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[Paul Lismore] The DPP's appeal against Brino shows that the justice system is very far from being the "rempart kon linzistis"

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 21 Février 2023

[Paul Lismore] The DPP's appeal against Brino shows that the justice system is very far from being the "rempart kon linzistis"
But it was to be expected that the DPP would appeal against any decision by the magistrate to release Bruneau Laurette on bail. Why? Because "prosecution minded" seems to be in the DNA of people who are tasked with looking at the evidence objectively and dispassionately.

I have read the judgement of the magistrate, and let me share some of her pertinent findings: 

1/ Re tampering with evidence..." Whilst bearing in mind that the applicant has voluntarily given access to all his electronic devices to retrieve list callings and data sessions, I find it difficult to reach the conclusion that the suspect wishes to “conceal material facts” as believed by the supervising officer in his examination-in-chief..... I am of the opinion that the reservations of the police are not based on any tangible information..... I am therefore not convinced that there is a strong likelihood that, if released, the applicant will interfere with witnesses or tamper with evidence...."

2/ Re the risk of absconding: " I am of the view that the risk of absconding, though plausible, can be minimized to an acceptable level with stringent conditions being imposed.... . I am of the view that stringent conditions must be imposed to ascertain his daily movement and ensure that he does not take flight.... The court therefore concludes that the constitutional right of the applicant to be released on bail outweighs the need for him to be continuously detained."

Now comes the interesting bit. At first glance, one could say that the conditions imposed by the magistrate for release on bail are exaggeratedly stringent. I have never seen these draconian and quite alarming liberty constraints ever imposed on anyone as bail conditions

Why would the magistrate impose such harsh conditions? Two sureties of Rs 1 million each? A recognizance of 50 millions? FIFTY MILLIONS? Eoula! Ban pli gran voleurs dan pays zamai gagne sa ban conditions la, ni reste  dan prison pou 4 mois on remand! Mazistra meme dire ki Bruneau Laurette  pena oken assets dan Moriste ou en deor pays! Si kumsa, bizin bour Franki ene surety de Rs 1 milliard, non, parski sa pov boug la ena mansions, bato, loto de luxe, etc etc...

Curfew 20 hrs a 0500 hrs? Report at police station twice a day? La police monitor li 24/24 lor GPS so portab? 

Li pa kapav fer oken international calls?

Kan boukou dimounes lor la plaz, Brino pa kapav al pli pre ki 500 metres depi la plaz? Zot in deza tan sa kom ene condition? Si li envi guet vagues, li al Mare aucx Vacoas aster?

Ti mank zis pou mazistrate la dire Bruneau Laurette ki avan li manze, li bizin fer ene selfie avek so plat manze et avoy sa a ban gablous....Ou sak foi li al kk, li bizin dire ban gablous vine cheke si li in flush zafer la bien...

But on second thought, this is what I conclude: Mazistrate in met conditions pou largue li ki sitan severe ki falle ou ena la tete kokom pou ou obzekte a so release....In other words, the ball is in the DPP's corner and, as I expected, he scored a brilliant own goal.

I hope the Supreme Court will deal with this with the urgency that it demands...and ask the DPP a simple question: If you object to these incredibly harsh conditions, would you prefer it if we simply hang him?
Rapel bien! DPP souvan pa object kan dimoune ki in meme admet ki zot coupable dan murder cases gagne bail pou boukou letan avan ki la cour pass sentence! Souvan, ban violeurs, ban perverts, ban dimounes bien violents gagne caution. 

Si sa pa ene lexanp kot an independent DPP p suiv seki sa gouvernman koronpi et en sarz mafia la drog p envi fer, donne moi ene rezon kifer DPP in object zordi? Apart ki pou laisse Bruneau Laurette pourri dan prison pou 3-4 mois enkor...Cruel, callous bastards!

Alor, sorry et exkiz moi kan mo dire ki kan mo tann dimoune dire moi ki nou ena ene system la zistis ki bien bon, ki ban ziz/mazistras/la cour nou dernier renpart kont linzistis, ki DPP bien independant, bla gagne ene mari lenvi kk et souy sa dan la guele sa ban soucerres ki dire sa.

Ouver zot lizier, lepep! Tou in fini pourri dan sa ggt pays la! Sel renpart ki existe , c Riviere du Rempart! Ti Cretin in fini pourri tou renparts, tou nou institutions!

Mardi 21 Février 2023

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