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[Paul Lismore] The weird world of Mauritians politics

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 8 Mai 2023

[Paul Lismore] The weird world of Mauritians politics
1/ Joe Lesjongard is the only person in the whole universe who saw 20,000 people at the MSM meeting. Clearly, the man has the incredible gift of making a shit parcel look like an expensive package from Harrods.

If Pravind Jugnauth had any sense, he would immediately appoint Lesjongard, despite his ownership of a latete bibite, as Minister of Finance. Joe could then tell us, flanked by Bobok Hureeram and the one whose laptop can explode at any moment, that

a/ Mauritius has an economy that is the envy of the world.
b/ that we do not owe Rs 500 billions but that instead, other countries owe us a trillion rupees.
c/ that when inflation is 12%, it means that our food is now 12% better in quality and taste.
Expect the "newspapers" of truth and objectivity, like Wazaa/MorpIoN News/ Mazavaroo-piman confi to faithfully report Joe's findings and to proclaim him the next Director General of the IMF...

2/ Nandeo Bodha says on the one hand that PTr/MMM/PMSD p nek koz positions, and what does he then do: he wants to be Prime Minister for 3 years in the next government, with Roshi Bhadain as PM for 2 years. Yippee! A nou sanz gouvernman MSM et renplace li par gouvernman 2 ex MSM!
Methinks the Brylcreem has penetrated his skull as he keeps talking about positions, perhaps a subliminal reference to the sexual positions he prefers: every 5 times of le licema, he likes it on top 3 times and someone else on top of him 2 times...

But I am afraid the only one who will be fucked with all this "positioning" is Rama Valayden, who is trawling his net to capture any dinozors and ex MSM swimming around in a sewer somewhere...

3/ Kayambo will tomorrow ask a question in the National Assembly about the cost of living, homelessness, poverty, corruption, drugs, the Health Service, unemployment...NO! She will do what the female arse lickers on the backbench of the MSM always do: Make their leader, le jeune et dynamique Pravind Kumar Jugnauth have a massive erection when he can talk at length about the only sexually titillating character in his mind: Navin Ramgoolam, the chap who forms the background to his wet dreams.

Kayambo will ask about the riots between 2005-2009! I bet you if you ask the first 50 people that you meet about the riots between 2005 and 2009, all of them, including me, will answer: Ki riots? En 2005? Bousser fesse, do! Koz seki p ariv dan sa ggt pays la aster la! 

Kayambo, Kayambo! I was going to suggest you should have stuck to singing or asking stupid questions on MBC, but you weren't very good at those either, were you? But you are not bad at shouting like an idiot, "Lev Pavion!"

4/ Finally, something that is related to politics and which baffles me completely: Why do L'Express especially and le defi/Radio Plus, who have been insulted by Pravind Jugnauth on so many occasions including the distinctly undemocratic banning of them at his press conferences paid for by the taxpayer....Why do they insist on filming/reporting the little bastard planting a tree, jogging and talking nonsense, picking up litter one day a year and still talking nonsense, etc? Why? 

Why not ignore his stage managed nonsense completely, but still hammer the little cretin every time he does or says something stupid and grotesque? Which is almost every day...

As they say, if you want to see weird people, just cast a glance at a Mauritian politician...or the growing army of wannabes and idiots, all competing with each other to shout the loudest: Dinozor! Dinasti! Mo nouvo parti mari to parti!

Lundi 8 Mai 2023

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