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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 12 Février 2020

I can't understand the logic behind this: if you resign from the party, ostensibly because you did not receive the lottery jackpot winning lottery ticket known as "ticket pou election", how can you summon the incredible arrogance to then complain weeks later when the party officially throws you out?

What world do these people live in? Raj Pentiah resigned from the PTr when he realised he had not obtained the much touted ticket and, worse, stood as an "Independent" candidate at the last elections, which meant that he was officially acting against the official candidates of the PTr.

What did he expect? Flowers and kisses from the PTr for this act of treachery? Someone called Krishna Molaye (Yes, I have never heard of him either...) did the same thing, resigned from the PTr and two months later started bitching loudly because he had been sacked!

Another one, Prateebah Bholah, has been whingeing to the pro government rag "Mazavarou" that she regrets having left the MSM, a comment that flows naturally from the mouth of any transfuge on the look out for any passing 'bouttes'. And these people want to be welcomed back with open arms by the PTr ? Eoula! No political party worth its name would have acted any differently towards people so deluded that they now believe they are the new PTr....

And now, we have the icing on the cake where Reza Issack, with sunglasses thrown casually over his head and not over his eyes as most people would, who resigned from the PTr on 18th September 2019 (once again after finding out that ticket naiba...) has become the comrade in arms of Yatin Varma in yet another pointless exercise.

Reza has realised, rather late in the day if you ask me, that " «Navin Ramgoolam n’est plus le même homme. Il a changé depuis les élections de 2019 ». In other words, Navin Ramgoolam was a fine gentleman until the day he deprived this island of the services of real patriots like Reza, Yatin, and the other forgettable names of the all important ticket....

Cast your mind back to 2007 when the number of 'legal advisers' posts in our parastatals held by Yatin Varma, MLA, became public,  and the amount of taxpayers' money going into his pockets as a result of this enterprise impregnated with dubious morality and a complete lack of propriety and decorum.

At that time, Yatin Varma was earning Rs 33,775 + all the numerous fringe benefits like duty free car, petrol allowance, etc, but that was obviously not enough for this weird serviteur du pays. He was also collecting from the taxpayer another Rs 40,000 as a 'legal adviser'. 

His justification for this unconscionable abuse of his political position? " Well, My Lord, I am a professional and I am only offering my services".

This seems to me like the perfect defence for any prostitute caught offering her professional services, although I dare say hers may prove to be of a more pleasurable nature to individuals on the look out for some excitement than watching our serviteurs du pays steal our money...

He also believed that as members of the previous government were busy filling their pockets in exactly the same immoral manner, and earning far greater amounts of money, we should let him get on with his business of shamelessly trawling for as many positions as possible, and all based entirely on the political status that we have given him.

This example of perverse and intractable logic means that perhaps people convicted of one rape should in future use Dr Miko's multiple rapes as evidence in mitigation...

Yatin Varma was dreadfully wrong in thinking that touting for business for his services is the ethical way to conduct politics; his excuse that the other lot did it with similar impunity is pathetic and unworthy of anyone swearing that he has the best interests of the country at heart.  

How could anyone forget "Boxing Yatin" when he allegedly assaulted a driver, and the Bollywoodian nonsense that then followed, with him 'drinking' poison 'by accident'? Of course, 'innocent' Yatin then went to the victim's family home, armed with bottles of champagne and books as gifts, with Reza Issack as his faithful companion, presumably with a bucket in his hands to collect all the shit dropped by his friend....And now the victim and his family are thinking of suing Yatin Varma again. Poetic justice?

Now, are we to really believe these desperadoes are the future of the PTr?

Ramgoolam has not shown great leadership for a long time, and his apparent inability to move with the times, his stupidity in listening to so called advisers who could not advise anyone to stay indoor when it is raining, and his reluctance to change tactics have resulted in a loss of support for him and for the party he leads.

But tell me, who in the PTr has shown any leadership skills or any signs of original thinking that would qualify him or her to be a better leader?

The only person to have displayed clear thinking is Arvin Boolell when he stated that it would be better to wait for the Supreme Court to get off its arse and to tell us once and for all whether the last elections were stolen or not. If the Supreme Court rules in favour of the government, then and only then will it be good bye Navin. 

In the meantime, our "free and independent" press, i.e. 90% in favour of the government with mercenary zourlanus lurking in every dark corner, will continue to give more importance to the idiots and thereby bring more bad publicity on the PTr. Those who claim to be the 'saviours' of their party are in fact destroying it...and the deafening silence of people like Shakeel Mohamed makes one remember that he once stood as candidate for the MSM in 1995 and came seventh with a paltry 15% of the votes cast....

Perhaps Reza Issack ought to remember what he wrote in his letter of resignation to Navin Ramgoolam on 18th September 2019, only 4-5 months ago: "  Mon départ n’est certainement pas une perte pour le parti, c’est peut-être même un ‘non-event’.

You said it Reza and you were right then. Your resignation gave us hope that you would at last understand the concept that "When you are in a hole, stop digging!". Your insistence on turning a 'non even't into the earth shattering news that it patently isn't shows that when it comes to stupidity arising from a massive ego, our politicians, of all parties, have no equal.  

Some politicians really find it impossible to understand that only rats follow other rats into the sewer…

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Mercredi 12 Février 2020

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