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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 22 Novembre 2019

I apologise if what follows will ruffle the feathers of some people who are likely to shout "creolophobia" as if that could ever be a reasonable response to what are facts essentially. On second thoughts, I won't apologise. Why should I? The facts never lie...

«Si vremem nou enn vre patriot, lil moris bizin deryer nou», says the man who is rarely seen with a Mauritian flag and who brandishes his Mauritian passport when it suits him, and cherishes his UK passport whilst simultaneously condemning the UK. Today, he admonishes us " Fode pa nou hypocrite ar nou mem", and many of us exclaim: "Look who is talking about hypocrisy!"

Who is Olivier Bancoult? What does he do? How does he earn his money?

We know he travels a lot, and it us Mauritian 'hypocrites' who pay for his air fares, his per diem, hotel stays etc. We know he has a UK passport, and one assumes that as he does not show any signs of visible employment, does he draw UK Social Security benefits? If he doesn't, how does he maintain his standard of living?

Let us now talk about the International Court of Justice which gave the UK and the USA 6 months to vacate the Chagos Archipelago and to return it to MAURITIAN sovereignty, a deadline that expired today.

I have emphasised the word "Mauritian" because in all the romantic flights of fantasy of a few people, the islands apparently belong to the Chagossiens (i.e. the people born there, despite very few are still living...) and not to Mauritius from which the islands were illegally detached. Not surprisingly, that is an opinion that is not shared by the rest of the world, who view it simply as a matter of sovereignty by either Mauritius or the UK.

Yes, the eviction of the Mauritians who used to live on Chagos was cruel and inhumane, and was a gross example of a colonial superpower doing as it pleases irrespective of its nasty consequences on the people the UK called "Men Fridays".

But the question of Mauritian or UK sovereignty remains the primordial one on the world stage, and nowhere do you see any mention of "Chagossian' sovereignty, except from a few loose cannons in Mauritius.

Now, to the judgement of the International Court of Justice which, lest we forget, is not binding, i.e. it does not have force of law, it has no authority to compel or to enforce. Does anyone really believe that the UK and the USA would have complied with this order and asked us for forgiveness, and say in true Mauritian politician fashion, "Zis Bon Dier koner ki nou inosan", and the words that no Mauritian politician would ever say, " nou in fer ene errer, pardonne nou"? Really? Trump and Boris both saying together "Yes, we are leaving !," and resisting the urge to laugh when saying it?

The facts are quite simple: the UK, and by extension the USA, will NEVER leave the Chagos, on geopolitical grounds and in terms of military oversight of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian peninsular, and all the way up to China and Russia. Not a chance!

They will never give up on the naval and military superstructure they have built on Diego Garcia. We can moan and wail as much as we want, we can hold as many demonstrations as we want (hopefully this time with Mauritian flags...), some Chagossians can ridiculously appoint each other "President" of an island that essentially and historically belongs to Mauritius, nothing will change. The Chagos will not be returned until, as the UK and USA both say, "they are no longer needed for defence purposes" other words, never.

For the nth time, I will try to dismantle a ludicrous assertion, held by many dunderheads who keep repeating the absolute falsehood that "SSR in van Diego!". No, he did not, dickheads! Ask yourself this simple question: Can you yourself lawfully sell anything that does not belong to you? Up until 1968, everything on Mauritius and its islands belonged to the British. SSR and the 28 members of the delegation in 1965, including SAJ, the PMSD, were presented with a fait accompli: "The Chagos are ours, do what the fuck you want with Mauritius!" And remember, the Council of ministers at the time was headed by a British Governor...

If there is any question of kisan la in van Diego, go and ask Jean Claude de L'Estrac who, as foreign minister in the MMM/PSM 60-0 government of 1982, signed a "full and final settlement" with the UK over the Chagos in return for a measly £4 millions, which were then shared amongst the ... Chagossians. Yes, "full and final", i.e. pa re vine dimander enkor.

There are only two constructive ways of trying to resolve this issue, but they both depend on accepting UK 'sovereignty', i.e. the current unsatisfactory situation, as the baseline:

1/ The US military employs thousands of Filipinos, Taiwanese, Sri Lankans etc on its Chagos bases. I have been asking for years for negotiations to start with a view to replacing many of them with Chagossians, so that their basic demand of living on the island is met as well as having gainful employment. The UK and the USA are obviously reluctant to entertain this option, mainly because of the stupid noises of Bancoult and other self appointed 'leaders'.

2/ Mauritius to enter into meaningful negotiations with both the UK and the USA for an acceptable level of rent to be paid to us, for example £100 millions a year. This is peanuts to both superpowers but an absolute fortune to our economy en fesse.

These meaningless 'manifestations' mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. They serve to boost the ego of Bancoult, an ego already fed a outrance by the Sun Trust. And also the egos of the pampered idiots of our 'free and independent' press.

But in practical terms, all that they do is to estrange ourselves from our two biggest trading partners, the UK and the USA. Without our exports to those 2 countries, good bye textiles, sugar etc. UK and USA have been the main importers of our goods for many years, and they export far less to us than they import from us. China and India export massive amounts to us but import not even a jhant from us.

Pravin Jugnauth must understand that the elections are now over, that Lee Shim has done his job of overnight and magical conversion of Creoles into MSM votes, and that he has 5 years (barring a Supreme Court intervention...) to look after the interests of Mauritius. That necessarily includes not pissing on Trump's and Boris' heads but to instead look for some entente cordiale.

Organising a boat trip where around 300-400 people will seek to land without permission on Diego Garcia is the height of folly and is destined to provoke a backlash from both the USA and the UK. If Trump can impose punitive import taxes on China's exports, you think that lunatic will think twice about telling us to lev pake aller? Neither will Boris Johnson if he gets elected as PM.

What happens to our economy then? That is what a real Prime Minister should be considering and not waste his time thinking how to keep an idiot happy with meaningless gestures.

Plus, if you prefer to hold any flag other than a Mauritian flag at a demonstration which essentially involves Mauritian sovereignty, you are not only a hypocrite but an idiot when you then bemoan the fact that not many people have joined your demonstration. Are you really that surprised?

Vendredi 22 Novembre 2019

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