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[Paul Lismore] The real talents of women that we choose to ignore...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 11 Octobre 2020

" I do know one thing about me: I don't measure myself by others' expectations or let others define my worth”-Sonia Sotomayor.

Sometimes, one really has to wonder whether the internet has been a good thing or not. On balance, it has been a wonderful thing and has allowed many of us to opine on matters that our 'free and independent' press refuses to do, unless if it is to provide space for their pathetic favourites to pontificate on matters that only they and their dogs would bother to read.

On the negative side, it has allowed an army of arseholes to put forward opinions and comments of such mind numbing stupidity that one is tempted these days to simply overlook the comments section of our newspapers. Comments of such profound ignorance and dullness which nevertheless attracts the 'likes' of similarly minded idiots who will then repeat them in their mindless hunt for 'likes' for themselves...All in the name of "freedom of expression", when most of them have hardly mastered a convenient or half decent way to express themselves...

Nita Deerpalsing was on radio a few days ago, and the predictable comments that one would expect from arseholes flooded the comments section. It became a school playground competition amongst idiots to show who can say " micro" the most, together with opinions that highlighted their ignorance of politics or of the woman they decided to malign.

None of them would even bother to think that such infantile behaviour was in fact a gesture of support for misogynists who love to use disparaging comments about women in their 'normal' conversations. " Micro la pa travay, pitin!" was in fact said by a man, but an army of arseholes has decided to turn that silly and utterly condemnable comment into an acceptable assault on Nita Deerpalsing whenever her name is mentioned. It is really sad to see that some stupid women have also fallen prey to that vile distortion of turning an attack by a powerful man on a woman into a carte blanche for attacking the woman again, as if it was her fault. 

We have never had a woman politician who has mentioned the hitherto unmentionable sacred cows of our politicians' agenda: but in the zeal to shout 'micro', most of the idiots missed these points raised by Nita Deerpalsing...

1/ All public contracts to be made public so that we all know how our money is being spent and whether we are getting value for money. No politician wants to do that because our discredited tendering process is the avenue of choice for politicians to grab hefty proportions of our money as commissions. Think Medpoint, Hyperpharm, quincailleries, bizoutiers, Safe City, Stade Champignons, etc, etc where billions of our rupees have gone into the pockets of thieving politicians.

2/ Reduce the salaries of our politicians by more than half.

3/ Revisit the outlandish pension provisions for ex deputes and ex ministers...(I wish she had also included the grossly immoral tax free salary and pension of those things called President and Vice President of Mauritius...).

4/ A drastic reduction in the privileges awarded to politicians as soon as they are elected. I hope this also includes the nonsense known as duty free cars for deputes and chauffeur driven limousines for ministers, PPS, political nominees in hundreds of so called parastatal orgs, etc. 

5/ Political nominees to be vetted by an independent body before nomination instead of now being a cado given by Father Xmas, also known as the PM.

Now, do you know of any female politicians currently in the National Assembly or those outside who has ever put forward those proposals? Of course not. Women who are chosen as candidates are invariably doormats of the leaders of our political parties, and will toe the line including licking the arse of the leader. This applies to the women in government and in the opposition parties too.

I can think of only one other woman who has shown some independence of spirit as well as some intelligence other than Nita Deerpalsing: Joanna Berenger, who has been by far, the most effective woman politician in our National Assembly. All the others have been, to varying degrees, doormats of the leaders with some giving the impression of having multiple orgasms when showering their leader, " le jeune et dynamique Pravind Kumar Jugnauth" with praise so false that I am sure the poor man would sometimes think to himself "Ayo! Aret soucer, do!"

And yet, who do our regular 'commentators' focus their hatred and venom on when competing with other arseholes for those precious 'likes'? Yes, Nita Deerpalsing and Joanna Berenger!

Let me remind you of some of the names of women chosen by our almighty leaders as candidates for elections and then ministers: Dorine Chukowry, Ariane Navarre-Marie, Shakila Jhungeer, Subhasnee Luchman Roy, Joanne Tour, Mireille Martin, Aurore Perraud, Priya Kanhye, Leela Devi Luchoomun, Marie Melanie, Teenah Jutton, Naveena Ramyead, Meela Bunwaree, Sandra Mayotte, Francoise Labelle, Tania Diolle, Dany Perrier, Fazila Daureawoo, etc etc. Anything of any note these serviteurs du pays have ever done, apart from sticking closely to their leaders?

Don't forget Kalyanee Jugoo, who apart from resembling like a female Buddha in red, has never achieved anything.

Kalpana Koonjoo Shah started off with a lot of potential and many of us had high hopes that she would not step on the treadmill marked" For those who do nothing apart from sucking up to the leader". Unfortunately, it looks like she has, aided and abetted by people who have received Doctorates in arse licking whilst pretending to be saints...

So, if your contribution to human knowledge is to shout " Micro" and nothing else whenever Nita Deerpalsing's name is mentioned, or shout " Papa Tifi" whenever Joanna Berenger's name is mentioned, you perhaps ought to take up a new hobby: Stand in the middle of fast moving traffic and try to test whether your skull is thicker than the galvanised steel of the front of a lorry...

Dimanche 11 Octobre 2020

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