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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 10 Juin 2021

“When we replace a sense of service and gratitude with a sense of entitlement and expectation, we quickly see the demise of our relationships, society, and economy.” ― Steve Maraboli.

We have one of the highest police to civilian ratio in the world, and yet how often do we hear of this police response when answering an emergency call: " Ena zis nou 2 la. Bizin atan kan lot shift vini."

When you look at the number of police officers on permanent duty with our politicians, current and retired Presidents and ex Presidents/Vice Presidents, judges, all sorts of idiots who believe their shits smell nice, don't you ask yourself, "Is it really necessary?"

Or is it simply part of the obscene, scabrous, almost libidinous culture of entitlement that pervades the mentality of all governments and all politicians who feel that the resources of the state are theirs to do as they wish for themselves and their friends?

How can we still call this country a democracy when all that happens is we vote for a different group of self seeking hedonists and pillagers of our few resources to do what the hell they want for five years before we troop off in five years' time to either let them continue along the same perverse lines, or vote another bunch of slobbering idiots to show us how stealing a nation can be done in more imaginative and destructive ways?

Don't these people have any shame at all? Or do they really feel that self important that an army of gablous has been allocated to them on a 24 hour basis because the sun really does shine out of their arses? Think about it.

We are living through times of increasing criminality where you don't know whether going to do some shopping or going to work means that you run a high chance of being knifed by some idiot who feels entitled to have what is yours; or you stay at home and some bastard will invade the sanctity of your house by taking what is yours because he feels he is entitled to it. Terrible, isn't it? "Let us hang them!), I hear many of you shouting! Let us beat them up, koup zot boutte par boutte, kasse zot la main, etc (for a full list of extreme measures to be taken with glee against these criminals, just read the comment section of any article on crime in our newspapers, where the neanderthals have found the perfect arena to give us visible proof of how we are indeed descended from apes...).

And yet hardly anyone says anything about the far more obscene culture of entitlement that afflicts many in the middle classes who are quite happy to break and enter at will the national home and pick and choose what they want to take for themselves, their families, and their friends.

Why? Is it because deep down many of us want to be also part of the teams of people with extra long tongues who feel that taking a selfie with any politician is the highlight of their miserable lives? and a precursor of a lot more goodies to come their way should their temporary idols get voted into power?

The maths is really quite simple: we have 24 ministers (24, for fuck sake in a pocket sized island!!) who all apparently need 24 hour police protection from the moment the PM has appointed them. Why? What makes them so scared of the very people they have pledged to serve and who have invested so much confidence in them when voting? 24 x 3 shifts per day= 72 police officers every day being deployed for nothing else but to make parasites look very important.

Or at least they think the presence of a police officer in a kiosk in their front garden will make them look very important. Now add the chauffeur x 3 shifts for 24 of them ; add that little army that escorts President Baigan everywhere; add the police bodyguards and numerous police cars and escort motorcycles for Pravin Jugnauth; add the police chauffeurs for the police commissioner and senior police officers which must run into at least one hundred; add the police officers deployed to accompany any oik who smiles nicely at the PM. 

That culture of entitlement extends to the apparently God given right for any Government nominee to our crap institutions and parastatal orgs to have a chauffeur driven limousine, free petrol, free everything, 13th, 14th, even 15th month pay for 12 months of doing fuck all....Plus the entitlement to free business class travel twice a year to Europe so that Europeans too can be scared to death when these ugly faces land on their shores... 

So much waste, so much abuse of public property by a few corrupt individuals with an abnormally huge sense of entitlement....And these are the very people who have the incredible cheek to call themselves "Patriots".

Jeudi 10 Juin 2021

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