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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 1 Juin 2021

Facebook vreman amerde fesse souvan, avek sa kantite zeni ki in "fek tan news", ki pou dire "ene news sire sa", ki kozer parey kouma sa ban kouyonneurs dan Champs de Mars ki dire douceman dan zorey "ene banker sa! Kapav met lakaz lor bebette la! Gagner sire sa!" aprer, souval "banker" la sorti dernier.

Every day, we get people telling us that SAJ has died, is dying, will die tomorrow, " they don't want to bury him during confinement because they want a state funeral for him", "he is under artificial respiration, heart has stopped but they are keeping him going", etc, etc. WHAT???? Haven't you got anything better to do with your miserable lives than to sit vulture like and hoping for his body to turn into the carcass you want to feed on? Have you no shame? 

The fact that I dislike SAJ with a passion is neither here nor there. The fact that I believe him to have stolen huge amounts of public money and to be primarily responsible for this island to be overflowing with drugs are things that I have written about many, many times when he was fit and strong enough to fight back, if he so wished. But you never kick anyone when he is down and when he is not in a position to defend himself! Only arseholes and attention seeking bastards would do that.

So, please give it a rest. I know that SAJ is alive and lucid, although the prognosis is quite poor. But he is not dead, is not on artificial respiration, and it is frankly quite sickening and revolting to see many people trying to garner some extremely cheap popularity by writing lurid stories about a death that has not happened.

Remember, he is a father, a husband, a grandfather and, whether we like it or not, respected by many people. Many of you who are dancing over his tombstone also have husbands/wives, fathers/mothers/ grandparents etc. How would you like it if you saw many people cherishing the thought of their impending deaths? 
You know my views about Pravind Jugnauth, Lady Macbeth, Lady SAJ, the whole Jugnauth clan. But does that make me rejoice at the thought that the patriarch of the Jugnauth clan is likely to die soon? NO!
Let the man die in peace. Al kraz ou massala, ou plante in p pom de terre en place ki ou fer ou bien kouyon et amerdan avek ou ban zistoires lor la mort ene dimoune ki pa enkor arive. Ou garde ou ban lidee bien malsain la dan ou zoin fesse, ou partaz li en prive avek ou ban kamarades...Mai rejoice in public lor la mort ene dimoune ki pa enkor meme arive? Eoula! Ou ene sovaz!
In other words, have some DECENCY, people!...Those who don't know what the word "decency" means will of course continue to peddle their garish and insensitive fake stories about his death. Anything for a very cheap 'like' for these arseholes on Facebook pages that have sprouted over the past year..

Mardi 1 Juin 2021

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