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[Paul Lismore] The dentist with the weird smile extracting a fortune from the sale of the lease of our land...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 13 Juin 2020

" We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office"---Aesop.

You remember the first time you heard Rawoo open his mouth and massacre not only the English language, but also made us question our sanity that a ludicrous bozo like him could be elected to represent us?

Sadly, gone are the days when someone like Rutnah would kill Sexpire every time he misquoted the Great Bard, but at least he entertained us with his technicolour suits designed in the 18th century and with the flow of his speeches which rapidly led us crashing into a dead end.

Where is the Ayatollah Mouftah, our Soodhun who, despite being quite stupid, has made a mixture of idiocy, cunning, and arse licking the Jugs turn into a successful career path for someone who used to be a rat catcher?

Where is diluil coco Sesungkur who always had to battle with an abject political career punctuated with scandals and incompetence, with his own failure to control a son who definitely looks and behaves as stupid as he does?

Where is E.T., our sexy Etienne Sinatanbou for crying out loud, still trying to impress us with how intelligent and gorgeous he is, and abysmally failing to even attempt to mask the incredible stupidity and ignorance of the so called double laureate? Kot tou sa ban comediens la eter???

Instead, who do we have as their replacements? Vain, nauseatingly pompous idiots, esp the transfuges from the MMM and PTR behaving like religious converts and bending over backwards to show the established members of the MSM that they hold the faith as strongly if not stronger than them.

For some obscure reason, Lachanya Diole believes she is so pretty that no man could possibly resist her, and she may be right because so many of the men in the National Assembly have shown themselves to be nothing but zombified idiots who cannot string two words together without getting one of them wrong...

We have the Chief Whip of the government, some woman who used to be the head of the female wing of the MMM, and who absolutely believes her singularly mediocre talents deserve a seat in cabinet. I won't mention all of them, but 2 of them deserve to be in Soucerrewood, as Bollywood is simply not good enough for them:

Subashinee sipaki, who behaves like the typical religious convert and now has multiple orgasms over the one she used to disrespect and hate not so long ago. Last but not least, the one with lips painted so ostentatiously red that one fears the recipient of her affection will have his organ permanently branded with a red circle. LaTeena always bares her teeth, as if to promise pain with pleasure whenever she opens her mouth to spout adulatory nonsense about her 'jeune et dynamique' leader.....Fer atansion! Lady Macbeth pou dessire toi!!!

But now, let me come to the crux of the matter and concentrate my firepower on one chap who has the incredible habit of turning most of us into homicidal maniacs as soon as we see his face and that horrible smile/smirk that makes all sane people want to direct their projectile vomit on to those execrable features:

Dr Ismael Rawoo, although fuck knows why he and zourlanus call him "Dr" when he clearly is not a Doctor and is not on the list of the Medical Council. That gives you an indication of the incredible arrogance of the man, that any title will do to highlight the qualities which he believes he has but which obviously are apparent only to him and his family.

Anyway, I have written enough about the theft of our State Lands by politicians who grant leases on the choicest bits by the sea to their friends, and who then sell the lease for tens of millions of rupees before the ink on the contract has had time to dry, with all the money going to the thieves. What do we get in return for them selling the lease of our land for an absolute fortune to mostly foreigners? Fuck all!

Rawoo obtained a lease on 2 acres of beach front state land for his company called "Smart Clinics", where he, mummy Rawoo and darling bro Annas Rawoo (who signs as " Dr", although he is not one...) are the only shareholders.

According to Eshan Juman, the Rawoos have sold the lease to our land for the astronomical sum of Rs 250 millions!!! Et sa ban LKZMM la ki pou vine dire nou kouma nou bizin tire ban malherer homeless depi zot ti lakaz lor ene ti boutte nou terrin? Kumsa ban voleurs dan lile Moriste in vine hypokrites, do?

A good friend of mine told me a week ago about this transaction, but I wanted a bit more info before writing an article. He also told me that the Rawoos have signed a MOU with a South African company called Two Futures for the 'development' of the land, i.e. bour beton lor la natire, enkor! 

The 2 acres are situated near Le Morne Anglers' Club, and has a panoramic view on Le Morne Brabant mountain. The video that follows will show you an old hotel called Island Sports Club when the lease was in the hands of one Khedarun. Forget the decrepit sate of the 'hotel', because it is our land that has the value. The Rawoos will pay the Khedaruns Rs 15, 050,000 and, as usual, Lepep or the government will receive nothing from the sale of the lease on OUR land. And the Rawoos are now apparently selling that lease to foreigners for Rs 250 millions, and again Lepep will receive nothing! Ala nou demokrasi en fesse!

As expected, Rawoo scraped the barrel with the argument designed for louts and thieves in government:

" Ceci est inacceptable ! Ça n'a rien à voir avec les débats budgétaires. Je ne suis actionnaire qu'à hauteur de 0.9% dans cette compagnie et cela figure  dans la déclaration de mes avoir. Tout est entièrement légal et je ne suis pas le seul député à avoir un terrain".

Yes, it is 'legal' because our laws have been designed with enough loopholes that would make a strainer very jealous of the amount of shit that can go through them.

Yes, it is 'legal' because our serviteurs of ALL parties have allowed this criminal state of affairs to continue so that they and their friends can become enormously wealthy by stealing our land. Yes, it is 'legal' because I do not know of one member of the Legislative Assembly in our history who has ever done anything to ensure that if someone sells the lease of OUR land, then ALL the profits should come to us, and not to the arsehole selling the lease.  

The thieves will continue to prosper 'legally' on our island because our thieving politicians have enacted laws that, by omission or commission, allows the legalised theft of our lands.

And they have the cheek to complain and to persecute the so called squatters for doing what they themselves do in huge amounts with total impunity? How many acres of State land has Steve Obeegadoo obtained on lease for him and his family? Has he no shame at all to then throw innocent women, children, and babies into the wind and rain of our winter? Shameless, callous bastard!

Pravind Jugnauth has failed his duty as Prime Minister by refusing to sack the minister in charge of the CEB following the St LouisGate scandal.

If he has any political sense, he will try to regain the political upper hand by a/ stopping any transfer by Rawoo of the lease on our land to foreigners and 2/ Legislating asap for the profits on all sales of leases of our lands to go henceforth to the Treasury.

If he does not, then it means that he wholeheartedly supports the braderie of our lands by politicians and their vultures. In other words, he is a friend and supporter of the thieves of our lands.

Samedi 13 Juin 2020

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