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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 5 Octobre 2018

A year later, and the long running comedy shows called Boskalis and our DPP claim of an immunity that simply does not exist continues....They continue to con Lepep Kouyon by battering them into submission by boredom...

1/ Every time the Boskalis trial starts, the internet link between Mauritius and Rotterdam is fucked, to put it mildly. Sherry darling keeps telling us how wonderful MT is, how the service is impeccable, bla bla bla. Shouldn't he be sued under the Trades Description Act for feeding us bullshit and selling a product that is expensive and not fit for purpose most of the time?

More to the point, why hasn't the magistrate summoned Sherry darling to explain this rather weird coincidence that whenever the 2 Dutchmen who are the main prosecution witnesses give evidence, the link suffers some 'couacs', as le defi puts it?

How come the prosecution seems to accept this nonsense without any protest? Why is it that when you or I use Skype, we rarely have the same problems? Are there some gremlins deliberately sabotaging this trial?

The defence has already made numerous 'abuse of process' applications in order to abort the trial. The next one, if the gremlins continue their destructive, corrupt work, has a good chance of succeeding on the grounds that the defendants cannot have a fair trial if the prosecution witnesses can't be cross examined properly. Why can't they be cross examined properly? Parski Skype gagne constipation sak foi ki zot vine la cour pou donne evidence!

This trial has been going on for an eternity, and a lot of the delay has been caused by quite a few frivolous applications by the defence. The defence will soon claim again that the extra long time it is taking to conclude this trial constitutes a vice de procedure, and therefore the charges ought to be thrown out...despite the defence itself being responsible for a lot of the delay.

Montrou will then be able to continue to be 'Special Adviser' at the PMO and continue to sit on numerous boards of our parasitical well as handling the kalchouls in la cuisine. Perhaps he might even ask his tailleur brother to provide some waiter's uniforms for the many soucerres hovering around la cuisine. The tailleur will be able to afford it, as he can dip in the Rs 110+ million fortune he has amassed by apparently sewing buttons on shirts...

2/ The never ending saga of the DPP seeking an immunity from being interviewed by the police/ICAC, an immunity that simply does not exist. How much longer will this farce continue? Imagine you and I being wanted for an interview by the police/ICAC, and we apply for an injunction because we believe the case is 'politically motivated', and therefore we refuse to be interviewed.

What do you think the judge will say? In our creole language, this is what the judge will say : " Eh bousser fesse do! Al fer ou interview et explik ban la kifer ou koir ki sa ggtri la 'politically motivated'. La cour pa kapav interfere avan meme ki ene lenket in coumanser!"

Latest news? " L’affaire sera prise sur le fond le 31 mai 2018." Which will be almost 2 years since the interim injunction was applied for! "Injunctions are an equitable remedy. It is therefore essential that everyone acts reasonably, conscionably and without undue delay. Acting with speed and urgency is crucial." Nearly 2 years???? For refusing to be interviewed by the police/ICAC? Eoula!

3/ The tendency of our 'free and independent' press to 'dilute' the news and to hide the most pertinent aspects of the case. Today, le Defi has told us that Sanjiv Lutchmeenaraidoo, the nephew of Wilkinson, has been charged with " false and malicious denunciation in writing", and has been released on bail.

What le Defi does not tell us is that this man used to be a junior something at Apollo Bramwell until his uncle committed the greatest act of butchery and destruction in our history by demolishing BAI/Bramer. Soon after this, nephew's career pole vaulted to reach the stratosphere of top management. All dans l'interet superieur du pays, of course....

Respect pour nos institutions? Bousser fesse do!

Vendredi 5 Octobre 2018

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