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[Paul Lismore] The warped sense of priority for a government in the intensive care unit

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 23 Septembre 2020

"Power does not corrupt men; fools, however, if they get into a position of power, corrupt power."----George Bernard Shaw.

This is not a government of wise people working to servi nou pays; this is a government of fools who see the power given to them by the people as a means to enrich themselves and their friends and families, and nothing else.

The future of this island, its economy and the well being of its population means nothing to them. All that matters to them is to stay in power for as long as possible, and to try to return to power by using any means possible, including designing new fraudulent electoral practices with the blessing of the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Services Commission, as they did during the last general elections.

Talk to any member of the public and he/she will immediately mention crime, domestic/child abuse, the cost of living, and the absence of meritocracy as the problems that need urgent remedy.

People complain all the time about a desperately inefficient criminal justice system where the police is at the beck and call of the fools in power, about police violence because of the absence of transparency at all levels, of courts that view crimes of aggression and violence with a leniency that defies belief, of hardened criminals being released on bail soon after arrest, of police investigations that take days, months, years to complete, of judges and magistrates who need months to arbitrate on simple points of law raised during a trial, of judges who need years to pronounce a judgement even after all the evidence had been heard, and of a police force that still has not learnt the appropriate answer to any fool telling them " To koner moi kisan la?"....the answer being of course, a shiny pair of handcuffs around the paws of the idiot who believes that because so bann o pouvoir, pays la entier pou mari sorma aster.  

So, in the face of a deteriorating  law and order situation, does the government enact the Police and Criminal Evidence Act(PACE)?

That document, in the same way that all good documents suffer the same fate with governments of fools, has been gathering dust in the PMO since 2013! This government of fools does not even have to change anything in it, as the work had already been done by the PTr government.

But we have a government of fools led by a spoilt brat who can see things through only one prism: kisan la ki ar moi et kisan la ki pa ar moi, just like a spoilt brat would behave in the school yard. So, as it was Ramgoolam's government which prepared the PACE Bill, the spoilt brat will not even countenance the thought that PACE would be an excellent way to institute a legislative framework for the powers of police officers to combat crime, and to provide codes of practice for the exercise of those powers. 

But there is another reason why he won't implement PACE: because the clear codes of practice in nPACE would give the backbones missing in our police officers to arrest anyone trying to tell them how to do their job, something that the government of fools does every day.

When everyone feels disgust and hatred for perpetrators of violence against women and children, and where the need for a Children's Bill has never been more urgent, the spoilt brat is not interested at all. Despite all the efforts of Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah to try to bring this bill to the National Assembly, the spoilt brat who is Lord and master of everything he surveys in our crap 'democracy' always seems to find an excuse to justify the delay: "The bill is with the State Law Office", which translated means, "you will be lucky to see that bill any time soon".

It is really quite unfortunate and sad that Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah, a neophyte in politics, is unable to make her natural intelligence flourish, because the only thing that matters in the Royal Court of the Spoilt Brat is the ability to say zombie like, "Pravind Kumar Jugnauth" ten times a day, with your tongue hanging out....which almost all the other "young" newly elected ones have already mastered in their weird version of "gouverner autrement".

I get the clear impression that Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah has received a lot of bad publicity simply because she is not allowed to do the job that she wants to do.

Prices have gone up so much that many hundreds of thousands of our people now find it difficult to buy the food that they could, even a year ago. But a government of fools does not care. As long as the Champagne is flowing in la cuisine and the caviar is always available, so what? So what if parents have to experience the trauma of seeing their children go to bed on an empty stomach. Kot li in faute?

What does a government of fools care about? How to win the next elections, by fair or mainly foul means. Last time around, we had the T Square,empty ballot boxes, missing names on the electoral register, dead people voting, bribery a la Lee Kee Shim, and an unauthorised computer system to 'count' the votes, etc. This time, the fools believe that clamping down on dissent, using the police force, once again led by another dummy, to do its dirty work in arresting opponents of the government, marginalising some newspapers, raising and encouraging the racist demons to propagate their filth, and stealing as much money from the people in order to give a few thousands to the scum of the earth to turn coat and join them in their evil endeavours....

Most people complain about the army of trolls which has mushroomed since last year, apparently from the sewer of MT, and who have invaded social media with comments so stupid and so unintelligible that you end up questioning the value of free education for those retards. Lately, they have done everything to try to exacerbate an artificial division between Hindus and the rest of the population.

The Spoilt Brat of course does not wish to say anything about that because you do not turn against your own creation, do you? The idiot in charge of ICTA wants parliament to give him the powers to investigate breaches of ICTA, and one automatically feels that that power will be grossly abused and targeted against opponents of the Spoilt Brat only...Give a dog a bone, as they say...

And now, we have an absolutely useless minister, with cheeks as fat as a tekwa that has swelled so much that you want to stick a needle in it, coming up with a " Cybersecurity Bill"...Yes, of all the terrible problems that this island faces, this is the priority, non? Apparently, " L’objectif de ce projet de loi sera de mieux gérer les abus ou autres dérapages sur les réseaux sociaux. Le ministre explique que les faux profils sont souvent à l’origine des dérapages sur les réseaux sociaux."

Two questions: 1/ Does the overcooked Tekwa minister know the difference between a pseudonym and a fake profile? 2/ If he could remove his eyes from his arse, he would already see that vast army of fake profiles creating havoc online since before the last elections.

The intention of that sinister bill is simple: Stifle dissent, and make people afraid to say anything even remotely controversial or critical of this government of fools. But it won't work. Because most people already know that this is a government of fools that knows only one course of action: When in a hole, keep digging. And keep bribing the peasants willing to change sides for a few coins.

Crime? Cost of living? Domestic Violence? Child abuse? Absence of meritocracy? So what? kot mo in faute? Dire moi! Nou dan ene etat de droit....

Mercredi 23 Septembre 2020

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