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[Paul Lismore] The scintillating brillance of Sherry Darling...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 21 Juin 2022

[Paul Lismore] The scintillating brillance of Sherry Darling...
We all know that when it comes to swimming, he is better than Mark Spitz or even Michael Phelps...The smile on someone's face tells us that he goes really deep and can dive into crevices that no husband has ever dove into...But let us forget his skills at digging someone else's garden or licking the parts that the husband does not reach...That is his (and her...) business, and as long as their juices flow copiously and mingle whenever the mood takes them, let them ram, prod, poke, and lunge at each other...

But Sherry Darling has always baffled me and made me ask a simple question: How can someone as stupid as him end up as CEO of Mauritius Telecom? More to the point, did anyone really believe that he would make a success of it? Eoula! The figures do not lie, and thanks to Aadil Ameer Meea, we now know that MT has been returning an average annual profit of only Rs 367 millions since 2015, compared to average annual profits of Rs 1.5 to Rs 1.6 billions every year between 2005 and 2014, i.e. during the time when Navin Ramgoolam was PM. 

You understand why these idiots only ever shout " Macarena!" or " Nandinee" whenever 2005-2014 is mentioned, but never anything else? About how people could buy food a lot easier than they do now? And many other things that were good during that time, but which arrogance and complacency destroyed?

Akil Bissessur was right with his videos on Sherry Darling...and the latter's response with his rocambolesque, quite absurd video showing himself to be the direct descendant of some Maharajah from Chatwaland? Eoula! Si sa ene maharajah, be kouma la reine Elizabeth mort, en place mo mont mo souval blanc kouma dan films Bollywood, mo al tap la porte Buckingham Palace et dire, ki moi ki heritier ki bizin vine le roi Angleterre! 

Kan mo dire zot ki vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la, koir moi! Ki kalite fou nou in met o pouvoir ki p nomme tou kalite lalos pou roule nou ban parastatals et ki p amene zot dan sitiation soi faillite ou bien tigit profits? Zot oule ene lot lexanp? Ken Arianus, sorti waiter vine en sarz Air Mauritius....Ala ene lot lexanp flagran, kot tou kalite voleurs in nomme pou pran sarz State Bank, et ki in "write off " Rs 12.8 milliards dan 4 ans! Kot ban bobok in donne gran gran loans par milliards a ban etranze ki pa in meme dire merci et in bourrer kouma donne zot sa ban milliards la.

Moi mo dire ki Pravind Jugnauth p fer bezer et ki li bien bizin donne GCSK a Arianus, Sherry Darling, tou patriotes en sarz SBM, et tou sa ban ggt fletri ki li in nomme pou pran sarz nou institutions. Apre tou, kan nou truv sa kantite boboks ki in gagne GCSK/GOSK, kifer pa sa ban la oussi?

Non, mai vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Or, as I will soon be King of England the same way Sherry Darling has announced himself as the Maharajah of Chatwaland, "Really, there is bez in this penis country!"

Mardi 21 Juin 2022

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