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" When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes.

Here are the facts, ladies and gentlemen:

1/ Yesterday, our chihuahua tried to shift the blame over the BWSC corruption scandal on the Ptr government of 2010-2014. FACT: That contract had been cancelled BEFORE the elections of 2014. The corruption scandal currently in the news refers exclusively to the contract signed by the chihuahua and his partners in crime at the CEB since 2015!

2/ Yesterday, our chihuahua again laid a false trail by expressing his outrage that the ex CEO of CEB during the PTr mandate of 2010-2014 had met with Martin Kok Jensen, Chief Marketing officer of BWSC, "avant que BWSC n’obtienne le contrat".

FACT: 1/ BWSC had never received any contract in 2014 when the PTr was in government 2/ BWSC did receive a contract from the CEB when the MSM/ ML were in government, and it is that contract that has led to an investigation by both the African Bank of Development and BWSC where both agreed that corruption had taken place during the tendering process and hundreds of millions of rupees have gone into the la main propre of some thieves in government. 

3/ From the BWSC's own website " On 20 March 2018, BWSC was proud to participate in the official inauguration of the 67 MW Saint Louis Redevelopment project in Mauritius.... The ceremony was a fantastic event hosted by our client the Central Electricity Board (CEB) with participation of Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Energy and Public Utilities, the Hon. Mr. Ivan Collendavelloo, CEB Chairman Mr. Naidoo, CEB General Manager Mr. Shamsir Mukoon, and Martin Kok Jensen on behalf of BWSC. More than 200 guests participated in the celebration of this important milestone."

Unfortunately, it does not tell us whether the briani served was chicken, beef, or mutton, nor does it tell us whether the finest champagne was served or not...But Martin Kok Jensen was there with Chihuahua and others, despite the fact that the chihuahua now considers that others meeting the Kok is a mortal sin...

4/ FACT: According to le Defi when it used to be a fairly decent newspaper and not the blanchisserie it now is for this corrupt government, " Shamshir Mukoon, directeur par intérim (p. i.) du Central Electricity Board (CEB), a rencontré Martin Kok Jensen, directeur des ventes et du marketing de Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (BWSC), la veille de la date de clôture d’un exercice de présélection auquel ce dernier allait participer. Une rencontre qui est critiquée par certains au niveau du management même du CEB comme étant contraire à l’éthique."

And who was the minister at the time responsible for the CEB? The chihuahua, as usual. Any outburst of rage and fake disapproval from the chihuahua re that meeting with Missier Kok? Of course not. Nou bann sa!

5/ On 1st April 2015, L'Express reported that in response to a PNQ from Berenger " le ministre de l’Energie (chihuahua) a déclaré qu’un nouvel appel d’offres pour l’achat des quatre générateurs sera lancé bientôt."

FACT:It is this appel d'offres that is the cause of the scandal of corruption, not the one in 2014 that was cancelled! And the chihuahua certainly did not ask then Berenger about all the nonsense he yelped in the National Assembly yesterday, (in Berenger's absence) about lack of PNQ etc. Pena narien pli degoutan ki ene chihuahua avek diarrhee la guele!

6/ L'Express also reported that the " le ministre a indiqué qu’il a demandé au General Manager du CEB, Shyam Thanoo de «step down». Il n’a toutefois pas donné plus de précisions à ce sujet."

Why? Too much of a coward to peddle your lies in the National Assembly because Thanoo was in the audience? FACT: Why make his meeting with "Kok" such a 'scandal' yesterday when he kept completely silent during 2014-2020 about this meeting? So kok p tourdi aster?

7/ We now come to the man whose name has given rise to some sort of collective amnesia with our zourlanus: Gerard Hebrard, not a name you often see in our newspapers, certainly not relating to any scandal because he belongs to a well protected segment of our population, as far as the zourlanus are concerned.

Hebrard replaced Thanoo as DG of the CEB in April 2016 and it was during his mandate as DG that the NEW contract with BWSC was signed! So, why the incredible silence about the possible role played by Gerard Hebrard by our 'free and independent' press?

8/ FACT: Gerard Hebrard and Bernard Lagesse were school mates at College du St Esprit. Guess who got the consultant's job with BWSC during the tendering process and when the contract was awarded in March 2016? Yes, Bernard Lagesse. And he obtained the sum of Rs 43 millions for his efforts!

9/ FACT: Both Lagesse and Hebrard have French passports and their main residences are in France. Hebrard resigned "on medical grounds" from the CEB in November 2016....and has remained so quiet ever since that many assume he is dead, a la Harry Tirvengadum...

10/ If as the chihuahua tried to convince people that it was all Ramgoolam's and Thanoo's fault in 2014, why has he allowed his PM to (illegally as it happens, as Dev Hurnam has  correctly pointed out...) sack the entire CEB Board in 2020?

If they are as pure as the driven snow, why sack the Board in 2020 when, according to a deranged chihuahua, it was Ramgoolam and Thanoo who were responsible for this latest saga of corruption in high places in 2014?

Shamshir Mukoon is being quite silly in keeping quiet. Perhaps he feels a misplaced sense of loyalty towards those who will not hesitate to plunge the dagger in his back.

I am not saying that he is completely innocent. Not at all. But what I am saying is this: if you know others are just as responsible, if not more, why keep quiet and allow them to pin the whole blame on you?

Whatever self respect and sense of honour you have demands that you now spill the beans and tell us the whole truth! Unless if you are someone whose masochism is exceeded only by his own stupidity and you feel that silence will earn you some brownie points...which you won't get as the only thing you will feel is the sharp point of the dagger in your back...

To complete Sherlock Holmes rule about evidence, here is the chichuahua's own sick version: When you are caught with a bloody knife in your hand, do not admit guilt, but ask " Zis mo tousel ki ena ene kouto kumsa? Vender dan tou la boutik sa! Akoz san kouto la dan mo la main, sa pa v dire ki mo coupable! Zis ban anti patriotes ki pou dire sa!"

Sick, nasty, manipulative, sly, devious in every inch of his 5'2'' pathetic frame...

Mercredi 17 Juin 2020

1.Posté par Charlie le 20/06/2020 18:25
Gerard Hebrard attended New Eton College, not St Esprit.

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