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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 17 Mai 2020

" “The PM says she just waits like everyone else,” the public Television New Zealand cited Ardern’s press service as saying.

That happened on Saturday when PM Jacinda Ardern of New Zealand was TURNED AWAY " from a cafe because it was too full under the physical distancing guidelines."

This is what would happen in our Etat de Drot where arseholes elected by a Lepep Kouyon immediately believe that they are a class above all those who voted for them, and who delude themselves that our simple cross on the ballot paper has now resulted in zot kk nepli senti pi.

1/No MLA, minister, PPS, or politician or soucerre will ever be seen in a cafe where they will have to mix with the hoi polloi. So, that New Zealander scenario has simply no chance of ever occurring in Mauritius.

2/ In the most unlikely event that any politician enters a cafe for a sit down meal, and if it is full, this is what will happen:

  a/ a little army of soucerres and wannabe soucerres will immediate get up from their table, leave their unfinished meal, and tell the politician: " Pran mo place missier. Mo in asser manzer moi" (even when his stomach is full of the all too common 'gaz' which he will release on an unsuspecting public as soon as he leaves the cafe...). He will crave for the handshake from the politician which he will of course improvise upon when he tells his friends: " Li ti donne moi la main, b ki mo pou fer? mo in bizin shake li, non?"...and the more realistic friend will be thinking " yes, you like to shake yourself a lot anyway, so shaking another prick is par for the course for you"....

   b/ The cafe owner will shout: " Aller, ban seki la depi lontan! Fer place pou missier la!"

  c/ At the end of the meal, the politician will pretend to pay, but the owner will say, with the sycophantic smile that many Mauritians have practised to perfection, " Non, missier! Ou larzan pa bon ici. Garde sa pou ban dimoune mizer ki ou aider". The politician will walk away, with a full stomach, and thinking to himself: "Vreman ene lepep mari kouyon et soucerre sa!".

We have unfortunately created an insanely stupid situation in Mauritius where a simple cross on a ballot paper turns a population into sheep who will accept anything that the bastards do to us

And when an idiot with the face of an old Pussy tells us in all seriousness and with fake sentiments that 'nou tou bizin fer sacrifice' and then rhymes it poetically but ludicrously with " avan nou tonb dan precipice", don't be surprised if the sale of Javel shoots up soon.

How else can one cope when so many people are struggling to make both ends meet, but politicians (of ALL parties ( not just the MSM and that little group of the Poison Dwarf...) continue to draw at least Rs 200,000 every month + a whole list of obscene privileges which cost us even more? How can we just sit down and accept that a very mediocre PM earns over Rs 500,000 every month + many many ludicrous privileges all paid for by us, when the man is already a billionaire, with an 'unkown' source of money? 

So, we either show that we do indeed have the balls that we love playing with and do something about this...or we do the cowardly thing and boost the sale of Javel.

Jacinda is most certainly not a Jugnauth...The kiwis are so lucky...

Dimanche 17 Mai 2020

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