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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 25 Juillet 2021

Yes, mes chers compatriotes, I need to remind you that we live in a democracy, in an etat de droit where public institutions are here to serve the public. Let me give you one example: our Electoral Commission, which is really a model of forward thinking and of mastery of the latest technology. Pa pou narien ki zot dire ki nou ene I.T. hub! At the click of your finger, even using the one reserved for clicking that special button...., you can register online! 

This is what the advert from the Electoral Commission says: 
Register online
It usually takes about 5 minutes.

Yes, it is as simple as that! No need to wait for canvassers to turn up when they feel like it, no need for all those pens and papers, no need to keep the dogs a safe distance from the Electoral Commission people, no need to pretend to be nice and smile at them, nothing! You just sit in front of your laptop, type "register to vote", fill the straightforward form, and five minutes later, Voila! You are now an elector and you will be spared the terrible disappointment and high blood pressure at the last elections when you realised that some bastard had taken you off the list!

You know what's even better? You can check all year round whether your name is still on the list, or whether some idiot with a T Square has removed it, and perhaps replaced it with the name of a dead person....a dead person who of course will turn up to vote, et oken gablou pa pou dimander, "kisan la in park so serkeyye kumsa? Li p blok circulation!"

The above is in a country that our lovely Mauritius tends to copy most of its laws from, which looks good on paper, except that hardly anyone in authority then obeys those laws. It is the UK, where you can register as an elector on any day of the year, and you can check whenever you feel like it if your name really is on the Register of Electors.

Compare and contrast: In our 'I.T. hub', an army of canvassers is sent out at huge expense to directly enrol each elector individually. And only during a few weeks of the year. Si ou rate ban la, pa pense pou voter aprer! Atane lannee prochaine aster! 

Remember folks, the official figures showed almost 7000 very disappointed electors who could not vote in the last general elections. These are the figures for those who complained. The real figures would suggest a lot more than that.

There was however a dramatic increase in the number of dead people who managed to escape from St Jean cemetery in order to vote....and in the increasing number of Bangla Deshis who happen to love Orange T shirts...

And yet none of these problems would have arisen if the Electoral Commission had invested in a proper website which is easily accessible to electors. But that would be too easy...Irfan Rahman, the electoral commissioner has been in post for only about 25 years, so please be patient! He needs much more time than this to keep up with modern trends and to modernise his system from the Middle Ages...
I am told that people at the Electoral Commission often ask, " Website, ki ete sa? Mo koir ene lakaz zaraignees sa. Web, non?"

Compare and contrast: the website of the Electoral Commission of the UK where you can register in 5 minutes...

Dimanche 25 Juillet 2021

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