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[Paul Lismore] The choice at the next elections is clear cut : Jugnauth or Ramgoolam

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 19 Mai 2022

Just the title of this post will get some of you frothing at the mouth and blubbering: Kifer pa Berenger? ou Duval? ou Rama and his disparate group of mostly copy/pasters? ou Roshi Bhadain trying to remove la fimee divan zot lizier whilst still having the kk lizier that made him an active and enthusiastic participant in the destruction of BAI/Bramer, Betamax, etc? 

Well, I am ignoring the very vague possibility that any one of your choices will be able to lead the largest party at the next elections and therefore become Prime Minister, because I prefer to live in the real world. Those who prefer to shout slogans all day long or to find intellectual dynamism in memes that tell us nothing about the real issues facing this island are entitled to their views, and are most welcome to expatiate to their heart's content about their idols on their own Facebook pages. Not here please.

So, Pravind Jugnauth or Navin Ramgoolam? Today's le mauricien has an excellent and informative piece on the policies behind the price of petrol and diesel under the reigns of Jugnauth and Ramgoolam. That in itself should give you an idea of the degree of competence in the regimes of both pretendents to the throne. Here is a brief summary:

1/ Today's price of Brent oil on the world markets is around $110. Since last night, petrol is now Rs 74.10 per litre and Diesel is Rs 54.55 a litre. The government of "patriotes" has allowed the rupee to depreciate to Rs 43.50 to the dollar, which means everything has gone up.

2/ During the Great Recession/subprime mortgage crisis of 2008, Brent oil was $ 147, but the price of petrol in Mauritius was maintained at Rs 49.50, and the exchange of the rupee to the dollar was Rs 26.50, which meant that imports were a lot cheaper.

3/ During Ramgoolam's tenure, we had no problem getting our petrol and diesel supplies, simply because Betamax was here to regularly carry it from Mangalore Petroleum Corporation. When the Jugs started their vindictive and very destructive campaigns in 2014 once in government, helped to a large degree by Bhadain, they cancelled the contract with Mangalore, cancelled Betamax without even thinking about the safety and regularity of future oil supplies, which meant that a once regular oil supply at a reasonable price became subject to fluctuations on the spot markets and the criminal devaluation of our rupee. We all remember of course how the engines of many vehicles were damaged by the shit petrol and diesel being imported, with hardly any safety check...

4/ Jugnauth loves to beat his cardboard chest and shout how he has looked after our old age pensioners with his pension bribe at the last elections. But has he ever considered this simple question? That the Rs 9,500 old age pension now buys less goods than the OAP of Rs 3,500 used to in 2014? That it does not matter how many bribes you give the electorate in order to buy their votes, more money never equals more goods if your policy on prices and the strength of the rupee is worse than crap? 

5/ Yes, Ramgoolam was an old devil who liked a good time, dancing, and having fun. So what? Don't we all? Or are some people so jealous of his escapades that they do nothing but shout " Macarena!" or " Nandinee" all day long, as a sign of their intellectual brilliance?

Of course, he went too far, and the arrogance of power made him immune to the damage that his behaviour was causing....and which directly led to the terrible beating the PTr took in 2014. 

I do not believe he is that man any more. He is now in the twilight of his life and I am convinced that he would want to leave a legacy that would make people think fondly of him. In any case, his close brush with death following Covid has left its mark on him, and mortality has a funny way of making people remember their true purpose in life....

Some people say with all the fake pomposity and sanctimoniousness at their command: Mai li pou amene ene politik revenchard et nou pa le sa. Really? Have these people listened to what Lepep ordiner are saying? The most generous comment I hear these days is " Bizin pendi sa ban lkzmm ki in bien kokin nou et in fer nou dominer!"

Now, tell me: you want more of the same? Or you want a leader who will lock the bastards up and ensure that every cent of the billions of rupees stolen from us is returned? I have no doubt that Ramgoolam will do it, and that is one of the many reasons that makes me want to shit on the head of the  idiots who go on and on about a PTR/MSM alliance for the next elections: IT WILL NOT HAPPEN!
Berenger won't do it, because sanctimony and pretentiousness will take over when he declares: "Nou bizin guet divan et arete guet dan retroviseur. Politik revanchard pa bon!" Rama will pontificate about the etat de droit and we will all be dead by the time the courts decide anything, following numerous objections, bla bla bla by the zavokas....

The only person to do it is Ramgoolam who I hope will institute a tribunal du peuple with a fixed time limit, and with the powers to arrest and compel witnesses to testify, and to confiscate all stolen money and properties, whether here in Mauritius or abroad.. Preferably led by a foreign judge...Because we simply cannot go on like this anymore, where thieves in shiny suits keep their ill gotten loot no matter who wins the elections.

For the parrots who like repeating, "zot tou parey", I will tomorrow delineate the policies that a Ramgoolam led government should implement from day 1 of taking office...If he doesn't, then I too will join the parrots and shout "Zot tou parey! Bour li oussi Deor!"

Jeudi 19 Mai 2022

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