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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 21 Septembre 2019

This electoral campaign is going to be by far the dirtiest one, and controlled to a large extent by the dirty money from drugs dealers and contracts so obscure that billions of rupees have been stolen from us by these so called serviteurs du pays.

Some of the money will be filtered down to mercenary zourlanus only too willing to sell their souls for a few rupees, and to an army of trolls who already are making their toxic presence felt online with comments that defy all logic but which have been prepared in advance by barely literate members of la cuisine.

One of the main weapons of these sad individuals being fed morsels by la cuisine will revolve around the issue of Nandinee Soornack being the mistress of Navin Ramgoolam.

The shock and horror of it all! Despite those two being some thousands of miles apart since December 2014, we will still be fed a lot of nonsense, so that in the mind of Lepep Kouyon, the equation of mistress= Nandinee will hopefully be firmed up, and they will then ignore the plain fact that most of our politicians and zourlanus have always had mistresses, including people of the same sex for those sad, hypocritical individuals who pretend to be all 'macho' in public...

It really has gone beyond a joke now. Especially as news of the extraordinary gambler, always on the lookout for the easy money of idiots willing to gamble everything on a donkey, has filtered through of a meeting with the same Nandinee with a view to make her 'spill the beans' in exchange for her getting Airway Coffee back and no further stupid charges against her...and of a meeting in July between Nandinee, a zourlanus now with Lee Shim's 'Zordi', and the evidaman chap...So, you mock the mistress in public but in private you suck up to her so that she becomes the traitor and idiot that you patently are? The hypocrisy is quite stunning!

But let us look at some of the saints in politics and in our 'free and independent' press who go on and on about Nandinee whilst conveniently suffering from amnesia on all the occasions they themselves have played away from the marital bed:

1/ Alan Ganoo, and the mistress (one of many...) he gave OUR land to. You think that was in exchange for servi nou pays or he wanted to enjoy the warmth of her thighs?

2/ Our Poison Dwarf. gran zavoka integre et very learned, who ensured his mistress obtained the High Commissioner's post in Australia, en toute transparence of course...

3/ Anil Gayan and La Sumputh, a love affair that has so far cost us millions of rupees in nominations, all sorts of ridiculous expenses, missions (often together for those exotic places...), per diem etc.

4/ The Ayatollah Mouftah who finds the comfort of a Hindu mistress very exciting...

5/ That nice Zaza, who is fond of nominating the husbands of people very close to him...including once, a sixieme fail on the Board of the Nelson Mandela Centre.

6/ The man allegedly with 'la main prop' and who can therefore use those hands on the bodies of quite a few women...whilst waiting for the next elections zeneral anticipees, presumably.

7/ Brylcreem Boy and the speakerine at the MBC and others...So Nandos bien tasty, li dire zot...

8/ Sir Gaetan Duval, possibly the greatest lawyer and most charismatic politician of his generation, and who liked to swing both ways...with at least 2 current ministers having enjoyed the delights of the great man...

9/ The VVVIP woman who gave a new meaning to the expression "Let's play tennis", esp with the Libyan ambassador who ended up being deported manu militari, as the zourlanus like to describe it..

10/ A 'patriot', with a sewer mouth, who was told by the NSS that they had overheard SGD talking loudly about how his wife had both orifices downstairs explored by a rampant SGD and his jockey friend...and who ended up imprisoning his tennis playing wife in a solid wardrobe for a few days as 'punishment'...SGD was then arrested soon afterwards and we know the rest, esp how they were trying to hang him.

The above is just a few examples of the sheer hypocrisy of these people who will act all shocked about the liaison between Ramgoolam and Nandinee. No need to mention arseholes like Tarolah and others in such distinguished company, don't you think?

Now, we come to the zourlanus (and journalists too) who love to pontificate about the merits of faithfulness and the sanctity of the marital bed, but who themselves often stray. Whether they are at le defi, le mauricien, L'Express, Radio 1/Radio Plus Pire, or anywhere else in our lovely 'free and independent' media. The "Pocket" man at le mauricien and his coop of "ti poules", Gluteus Maximus who will happily keep men happy too, as well as his Boss who has a predilection for that sort of thing,

And yet these are the people who will tell us about "Equal opportunity" whilst knowing full well that the only opportunity that people will get is if they are willing to bend down and take one for the country...

I have not mentioned a ti cretin yet, because I don't want to be 'ordered out'....nor do we stand any chance of getting a specific, incredibly well paid job even if we have not applied for it...

Last but not least, we have all heard how it is lovely to drink Sherry at night, in the swimming pool, a bit like Martini: Anytime, any place, anywhere. And how other 'drinks' too are very delectable, esp with some fine herbs rolled in..Sa travay la cuisine la tro fatiguant, non? Alor, bizin ene ti divertisseman..

These are the hypocrites who will fill our ears with all sorts of Nandinee nonsense over the coming such an extent that many of us will start believing that Nandinee must be the only mistress in the world and that all our politicians, zourlanus, and Lepep Kouyon are absolute saints who have eyes only for their wives...

I have said it before and I will say it again: the best and strongest card that Navin Ramgoolam can play now is to be seen as often as possible with Veena Ramgoolam, instead of being surrounded by some old fossils and women made up as if they are sales agents for Mauvilac, judging by the amount of paint on their faces.

Bring Veena to the fore and let people compare her with someone as disreputable as Lady Macbeth. The result is a foregone conclusion....and might help to confine Nandinee to the dustbin of history.

Because the mercenaries and the hypocrites will fight very dirty soon. And Nandinee will be their weapon of choice. They have more than enough money to manufacture an army of trolls, buy some very cheap people, including some toy boy and a Russian Tchurel pretending to show us the 'art of kissing'...

Samedi 21 Septembre 2019

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