proceedings of committing “widespread fraud,” it has assiduously avoided testing them before a judicial body outside India and, indeed, no court outside of India has credited the Indian Supreme Court’s supposed “findings” of fraud. For example, even with the Set Aside Decision in hand, Antrix and India do not dare file a motion in the United States district court to vacate the judgment confirming the ICC Award because they know that to do so would mean addressing their allegations before an impartial judge in a neutral venue. And the Canadian, German and Swiss courts have all refused to find fraud on the basis of the severely deficient Indian Supreme Court decision..."

Page 16: " Yet, after every loss, India ramped up its efforts to harass and punish Devas’s investors, including Claimants and their employees, for attempting to collect on India’s debts. After Claimants initiated this Arbitration, India has gone scorched earth. It first sought to extradite Devas’s founder and CEO, Mr. Ramachandran iswanathan, on charges unsupported by real evidence, and continues to expedite the criminal prosecution of Mr.Viswanathan in India..... Who does India turn to when the whole world seems to be against her in this case? To its little dog, Chota Bharat, of course! "

The Mauritian Government, clearly acting at India’s behest, has suspended Claimants’ business licenses with no prior notice, citing the year-old Indian Supreme Court decision. Less than three business days after suspending Claimants’ licenses, in what is a near mirror image of India’s liquidation of Devas, Mauritian authorities have declared their inquiry is complete and have asked Claimants to show cause as to why their licenses should not be permanently revoked. It is indisputable that India is trying, by any means possible, to escape review of its actions by this Tribunal."

Page 262 clearly shows how Thakur and his Financial Services Commission are nothing but lapdogs of the government of Mauritius and now of India also: " On 13 April 2023, the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (“FSC”) raided the Claimants’ offices and suspended their Global Business Licenses, citing the year-and-a half old Indian Supreme Court judgment and the fraud allegations within. While the FSC was raiding Claimants’ offices, India’s counsel White & Case LLP wrote to the Tribunal to inform it that “with immediate effect, White & Case no longer represents the Republic of India in this Arbitration.

Page 263: " In the meantime, the FSC announced that it had commenced an inquiry into the Claimants and ordered them to respond to thirteen questions, including this Arbitration, in less than 24 hours." Less time than it took Thakur and the other serviteurs du pays to have a jolly good time with mistresses at our expense in Dubai...  

This is now the sorry state of Chota Bharat. We have lost our sovereignty, and everything seems to depend on what Narendra Modi and her rep Nandini Singla tells our so called Prime Minister, who in turn tells his chatwas nominees to bend down and take it with a smile...

We want to position ourselves as an international arbitration centre, yet the Devas case proves that we are shooting ourselves in the foot.  The Devas case will end up before the Privy Council and the law lords will surely have strong words against the FSC and the appointment of a receiver manager to deprive Devas of its award against the Republic of India. Some people are probably proud that they have moved on from chatwa status and are now Modi's chota kouta....

Tomorrow, I will tell you how Bharat Mata financed the purchase of a device for tapping our phones for hundreds of millions of rupees, and gave it to us for "free"!....and why Danesh Ellaya has not been charged by the police yet. 

Beautiful, generous Bharat Mata, even when it is helping la kwizinne to become better bhai lookhes and listen and watch us even when we are having a good shit...and when it gets the chota kootas of Mauritius to stop India from paying a fine lawfully decreed by the International Tribunal.

Here is the full report. It is long, but if you want to know how we have now become India's bitch, read it...

Lundi 3 Juillet 2023

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