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[Paul Lismore] Time for our students to show that they are as brave those of 1976 it comes to fighting tyranny...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 16 Juin 2020

"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right"---Victor Hugo.

How much further down the road of dictatorship can this government of selfish bastards and thieves take us?

They have looted the Bank of Mauritius out of Rs 158 billions of rupees, they keep awarding tailor made contracts to their friends and arse lickers, including a contract where fake medicines have been given to patients, they have used Covid-19 as the perfect excuse for them to bring in the most dictatorial measures imaginable since the Seventies.

They have polluted and corrupted all our institutions so much with the appointment of zombies and uneducated peasants that we now are assailed with the stench from these institutions even when we are miles away from them.

Yes, this government has brought Mare Chicose closer to all of us when we daily twitch our noses in a forlorn attempt to escape the stench. Wherever we look, we see absolute arseholes in charge of all our institutions, and we wonder why all of them have abysmally failed?

Today, I read with horror in L'Express about the insane and quite unjustified attempt by the University of Mauritius to gag and discipline possibly their only member of staff who makes any sense when he opens his mouth to explain to us the Constitution and the legal ramifications of many of the stupid laws and decisions of this government: Rajen Narsinghen.

I am sure I cannot be the only one who values his wise interpretations of our laws, including the renegade laws that this old pussy face of an Attorney General keeps inflicting on us. 

Apparently, he has been summoned to attend a disciplinary committee on Thursday on the grounds that he has committed the quite unpardonable sin of "political activism"! And who will be the members of this "Disciplinary Committee" ?

2 of the idiots are waiting for their contracts to be renewed, so one can safely assume that their testicles are in the firm grip of the politicians, and therefore they will have to obey the bastards, unless they want to feel tears running down their cheeks from a sharp squeeze of the organ that seems to control their brains.

Another one is a sousoutologue, you know one of those incredibly dull 'observateurs politiques/politologues' who have been placed on a pedestal by zourlanus, esp Eshan Khodabux and his mercenaries at le defi, and who acts like our preferred sedative when you listen to her detailing her mastery of the obvious, droning on and on and on until your eyelids can't cope with the torture anymore and droop completely to provide you with some salvation...

She is apparently a "Media expert" (a quaint little title for the useless zourlanus to emphasise when introducing her...) and her husband (I suppose in an attempt to do a Me too! pa zis mo fam ki konne koz kk, ein!...) have never had any problems making their arselicking of the Jugs public, and the useless nominations that followed their particular taste of that shit has made them even more arrogant than they used to be.

She will now decide on the 'political activism" of Rajen Narsinghen when she herself has been politically active for the Jugs for years! Ki kalite hypocrisy sa, do?

When Lachanya Diolle (perhaps the most glaring example of how politicians have their ugly paws all over the UoM when that useless lump was made Charge de cours...), Sheila bunwaree and others showed their political colours whist working at the UoM, no problem!

When the man with a stomach so large that one wonders whether his tiny brain is located there was given unlimited leave without pay in order to reward his political activism for the MSM and was appointed High Commissioner to Germany six years ago, no problem! So many lecturers, senior lecturers at the UoM have never had any problems displaying their political activism, so why all this fuss over Rajen Narsinghen? 

Why this sudden desire to clamp down on one individual's desire to explain the law and the Constitution to us, which is essentially what Rajen Narsinghen has been doing?

I'll tell you why: because he explains the law in a lucid manner, and highlights its inconsistencies and unconstitutionality better than anyone else, and that makes him dangerous. There is nothing better that the government wants than to make a Lepep Kouyon remain kouyon.

An enlightened lepep spells danger to the little Hitlers, and that is why Rajen Narsinghen is perceived as a danger to them. As long as the arseholes, the gogotologues /sousoutologues
/mercenary zourlanus continue to veil the truth from us and never stop talking their peculiar brand of shit, that is fine....

But when a knowledgeable man talks sense and imparts his wisdom to a Lepep remaining adamantly in the dark, then that is bad news to them.

The students of the UoM and hopefully some decent lecturers, etc will demonstrate their hostility to this nonsense on Thursday. Otherwise, they will become accomplices to this vile masquerade where nominated zombies happily carry out their master's wishes and do the dirty for them.

It is a golden opportunity for students and lecturers to show that the caricature of them as Tik Tok fanatics, and lazy little pets is wrong, and that they care as much as us, if not more, for the terrible direction this country is now taking.

We can all rant and rave about the failings of previous Prime Ministers like Ramgoolam SAJ, and Berenger but at least we can all acknowledge that not one of them has ever taken the dictatorial route to staying in power as Pravind Jugnauth unfortunately seems bent on doing. 

"Scientia salus patriae", or Knowledge at the service of the nation is the motto of the University of Mauritius. If those zombies and arse lickers have their way on Thursday, then honesty demands that the motto is changed to " Scientia Dei Servitium Imperium" , i,e, Knowledge at the service of the Government. 

Because that is precisely what you all will be if you allow the slaves of the government to destroy the right to Freedom of speech on campus on Thursday: you will be nothing but passive wankers watching the monsters destroy what the generation of 1976 achieved when faced with authoritarianism.

So, students, if you still have the youthful sense of rebellion inside you, gather en masse at the UoM on Thursday and let those slaves in the Disciplinary committee know what exactly you think of them. Deny them access to the UoM if you have to! 

If you need any good swear words, let me know....

Mardi 16 Juin 2020

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