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[Paul Lismore] The hidden agenda behind le Ti Cretin's "Parc Spirituel" in the beautiful jardin botanique of Curepipe

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 13 Janvier 2023

Dire moi, eski nou mank temples, legliz, mosques, etc dan Moriste? Kot passer ena ene, et souvan ena ene kalimaye, la grotte, et lezot place spirituel oussi. Dan ban la ville, ena tou batimans pou tou relizion...

Alor, kifer ti cretin in decide pou defigire ene zoli jardin botanik et met so soi dizan "parc spirituel" dan ene place kot dimoune feel at one with the natural calmness, beauty, serenity, and silence of a place endowed with beautiful old trees, gorgeous flowers, 17 plants unique to Mauritius, and the last Hyophorbe amaricaulis in the world? According to Wikipedia, " Hyophorbe amaricaulis (also known as the "loneliest palm") is a species of palm tree of the order Arecales, family Arecaceae, subfamily Arecoideae, tribe Chamaedoreeae. It is found exclusively on the island of Mauritius, and only a single surviving specimen has been documented in the Curepipe Botanic Gardens in Curepipe." 

So, why would the most idiotic and yet most dangerous Prime Minister in the history of Mauritius want to commit this gross act of sacrilege in one of the only two remaining green spaces in Curepipe, the other one being Trou aux cerfs? The answer is simple and quite obvious, actually: the man is shit scared of losing the next elections and in a desperate move to try to retain power, he is playing the game that unfortunately many stupid Mauritians of ALL communities love to play: COMMUNALISM.

 Li apel sa "parc spirituel", mai en meme tan, the subliminal message which many have understood is simply this: C ene lot place kot Malbars pou al prier....The only festivals they have mentioned to be celebrated there so far are Cavadee, Ganesh Chaturthi, and some other festival that most Hindus, including me, had never heard of until a few years ago.

Now, you may say, "What is wrong with that"? And I have two things for you to consider: 1/ I have never heard of anyone complaining about the lack of spaces for festivals like Cavadee, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc, or any festivals for any other religion. So, if there is no demand, why supply something that no one is asking for, apart from perhaps those parasitical socio tchurels? 2/ Curepipe has perhaps the least number of Hindus within its boundaries than any of the big cities and towns. So, why implant a "parc spirituel (Hindu)" in an area where the inhabitants are mostly from other religions?

The answer again is obvious: " laisse ban la proteste et krier fort, et si zot target ban malbars, bien bon! Sa pou rallier malbars dan vilaz et zot pou re vote nou!" seems to be the warped logic of a government made up mostly of absolute idiots and thieves. When a man will do anything to get your vote, including bribery and communalism, that makes him an enemy of the people. 

Alor, fer atansion! Pa ene parc spirituel ene ferfoute sa! C zis ene moyen pou ti cretin fer malbar koir ki p ranz ene zafer pou zot, et fer lezot kominotes koir ki p azir kont zot. The truth is that the little cretin and his zombies are acting against ALL OUR INTERESTS, and against the interests of the country.

If you think that Kavy Ramano, blessed with an ultra large nose that should in theory make him smell a rat here, or Steve Obeedoobeedooo will give up his elocution lessons or stop licking the cretin's arsehole and stop this environmental hooliganism, then you really are stupid. These two have only one thing in mind: Eski mo pou gagne ticket pou elections, pou mo kapav vine pli riche enkor?

Finally, could some of you send a copy of this article to the leaders of the official opposition and to the self appointed leaders of so many little groups who want to gouverne autrement, and please ask them: eski zot lizier dan zot trou Kanaka? Kifer zot p res trankil zot tou?

p.s. I don't wish to sound too pedantic but...What the fuck is a "Religiously platform"? " Religiously" is defined as "in a way that relates to or conforms to A religion". Kisan la so relizion nou p koze la, ein?
Eoula! Zot ban ti lespri bien danzere ki bien envi diviz la nation!

Vendredi 13 Janvier 2023

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