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[Paul Lismore] The tragedy of Mauritius...when a useless government faces an opposition of idiots

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 30 Avril 2021

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! We have had the worst government in our history; it has failed in every area of our life: social, economic, good governance, accountability, meritocracy, competency, and an efficient and ruthless control of the 'chor' mentality that seems to be a natural characteristic of all those who tell us they are servi nou pays.

Whatever investment they have put in to improve our lives has been deliberately engineered to ensure that enormous amounts of that investment land in the pockets of the so called patriots and fake dream merchants. Ask the self declared Prince of Swimming Pool land about the Rs 19 billions for Unsafe city, as just one example....

We have had ministers who have plumbed new depths of mediocrity and uselessness, and who now lie as often as they pray to their Gods for letting them have so much filthy money. Lying is no longer an art form but a natural way of expressing themselves in an apparently open competition to see who can tell the most brazen lies and sound "patriotic" at the same time. 

If we thought the government was bad, have a look at the useless bastards who form part of our opposition. We have never had such a collection of massive egos walking on stilts powered by engines strong enough to carry arseholes weighing 99 kgs of massive, rampant, uncontrolled egos, and 1 kg of sludge and slurry of intellectual pretence. These people want to take their turn at governing us? Really? Are they gang bang devotees who want to take their turn at fucking us when the previous lot has already fucked us to death?

Yes, a useless government faced with a useless opposition. If God does exist, Pravind Jugnauth must be having daily conversations with Him, because you really need divine power and assistance to have the incredible luck of being useless and finding that those who seek to replace you are even more useless than you!

One individual stands out from all the rest in the opposition for being the one whose tactical naivety and stupidity has given a new lease of life to Pravind Jugnauth. When the ti cretin was on the ropes and facing massive popular demonstrations and, for once, a united opposition, what does the Great Leader do? Make an impossible demand on the largest party in the opposition with this ultimatum: Change your leader or you are out of the United opposition that your leader created! How stupid and short sighted is that?

I'll tell you what is more stupid and short sighted than Berenger's crazy tactics: Zaza and Roshi Bhadain for not only agreeing with Berenger's stupid idea, but aligning themselves in an opposition that does not have the main opposition party as its engine! I know what the zombies will say and what the Pavlovian dogs masquerading as Roshi's most ardent followers will reply: Coffre forts! Cotomili!

This of course ignores the fact that all our political leaders also have coffre forts and mistresses, and that Ramgoolam was unlucky and quite stupid to leave himself open to the impending attack of SAJ and his cronies, including at that time, Zaza, Roshi, and what's his name from the MSM...

Let us look at the end results of Berenger's bright new opposition minus the PTr:

1/ The PMSD will continue to lose whatever popularity it had. Ask any fisherman and he will tell you that he hates having someone else fish in his pond....The loss of Salim Abbas Mamode yesterday, and Yannick Cornet today is but the beginning of the PMSD imploding, because its natural supporters simply will not accept their mortal enemy, the MMM, as its main partner.

2/ Roshi Bhadain's party was doing far better than was expected when he was travelling alone, or with the opposition as a whole. God knows which poussari has told him that making an enemy of the largest party in the opposition, the PTr, was a shrewd move. A promising revival of his political career now looks doomed as long as the quite incomprehensible and tactically insane PMSD/MMM/Reform/ and what's his name from the MSM  remains in existence.

3/ Berenger has always been ultra protected by zourlanus who thought that the sun shone out of his arse. Any other politician with the huge number of tactical mistakes on his record would be enjoying the quiet life on the gorgeous pensions that the serviteurs du pays have awarded themselves. He is way past his sell by date, but the longer those two bozos treat him as the Messiah who keeps missing his Coming, the higher the chances that they will allow him to drag them down to political oblivion.

The height of irony is reached when what's his name from the MSM has decided to rename this "United Opposition" as "L'Alliance de L'espoir". So, we now have Zaza, Roshi, and Nando, 3 stalwarts in the SAJ government that caused so much damage to our economy and to our society, as 3/4 of the "United Opposition", with Berenger and his MMM completing the quartet.

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la!

One final question addressed to the zombies and the Pavlovian dogs supporting that insane " L'Alliance de L'Espoir". Forget the MSM, the gouverner autrement wallahs and all the other fringe opposition parties for this little exercise: Hand on heart, who do you think will obtain more votes if the elections were held in 6 weeks' time: The PTr, or the L'Alliance de L'espoir?

The obvious answer should make you think again about this L'Alliance de L'Espoir. Even with Navin Ramgoolam as leader of the PTr, and God help us Nando as the token Vaish leader of the L'Entente de L'Espoir (as per Berenger's wishes and his obsession with the communalisme scientifique/Vaish nonsense...), the PTr will win a lot more votes than this Alliance of Desperados. 

Remember, the stolen elections of 2019 gave the leaders the following number of votes: Bhadain: 6928; Bodha 11680; Zaza 13317; Berenger 14368; Ramgoolam (despite coffrefort/cotomili): 17536. Those results speak for themselves, non?

Vendredi 30 Avril 2021

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