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Before I venture into the sordid details of this ex hotel porter who was magically transformed into a Board member of ICTA (a bit like the ex taxi driver who is now Chairman of the IBA and causing havoc with his censorious attitude towards Top fm...), let me first give you some details about the arrest of Rachna Seenauth on Wednesday.

Read it and shudder a gasp of horror that these things can happen to anyone in our so called etat de droit.

1/ At around 13.00 hrs on Wednesday, 12 (yes TWELVE!) police officers knocked on the door of Rachna Seenauth and told her: "Come with us and don't resist. We are not here to arrest you! " Which makes one wonder what they would have done if she had refused to accompany them in their descent towards authoritarianism...

2/ " We have a warrant!" The warrant was never shown and that in itself should make people question the legality of the actions of the police. Remember the judgement by Robert Ahnee, one of the last brave, decent judges, in the case of police v the drug dealer known as Ti Monstre who was being prosecuted for murdering an ADSU officer? The jury found him NOT GUILTY because no warrant was produced....

3/ If there is indeed a warrant, then the Chief Judge ought to question the magistrate who issued it on the grounds that no statement by any complainant had been made at the time the police came to ask Rachna Seenauth to accompany her to Casernes. So, on what basis was the warrant issued? Because the police asked for one? Eoula!

4/ Copies of the warrant have not been given to either the lawyers or to Rachna, yet...Assuming the warrant does indeed exist.

5/ So, Rachna is taken to Casernes at 1.00 p.m. and made to sit in the SSU's office for 3-4 hours. Perhaps this type of forced confinement by the police ought to be made compulsory for the thousands of idiots on our streets and posing a severe risk to all our health....

6/ Around 4.00 p.m, 3 hours after Rachna Seenauth had been made to accompany the police, the Chief Inspector of police at the Cyber Crime Unit tells Rachna: " In gagne instriktions depi la o pou avoy ou Detention Centre a Pailles. Dimin nou fer lenket". The famous "instriktions depi la o"...

7/ The nice police officers told her to arrange for a lawyer whilst at the same time insisting that she does not need one really...

8/ Thursday at 9.45 a.m , the police picked her up to take to Casernes for her interview. So, one night in police custody which is no more than a vindictive, nasty course of action by the soucerres doing their best to show that when it comes to sucking, they are the best.

9/ Rachna Seenauth was interviewed and released on bail by the magistrate, again acting like a rubber stamp for any charge that lands on the judicial desk. I don't know whether the magistrate was given a copy of the funny meme that had annoyed the ex hotel porter so much that he had to show the people in government, that li meme sanpion soucerre. If the magistrate did not laugh when he/she read the meme, then we will have some very serious problems about our fundamental liberties further down the road.

Now comes the nasty, dirty part, the work of the ex hotel porter who simply had to show the Jugs that when it comes to licking their arses, his tongue reaches the parts that others don't.

For those who don't know, the ex hotel porter is Kaushik Jadunundun, better known as kkvas, and one time fanatical supporter of the MMM until 2012-2013 when the La Caverne siren called. He is the one who complained about the meme, which makes us wonder why the nose that is used to poke into all sorts of shit holes did not see the thousands of other copy/pastes of the same meme by many online.

Was it because Rachna Seenauth is close to ex President Ameenah Gurib -Fakim et bizin montrer ki zis Pravind ki mari dan sa pays la?

The statement of Kkvas boils down to this: " I think this post is Fake News. I even called the PMO and they told me it was Fake News. This causes prejudice to our beloved PM and government!" So, that's it folks! A jumped up little tart who somehow has managed to get himself a place on the Board of ICTA, decides that something is Fake and the police jumps to attention? Is that the basis for an arrest that simply makes no sense at all?

Of course the meme is Fake! Only an absolute idiot will believe that Pravind Jugnauth is really going to chair a meeting attended by Trump, Johnson, Merkel, Putin, Modi and others, where he will reveal the secrets of his magical feat of producing 0 new cases of Covid-19 infection on successive days in Mauritius. Who could possibly take that meme as a serious account of reality? As I said, only an idiot would. Or nincompoops with no sense of humour at all.

KKvas finished writing his statement at 14.15, which raises the question regarding Rachna's arrest at 13.00 hours:

On what basis was she arrested? A phone call from idiots at ICTA and nothing else?
But it gets worse, folks! One hour before the 12 gablous turned up at Rachna's place, she received this message from Fu Manchu, the Chairman of ICTA " To ban post pa corek, Rachna ". So, the Chairman of ICTA had decided with the puny bit of wisdom at his command that a 'post,. pa korek' and the ex hotel porter on the board of ICTA slyly proceeds to Casernes to write his crap statement, and the police in the meantime arrests someone and keeps her in custody overnight? Kot nou p aller dan sa ggt pays la??

As for Rachna Seenauth's arrest, I hope her lawyers will ask for an immediate judicial review over the way this whole nasty business has been conducted...and ask for this stupid charge to be thrown out; and perhaps a court order compelling the officers at the Cyber Crime Unit to follow a course on "How to obtain a sense of humour"...I also hope she will personally sue the ex hotel porter and Fu Manchu for substantial damages.

And now it gets much worse: Section 7(d) of ICTA says that "No person shall remain a member of the authority if he acts contrary to this act." I shall put a video in the first comment to this post where you will see a KKvas with bulging eyes making all sorts of threats, about how he will close down Facebook, etc, and with the swear words that his hypocritical soucerre friends will ignore but condemn in others.

Watch it and ask yourselves: How come this idiot has been sitting on the board of ICTA since 2015? 

And ask yourselves this: Why have ALL  politicians from ALL parties kept quiet over Kkvas? When will Shakeel Mohamed stop grandstanding and instead do something concrete and useful? Does he think that the crude insults in the video towards him do not merit at the very least a libel writ?

Please make sure your children do not see this video nasty. Let us see whether our wonderful zourlanus and politicians will now have the gumption to ask for the removal of that idiot from the board of ICTA.

Vendredi 17 Avril 2020

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