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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 15 Juillet 2019

It pains me to write this about the land of my ancestors which, in more appropriately ethical and sentimental times, would allow me to view the enormous economic progress of India with perhaps misplaced ancestral feelings of contentment.

But when India decides that it can interfere with the electoral processes of our sovereign country, then my response is the same as the one I always give to arrogant idiots with a marked tendency to be bhai lookes: Bousser fesse et Vey ou prop ggtri, do!

I saw this in L'Express Leaks, a column that ,unfortunately tends to titillate more with vague titbits than to provide us with detailed information:

" Peindre Navin en noir. Les services d’agences de publicité indiennes seraient mis à contribution par le MSM, en marge de la campagne électorale, pour réaliser des «billboards» ciblant le leader du Parti travailliste. Selon nos renseignements, le design serait prêt et se focaliserait sur les coffres-forts saisis en la résidence du leader des Rouges."

Now, none of us knows for sure whether this is true or not, but I suspect many, including me, will find some elements of truth in that titbit. By the way, and this is for Lepep Kouyon, a 'titbit' is a small piece of interesting information and does not refer to a part of the gorgeous pair in women's bodies that turn grown men into suckling children...nor is it part of a bird...

If it is true, then the questions that arise are quite simple:

1/ Why do we need Indians to "Peindre Navin en noir" for us? Are we that stupid that we can't do it ourselves? I have done it myself, on many occasions on my Facebook page, same as I have done for other political leaders. Kisasa? Quincaillerie mauricien nepli ena la peinture noire, nou bizin Indiens vine la avek zot la peinture? Even Pravin Jugnauth showed us yesterday that his range of quite useless skills also extends to holding a paint brush and pretending to paint....although he was too stupid to notice that the green paint he used is likely to make the face of his ministre Fanta with lamoresse zoranz go red with anger!

2/ "La residence du leader des Rouges": I suppose these will come from the bhai looke activities of the Israeli agents employed by this government to eavesdrop on everything that opponents of the government are doing. Berenger, Zaza, and all politicians ought to be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for remaining silent over this gross and completely illegal intrusion into the private lives of our citizens by the Israelis.

3/ Will the Indians show us photos of the enormous palace being built by Pravin Jugnauth, in the name of balance and fair play? If not, bousser fesse et al kuiy ene carri do!

These are the techniques that the Indians, with the help of the Israelis, will use for the MSM during the next electoral campaign:

1/ DISINFORMATION: Defined as the fabrication or deliberate distortion of news content aimed at deceiving an audience, polluting the information space to obscure fact-based reality, and manufacturing misleading narratives about key events or issues to manipulate public opinion. The MSM are experts in this, having refined that technique when destroying BAI/Bramer, stealing all of Dawood Rawat's assets, and getting idiots to believe the Ponzi nonsense with the active help of mercenary and unprincipled zourlanus. 

The most perfect example of this disinformation, which our 'free and independent' press insist on repeating parrot like, is " Mo pou kass le rein mafia la drog", said by the man who was accused by a major drugs dealer at the Drugs Commission of being behind the financing of major drugs accusation which Pravin Jugnauth refused to rebut when he withdrew his offer to give evidence. 

And the other one: " Zamai in ena sa kanite sezi la drog dan pays!". Yes, because zamai in ena sa kantite la drog dan pays depi 2014, depi to in pran pouvoir. Drugs are being openly sold on every street corner now, something which we had never experienced before 2014.

2/ POLITICAL ADVERTISING: The titbit from Lexpress Leaks gives you an indication of this. If it is true, and I never do this, then nothing would give me greater pleasure than seeing people pulling down those billboards or throwing paint on them. Sometimes, breaking the law is much better than submissively putting up with the corrupt tactics of a government.

3/ SENTIMENT AMPLIFICATION: Defined as the use of fake accounts, trolls, and/or automated bots on social media and other online fora (e.g., the comments sections of newspapers) to spread disinformation and inflate the prominence of particular narratives supporting the government. Again, that is already very obvious, esp in our newspapers.

4/ HACK AND LEAK OPERATIONS: Defined as the theft of emails or documents through hacking or phishing operations, followed by their strategic public release, typically via proxy to prevent attribution. The stolen documents may be altered (or additional ones fabricated) to manufacture greater controversy and increase negative perceptions of the target. The objective, of course, is to expose, disgrace, or otherwise undermine a particular individual, campaign, or organisation in order to influence public opinion during an election cycle. 

I have already told you about the phones confiscated by the police when Navin Ramgoolam was arrested in February 2015 and which have never been used as evidence in any investigation or charge.

The phones are still in the Marionette's custody, which is akin to asking Ali Baba to look after your jewellery store. They will use photos, films, and text messages from those phones, and with the help of those Israelis and the Indian I.T. experts, will alter/photoshop them and manufacture sensational ones in order to put Ramgoolam in a bad light just before Polling Day.

Now, it does not matter whether you are pro or anti Ramgoolam, but are you happy for foreigners to interfere to such an extent in our elections? Sa lepep kouyon la, disan kourpa ki dan zot la veines?

PARTY OR CAMPAIGN FINANCING: Defined as the overt or covert provision of funding to a particular party or election campaign, typically through a proxy institution. Forget the nonsensical bill on party finances that those thugs in power want to enact. They already have billions of rupees in their own coffre forts, from the unprecedented level of corruption, nepotism, and bare faced thieving we have witnessed since 2014 with contrats and commissions. They now want to ensure that the opposition has very little money to finance an electoral campaign.

Question: How much money is India, "the world's largest democracy" giving to the Jugs, an act of corruption and interference in a sovereign country that no one should condone? We already know that the Ayatollah Mouftah is receiving tens of millions of rupees from the Saudis for the MSM. This unholy alliance of the Saudis, Indians, and the Israelis makes me cringe when I see the zoaves praising or condemning the 3 countries which simply could not give a fuck about us or our democratic credentials.

Finally, MILITARY INTERVENTION: Do not ignore this as there is a precedent in our history (again with MSM in power!) when India prepared its Lal Dora operation in case Berenger took power at the 1983 elections. Will Berenger again remain quiet? Will the Indians try to do that to Navin Ramgoolam too, if it looks like the PTr will win the next elections?

So, my Indian friends, please butt the fuck out of our internal affairs. Some people may call us "Chota Bharat" in a rather quaint recognition of you as the Bharat Mata which sent us the indentured labourers which form around 65% of our population.

But we are Mauritius, Samjhe? As my friend said in a language that you would understand, "Bharat, toun aapan Kaam se Kaam rakha. Mauritius mein dakhal andaazi naye kaara!" In other words, "India please be concerned with your own politics, don't poke your nose in our politics!"

Lundi 15 Juillet 2019

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