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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 31 Août 2019

Let me first of all quote one sentence from a toxic article in the most dangerous, poisonous, pathetically illiterate piece of shit that I have termed "Insane News", because no sane people will ever consider what that cesspit of hatred and vile propaganda spits out as "News" :

" En tout cas, sachez cher monsieur, que ce n’est pas dans nos habitudes de faire du tort à quiconque surtout encore moins à un mort-vivant… Vous comprendrez sans doute où nous voulons en venir !... À en mourir de rire… "

For those who don't know, those uncivilised, mercenary bastards at Insane News are cruelly mocking a man who has survived a virulent form of brain cancer, Harish Chundunsing, and there is no mistaking their callous desire to see him suffer a painful death. "Mort-vivant", "A en mourir" in that context is the mark of absolute savages with no concept of civilised behaviour, and whose only God is the huge amounts of money that Sherry Darling gives them via our MT, for contracts that are more corrupt than anything that even the worst dictators could ever conceive in their nasty, inhumane minds.

Now, some idiot is bound to say, " b ou zourer tou le tan!". Yes, I do swear a lot, but all of my swear words echo the absolute disgust and language that most people use towards our serviteurs du pays and the corrupt little bastards, including our so called 'free and independent' press on their pay roll.

I, and I suspect neither would most people, would ever mock any one who is suffering from one of the most serious illnesses ever to have been unleashed on mankind. You just do not do that! Only absolute arseholes, people with no concept of decency or humanity or civilised behaviour would ever stoop to the level that even skunks would look at with contempt.

Let me give some background to that pestilential and venomous 'article' in that online rag today:

Yesterday, Insane News published some crap article about my identity, and I mocked them mercilessly, far less than they deserved actually, as I have a whole arsenal of ammunition for those oiks... Harish Chundunsing wrote a few things on his Facebook page too, unlike the many ungrateful bastards whose cause I have taken up over many years...

Ass Insane News can't do fuck all to me, they thought: "Why not go after that cancer ridden bastard?" Hence their malignantly virulent 'article' today.

I cannot wait for Harish Chundunsing to sue the bastards asap. In my opinion, no court, not even a Mauritian one, could possibly turn a blind eye to this gross defamation of character and dangerous abuse of the freedom which our press still enjoys. Although calling "Insane News" as anything to do with the press is like calling a "pik latrine" your living room....

Talking about turning a blind eye, here is the gist of my post: What will it take for the press in general, and its few real journalists, to condemn this interloper, this odious trespasser into the halls of journalism? What will it take for them to say" Enough! This rag does not represent our values, even though we ourselves often fall short of the noble ideal of journalism to tell things as they are and not to indulge in some fake 'literary' competition where one arsehole wants to show the rest that he/she has no equal in the language he/she writes articles, even if 9 times out of 10, the articles tell the reader fuck all of any value?"

What will it take for the Media Trust, otherwise known as the holiday camp for le defi at taxpayers' expense, to show some moral backbone and to voice its contempt for those creeps at Insane News? Admittedly, it is hard for them, if the boss of most of those zourlanus at the Media Trust happens to be Gadaffi's mercenary during the years when he was perfecting his current role as the Jugs' mercenary....

When I say that "Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la", I am not being gratuitously offensive. I am simply echoing what the vast majority of people say everywhere, at bus stations, markets, restaurants, etc. We have never reached this terrible level of corruption, nepotism, asking for favours and getting them, the mentality of " my shit smells nice compared to yours", this incredibly selfish mercenary attitude that afflicts so many and compels them to do the most shameful activities imaginable in order for the brand new car/villa/air tickets/mission bidon/etc to be obtained free of charge, and for any contract to be awarded in dark rooms.

I am afraid that keeping quiet when dangerous idiots are allowed to destroy what still remains civilised in our society makes you a collaborator of the vermins. And no amount of stupid videos/articles that you think will portray you as a superstar can possible erase the stain of mercenary little bastard from your persona.

Samedi 31 Août 2019

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