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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 6 Janvier 2021

Don't get me wrong! I am not exactly enamoured with some of the individuals who form part of the "Avengers".

I find their press conferences a bit tedious and rather repetitive, and way too long to retain the attention of everyone watching them..The idea of making every member speak if only to repeat what has already been said is rather depassee, and tends to overshadow the nuggets of information that manage to filter through the volume of incessant verbiage from various participants.

Of course, there is a substantial amount of demagoguery involved, and the "Avengers" have become experts in surfing the tides with great skill and panache. But can you blame them when we are living in a desert where the opposition is not only failing in its duty, but also gives the impression that all they need to do is wait for the government to continue to fuck up, and bingo! We will vote them into power!

I am afraid the reality of the situation tells me otherwise: that people will think twice before voting for the opposition, simply because it has yet to show how it will bring about the "vrai sanzman" that all politicians of all parties have been promising us since many of us were not even born.

We have yet to see any real proposals by the opposition about how they will change the way we are governed. Nothing about changing a constitution that was way past its sell by date in the seventies; nothing about this crazy and incredibly corrupt system of appointing 'advisers', who by and large are stupid individuals with only one skill: how to suck up to the leader better than the other soucerres around him; nothing about the absolutely criminal abuse/theft of taxpayers' money in granting so many freebies to politicians, their nominees/soucerres, etc; nothing about drastically reducing the salary and expenses of politicians and the arseholes they nominate to take charge of our institutions; nothing about changing the MBC and IBA Acts so that board members will be heavily fined and even face terms of imprisonment if they do nothing about blatant breaches of those Acts; Nothing about changing those fucking Standing Orders that have existed since Tyrannosaurus was roaming the continents, and which are now used by a moronic Speaker to stifle the little democracy that we have; nothing about amending the laws regarding tendering so that any contracts that have been authorised and found later to be corrupt will inevitably lead to meaningful sanctions against members of the Tender Boards; nothing about stopping the vile nonsense of duty free cars and free limousines with free petrol/chauffeur etc to arseholes who have been elected or who have become minsters; nothing about the banana republic mentality of posting a gablou in front of a minister's house or many socalled serviteurs du pays for 24 hours a day, and on top of that giving them a free police bodyguard/chauffeur 24 hours a day. How can they serve the people if they are so scared of the people that they need a gablou with them for every minute of the day? 

As I said, we have seen nothing at all from the opposition, apart from excessively boring press conferences once a week which are watched by a maximum of 100 roder bouttes. The opposition has come up with absolutely nothing! And you expect us to vote for you simply because the other lot is incredibly useless? How stupid are you? 

Why isn't the opposition with the people at various manifestations of anger against the excesses of the bastards in power?

Servandersing, the thoroughly useless Commissioner of police, is locking down Port Louis tomorrow in order to ensure safe passage for a minister with no credibility whatsoever. Where will the opposition be? Watching on TV and then saying a few things to some stupid zourlanus about "Ayo! Terrib sa! Ene diktatire sa!"

Get off your arses and join the people you say you want to represent after the next elections! Stop hiding away and listening only to your soucerres! Be with the people and show them that their fight against dictatorship is your fight too! What is the worst that can happen? Some gablou will arrest you, when he is not saluting Yogida? As a politician,you should hope that they will arrest you because you will then be seen as a martyr! Sinon, nek fer conference de presse alor, ban fesses!

As for the " Avengers", I salute their work despite my misgivings. They have taken the fight to the citadels of power, our courts of law, and much much more efficiently than the useless opposition; they have made Pravind Jugnauth's graines sointer sitan fort ki dimoune p dimander: Kot sa tapaz la p sorti?

The opposition is made up of many zavokas and not one of them has bothered to climb aboard the legal battle. Zis kozer et fer zoli videos? Roshi Bhadain has recovered a lot of his credibility after his truly horrendous behaviour re BAI and other matters. Fair play to him: he is a politician and knowing when to swim with the tide should be the attribute of any politician who wishes to make himself popular.

I especially salute Rama Valayden for the way he has led the team, and Teeluckdharry for being a first class aide de camp.

He has rehabilitated himself very well since his mauling by the Drugs Commission and his less than salutary role as Deputy Speaker.  Yes, there are a few things about the Avengers that annoy me, but one must not detract from the plain and simple fact that for the first time in our history, a group of lawyers has decided to take on the establishment...and winning, at least as far as public opinion is concerned. 

It therefore ill behoves lawyers sniping away from the comfort of their homes the rather good work that the Avengers have done so far. They are not perfect, but constantly sniping on the fringes makes you more of an arsehole than the targets you want to hit but constantly miss....

Mercredi 6 Janvier 2021

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