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[Paul Lismore] The 'Hajee" who thinks he is James Bond...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 27 Mai 2021

“I value the lover's sighs of happiness and I despise the hypocrite mumbling his prayers.”― Omar Khayyám, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.

In the Casino Royale of  Mauritian society, it is not the cream that rises to the top. Instead, it is the turd that succeeds and remains afloat, despite many flushes to try to get rid of the infuriating guest that insists on maintaining an unwelcome presence in your bathroom.

The problem with our society is the deep corrosive effect of those turds in what used to be noble professions:

Medicine, Nursing, the Law, the Civil Service, and the worst one of the lot, those accuntants who have turned accountancy into a byword for thieving and looting. Of course, there are decent doctors, nurses, lawyers. judges, civil servants who do an excellent job, but you know the usual suspects

I am referring to: those who pray only to the one God who personifies wealth as an evil deity, Mammon. In public, there is no one more pious or a more rigid follower of the doctrines of his religion, but in private the only God that matters is the one that preys on the misery of others in order to extract as much haraam wealth as possible. And there is no better exponent of that vile, hypocritical lifestyle than the accuntant who loves to be called "Hajee".

Anyway, the pious, God fearing Hajee accuntant celebrated his 60th birthday party two years ago, and as a true serviteur du pays, he chose a modest little place for this celebration: Chateau de Labourdonnais, where the wine is pure vintage and perhaps on a par with the contents of his own wine cellar at his mansion in Railway Road, Phoenix. 

The very modest Hajee turned up, in true 007 fashion, in his Aston Martin. I was not there to notice whether he asked for “A martini. Shaken, not stirred” , but then there was enough variety of drinks there to make Bacchus feel envious....

Guess who was at the top table, close to our local James Bond?

The Pakistani Sudhamo Lal, the man in charge of our MRA despite coming from one of the most corrupt countries in the world and where taxes are paid mostly by those without any political contacts...So, one can assume that it is unlikely that there will be any inquiries into the Hajee's name being mentioned in the Panama Papers, nor the numerous assets he holds around the world, including a luxury apartment, next to Harrods in Knightsbridge, one of the most expensive areas in the world...

There were 200 guests, and members of his family included his sister, Muni, who is married to Omar Ramtoola, the GM of Emirates..Some of the serviteurs du pays who attended were:

Sanjiv Ramdhany and his wife. Of course, the Fake Hajee's good fortune rapidly evolved from noir touni to beneficiary of so many goodies from this evil government, and is almost entirely due to his proximity to the Ramdenees following his sterling efforts to save them from bankruptcy. Sanjiv's brother in law, Pravin Jugnauth, is the man at the centre of the conspiracy to rob Dawood Rawat of all his assets...Listen to the conversation between the Hajee and Pravin Jugnauth in the presence of the man they had just ruined completely, in the first comment in this post. Listen to all of it, and you will then understand the meaning of 'oleaginous', of emotional blackmail, and of bare faced thieving...

The transfiz Zouberr and his delicious wife Shahin. 

Sir Hamid Moollan had not been invited, but his nephew, Adam Moollan, also known as Dadou, appeared to be having a good did sister in law, Mariam, also known as Tootsie, and brother in law Reshad Atchia.

Weirdly, there were not many politicians there, not even his good friend Pravin Jugnauth..Evidaman, Pravin ti p balier la cuisine sa zour la..I also noticed the absence of his fellow accuntants, like Yacoob the Cunt, the so called administrator who also likes to call himself Hajee, or Mushtaq and the other pilferers of the BAI carcass. I suppose there has never been honour amongst thieves...

By the way, when you see photos of poverty in Mauritius, or pics of starving Yemenis, etc, please say a prayer for the Hajee who lives in a colonial mansion near the ICC, Vacoas, who is the joint owner of Ebene Tower, who took Rs 27 millions from us for 3 weeks sniffing which BAI assets had not been stolen yet, for receiving Rs 120 millions as receiver manager for the sale of Appavou hotels...He was of course appointed as Receiver Manager by Raj Dussoye, then boss of Bank One and who recently walked away from the loss of billions of rupees as CEO of our SBM...Well done, SBM! Laisse sa ban milliards la aller, mai kontinier kraz Dawood Rawat akoz ene ti dette par konparezon, non? Toi ki li!

The Hajee, apart from his Aston Martin, also has a BMW 18 and a Ferrari...all purchased through hard work and with absolute and humane concern for those whose assets have been stolen... He boasts of flying exclusively first class on Emirates, has a wine cellar worth millions in his Vacoas house, has a watch collection worth several millions of rupees, wears designer clothes ( his favourite is Giorgio Armani ), wears high end shoes which cost Rs 75 k / 80 k a pair.  

But, as they say, if you put lipstick on a pig, it  is still a pig...

A good time was had by all, the wine and the spirits flowed; Mammon was urging them to become richer by any means possible....and to show piety and religious fervour when praying in public.

And they will be praying that Pravind Jugnauth will be voted in again by a Lepep decidedly bien Kouyon as Prime Minister, because they know that he will NEVER appoint a real Commission of Inquiry which will reveal the whole truth about how thieving bastards stole everything from a man whose arse they used to love licking...and how they have kept on stealing from us ever since, with the help of some very dodgy accuntants.

Most of the above post was written in 2019. I have resurrected it simply to emphasise 2 points: 1/ The Fake Hajee is now in charge of SBM, the biggest bank supposedly in public hands 2/ The Fake Hajee has been in supreme command of Air Mauritius for over a year, and no one knows what is really happening there. But what we do know is that the main job of a vulture is to devour whatever little meat has been left on the carcass....

So, how come no member of our 'free and independent press", no member of the opposition, in fact nobody has asked any questions about how much money the fake Hajee has taken out of SBM and Air Mauritius so far. As his fees and salaries, of course....

Here is the Mafia Chief, Pravind Jugnauth, discussing with his consigliere, the Fake Hajee, how much money they can take from their victim, Dawood Rawat, and how to "save face" by making the crime look legal...

Crédit : Sunday Times

Jeudi 27 Mai 2021

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