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[Paul Lismore] Time for a Pakistani to stop using the MRA to harass elderly Mauritian citizens

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 9 Février 2021

" Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once."--- Julius Caesar, Act II Scene 2.

The above quote was written by William Shakespeare (or Sexspir, to the idiot thankfully no longer in our National Assembly...) in 1599, and over four centuries later, it applies perfectly to our serviteurs du pays, the men and women we pay enormous salaries with outrageous perks to represent us, and who inevitably represent and obey only the nasty, vindictive views of one group of people: the government in power.

It does not matter which party forms our government, because the end result will always be a Civil Service that will bend over backwards to please the new idiots in power, and which will bring vindictiveness and cruelty to a whole new level of sadism.

They are cowards whose sense of hearing is finely attuned to any murmur of protest from the vested interests who have this island in a stranglehold, but who will never, ever voice any words of protest against clear acts of bullying and harassment against the rest of us. Au contraire, many would simply join in the carnage, in the hope that the leaders will throw them the bone that only arseholes cherish so much.

Don't tell me that our so called "free and independent" press is not aware of the nasty, cruel games being played by the MRA, under the leadership of one Sudhamo Lal. He is a Pakistani with a degree in Soil Science and Agri Economics from some university in Pakistan, so fuck knows how someone who probably knows how to grow lettuce has found himself in charge of our MRA since 2005!

It reminds me of another friend of our politicians, the Indian Muni Reddy, who too had a degree in Agriculture, and who was nevertheless nominated El Supremo of our State Bank of Mauritius. At one time, he was on Rs100 millions+ per year + enormous perks and privileges, and who looked after our politicians and zourlanus so well that no one has ever asked any questions about his activities....The fact that he knows where the skeletons of our politicians and their soucerres are buried in foreign bank accounts would perhaps explain a/ his and their silence and b/ why our free and independent press have never questioned him properly.

Let me now explain why it is important that Mauritians understand why a Pakistani is harassing many Mauritians, esp elderly ones, simply because their children/relatives are perceived to be too critical of this odious government.

You need to also be aware that Pakistan is one of the most corrupt countries on earth, and was ranked 124th most corrupt country out of 180 this year by Transparency International. Now, getting someone with that background and with only a degree in cowshit to run the Mauritius Revenue Authority can tell you only one thing: that judging from the situation in his own country, he will know all the tricks of the trade to turn a blind eye on the tax affairs of the thieves in power, and will have no problem going after the relatives of those deemed to be against the government...even if their tax affairs are perfectly in order, and they have always abided by the rules.

The idiots will say, " they must have done something wrong!", otherwise the angels at the MRA would not be bothering them. To these pathetic souls, there can only be one response: It must be very lonely for you on the planet that you inhabit, because the reality is quite different.

Let me ask Sudhamo Lal, the expert in cowshit spreading as manure, these questions:

1/ Will he ask ALL our politicians to disclose the value of their properties abroad, and how they were purchased, and their hidden bank accounts in Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, etc?
2/ Will he ask the banker who bought a property in Portugal via Sobrinho which allowed him to obtain Portuguese residency?
3/ Will the MRA investigate all those with massive accounts as evidenced by SwissLeaks, the Panama Papers, etc?
4/ Will Sudhamo Lal, with his degree in Soil Science & Agri Economics from Pakistan, dig into the financial affairs of his close Sindhi friends, Tulsidas, Hassamal, Kalachand, etc? 
5/ Will Sudhamo Lal dig into the financial affairs of the perfect slaves of la cuisine, loathsome individuals like Dev Manraj (old Tekwa face...), Sattar "Hajee" Abdoulla, Zouberrrrr, Lady Macbeth, her brother, Yogida the little angel, Basdeo marsan poisson, and so many idiots who out of nowhere have become multimillionaires if not billionaires since 2014?

Sudhamo, do your job properly, or fuck off back to Pakistan! We have more than enough Mauritian arse lickers, chatwas, and corrupt bastards already, and we do not need any foreigners to join that ugly crowd.. The time will soon come when hopefully a new government will put you on trial for your criminal harassment of our elderly citizens.

Everyone has the right to criticise any government, even in our ludicrous democracy. But we will not allow any foreigner, even one with a degree in cowshit, to spread his muck over ordinary, law abiding Mauritians. LEAVE OUR ELDERLY PEOPLE ALONE! If their sons and daughters do what everyone else is doing and criticise this government, go after them if you wish! But leave their elderly parents alone! Only cowards and spineless people do that!

You have been in Mauritius long enough to know what a "macro" is. Have some self respect and stop being the government macro that you are by targeting the elderly. Grow some balls and be a man!
p.s. for any idiot who sees this as anti muslim sipaki, remember one basic fact: A large number of the victims of that idiot happen to be elderly Muslim people who have never harmed anyone

Mardi 9 Février 2021

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