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Rédigé par E. Moris le Mardi 13 Août 2019

Bumma's selection as candidate for the MP at the elections partielles in number 7 serves only one purpose: to compete with the PMSD in fer lizier dou at the MSM by taking between 500-1000 votes from the PTr, and thereby hoping that it will provide a victory for the MSM in the most pointless by election ever in our political history.

What a bummer! There can be no other reason for the MP's decision to select a candidate apart from these:

1/ It stands as much chance of winning this by election as there is of SAJ whipping out the wrinkly old toy and pissing all over us from the rooftop of the Sun Trust building.

2/ Most people in Riviere du Rempart would have exclaimed this when hearing the news: "Ki san la sa? Zamai nou in tan so nom. Ene vrai Bummer, sa news la!"

3/ Ganoo, in true sluttish form, probably feels from his street corner that Zaza is looking decidedly more alluring towards the potential client, MSM, with his titillating "Love me Do" PMQs designed to make Pravin Jugnauth's teeth rattle with excitement...a sort of pre coital behaviour in public with the promise of real vice and perversion in private, if only the client will feel some stirring in his loins...

4/ In the only election that the MP has ever contested, Belle Rose/Quatre Bornes (Constituency 18) in December 2 years ago, its candidate, the definitely more alluring Tania Diolle, received 1516 votes and came 6th with, wait for it, 6.66 percent of the electorate voting for the MP..a sign of the Devil, if ever there was one---6th with 6.66 % of the vote..haha!

What makes Ganoo, Bumma, and the bummers in that party now believe that they stand any chance of winning in 'rural' number 7 when they have abysmally failed to do so in the more 'accommodating' 18?

No, my dear friends, the race is on for which slut has a better chance with this client or that client, i.e. Who will pay more, who will keep them in the manner they loved before and which they think they can get used to again?

At the moment, the PMSD is looking by far the more desirable one for the MSM..after all, don't they say that soley levee kan coq sante?

Zaza's coq is singing and the Sun of the MSM now believes that it can come from under those huge clouds of absolute incompetence, corruption, nepotism, and uselessness only if it trappe sa coq la...That is the inconvenient truth, unfortunately. Ganno is just an old hag hoping that he still has the charms and sexiness of his younger days which made Berenger fall so hopelessly in love with him...

But, at the end of the day, a slut will always remain a slut and the only thing that motivates them is : kisan la pou donne moi plis, parsi pena personne ki konne tousse sali pli bien ki moi?

That is the tragic nature of politics in Mauritius today.

Mardi 13 Août 2019

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