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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 5 Juin 2021

" Formerly idiots used to keep silent until Facebook gave them the right to express themselves. It is a question of education, or rather the lack of it."---- Sayed Ibrahim Ameer Meea.

I can't think of a more rational explanation than our compatriot Sayed Ibrahim Ameer Meea's wise observation for the substantial number of absolute idiots who have found it impossible to rein in their undisguised lack of humanity over the death of one man.

Was it really that difficult for them to show some good manners and some decency for a few days, by refraining to insult someone who was being mourned by his wife, his son and daughter, and whether we like it or not, by tens of thousands of people all around the island? 

You know the worst part about all this vile display of online hooliganism and complete lack of sensitivity?

The fact that 90% of the arseholes writing some quite horrible things can't even spell their words properly, and shamelessly give us the ultimate proof that grammar and sentence construction are as alien to them as Martians are to Mauritians. Have they no shame at all to display in public not only their vulgarity but the absence of anything that remotely passes for education in their feeble little minds?

I was watching SAJ's funeral and could not fail to notice the horrible comments of some idiots who believe that putting a "laugh emoji" next to their stupid comments somehow turns them into comedians. Unfortunately, we see these loudmouths everywhere these days: on the pavement, in shopping malls, on car parks, in the markets, at bus stations, in their cars on our roads, at the seaside, in fact anywhere they believe their psychotic, attention seeking behaviour will give them the recognition that they desperately crave.

We now have a proliferation of dumbos who actually believe that having a loud mouth somehow makes them impressive individuals, and they are so stupid that our disgust with them fails to register in that minute little thing they call their brains.

How can you sit at home in front of your laptop, or play with your phone to casually insult the memory of a man who has just died, and whose family is still mourning his departure? What pleasure can you possibly get from behaving like an insensitive, callous prick too willing to dance over the tombstone of someone who has not even been buried yet?

I have made my views about SAJ and the whole Jugnauth clan public for more than 15 years. My opinions have not changed. But some decency, please! You do not mock or insult the dead whilst the body is still warm. And you do not make the natural grief of the relatives more painful by writing insensitive, cruel crap about their dear, departed one. Worse, you do not accuse others of "communalisme" when your words clearly show that there is no worse communalist than you, you fanatical little oik!

I bet you there will be at least one nincompoop, one dolt who will deploy the 'laugh emoji" as an adequate rebuttal for me telling people like them in this post what absolute arseholes they have been over the last week. Well, make my day by writing a comment full of spelling mistakes and which tells me how good you are at copying/pasting. I have not blocked anyone for quite a while... 

Facebook has been wonderful in terms of allowing people to exercise their right to freedom of expression. The downside is that too many people love seeing their names on their screens, so any comment from them will do, however stupid, insensitive, or crude it might be.

Yes, Sayed Ibrahim Ameer Meea, it is such a pity and a tragedy that the idiots no longer keep silent but instead batter our senses with comments and posts of mind numbing shallowness and inanity every day. The worst part is that these wassocks really believe they are comedians, or that they are endowed with an intelligence that impresses all of us...

I can't even feel any pity for them anymore. I simply despise them.

Samedi 5 Juin 2021

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