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[Paul Lismore] The sublime mysteries of the creole language

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 15 Février 2023

[Paul Lismore] The sublime mysteries of the creole language
Mo koir pa ena ene lot langage ki ena sa kantite lexpression ki a la foi komik et en meme tan instruktif. Let us look at two examples from yesterday:

1/ "Pa vine tire mo foto, pou gagne ggt ar moi la, ein!" shouted Franklin's ex concubine to the zourlanus..This of course is a biological impossibility, as she is a woman and therefore has no ggt to give out...Unless if she is a hermaphrodite and is the proud owner of both male and female sexual organs, and can therefore fuck herself whenever she feels annoyed and frustrated...

2/ Or are we so stupid that we have missed out a very important point, that as well as brianis, boutey rhum, billets roupies, bus gratis pou spécial route al la mer, etc, they are also distributing ggt to potential voters? Although she said it as a threat, she clearly said " zot pou GAGNE ggt ar moi". Now "gagne" is a win, a gift, something that your good fortune has given you. 

Perhaps Lee Ki Shim has marketed a new lottery winner where the winner gagne ene ggt...which might explain why he is always smiling even when most of us are cursing him: he wins every week!! alor li gagne ggt sak semaine! And if no one wins, what happens? a ROLL OVER!!! which of course is a slang word for le licema...

3/ But she is a really nice woman, because she gives advance warning of her special gift: "Mo p fer koner la ein!" In other words, vine pran pou zot, li kouma gro gulab jamun chaud chaud...

4/ " Mo fer serman lor mo 2 zenfans ki zamai mon in pran narien depi Franklin!" So said Alan Ganoo, rather unconvincingly....It reminds most people of the other occasions when people fer serman..
a/ Kan al la cour, you swear that you "
will tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help me God", and all said with your hand on your religious book of choice. And then you are found guilty which means it is quite likely that to ti p rakont zistoires...

b/ The worst lies in writing, as serman a lepep, are of course the electoral manifestos where they all say, "Nou pou konbat corription/nepotisme/bribe, tou peche ki ban la fer!" And when they get elected, they do even worse than the previous sinners...

But of course, the biggest lies are in the language of love: Mo promet toi ki zamai mo pou tronpe toi, kan to la kifer mo bizin rode ene lot? You are my soulmate!....Except that figures for divorce keep rising, and "You are my soulmate" apparently does not stop me from creating my own football team with substitutes si to p fan kk (does not mean shitting on the playing field...)

So people, if you want a free ggt, please apply to Franklin's ex concubine, et li pou fer zot gagner....

Mercredi 15 Février 2023

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