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They still have not understood anything, have they? That we are no longer in the 20th century and that the internet has opened a huge window for lies to be debunked at the flick of a switch, Yes, the zombies still get their 'news' from our 'free and independent' press and that paragon of objectivity, independence, and fair reporting known as MBC.

The sane ones amongst us always ask ourselves before listening to any speech from any politician: "Ki menti sa LKSM la pou dire moi la?" And inevitably, the lies will just flow out of those oily, oleaginous, smooth talking pits of low morality and insane greed.
I commented in yesterday's post how our wonderful zourlanus are so arrogant and so obsequious to their political masters that they accepted at face value, interspersed with a lot of praise, for Roshi Bhadain's latest act of deklar piti ki pa pou li, when he brandished copies of the cheques worth over Rs 19 millions given by BAI to the MSM and one of Rs 10 millions to the MMM.

Not one of them, zourlanus or journalist, has had the decency or the honesty to say that those cheques were first displayed on my Facebook page some 2 years ago, and that darling Roshi has simply copied them, but, true to form, has been claiming ki 'so decouvertes sa'!

From 'pa moi sa, li sa' to ' mo pou montrer zot ki mo in dekouver' in less time that it takes our serviteurs du pays to say " Zis Bon Dier koner ki mo inosan" on the very rare occasions they are charged with anything by the police.
Bhadain talked about a minister asking for a Rs 10 million bribe, and Ramgoolam mentioned a $ 42 million 'commission' from the Sobrinho saga, but as usual with no details and no evidence whatsoever.

That does not mean that they are wrong, because re Bhadain's allegation, we all know about ministre diluil coco, and re Ramgoolam's one, only those with abnormal brain functions will fail to recognise that we have never had a more corrupt government than the lying bunch of shysters in power since 2014.

I absolute hate, abhor, detest the cancerous xenophobia that has quietly crept into the speeches of MSM leaders, ever since the incredibly stupid and authoritarian decision by Pravin Jugnauth to refuse all the normal rights of citizenship to Patrick Hofman, presumably because the Belgian pilot did not have the wisdom like the rest of us to call him Ti cretin/pinokio/ etc and instead called him 'fou'.

You see, in our crazy island, you can call the Prime minster anything you want to, including comments about la cuisine/boutey sherry/ kouper riban/milliardaire/ boring with his constant Evidaman/bien sure/laisse mo dire ou etc. But fou? Eoula! Li pa fou li! Li kontan manz brede sonz, meme kan li cri, et sa fer so la cervelle fort!

At yesterday's meeting, Ivan Collendavelloo, our dwarfish Deputy PM with apparently priapic exuberance despite some health problems, told us a huge lie....a lie which can instantly be rebutted with one click on your computer.

He said " Ou pa gagne droit vine dan nou pays, vine abiz nou hospitalite!" So, apart from calling the PM 'fou', will Ivan the less than Terrible these days, tell us how else Patrick Hoffman in abiz nou hospitalite? Did he try to sell off our water resources? Did he appoint all sorts of idiots as members of the Board of Ploks of our essential services and a drunkard as CEO? Did he ensure the appointment of his mistress as our high Commissioner to Australia? Did he have wonderful people like Gayan, Rutnah, Seasonal Wood, Rs 16 millions Husnoo, etc in his party? Was it ok to give a useless woman known as Sampath Rs 323,000++ of our money every month? This is what is known as really abiz nou pays. Did Hofman do these and many other things? No!

But it gets worse, folks. When Ivan gets into his xenophobic moods, the days of slavish devotion to the White South Africans of apartheid days like Sol Kerzner fly out of the window.

Now, Touria Prayag is more than capable of defending herself, and I would never presume to offer any sort of defence for her. This is what Ivan shouted yesterday " Si ou al dan Maroc, Marocain p vine deklar toute sort kalite deklarer a Maurice, laisse nou al dan zot pays, nou a bez fermee".

The target clearly is Touria, someone who has spent all her married life of over 30 years in Mauritius, and therefore only idiots would applaud such an outpouring of hatred and mindless xenophobia.

Now the Big Lie: "Ene ministre italien ti al la France, diboute ar gilets zaune, li pa dire narien, nek tire foto. Ban la p zour president Macron. Pran li, fou li deor! Ministre des affaires etranzers!"

"Fou li deor?"
Eoula menteur! For your information, the Italian minister for foreign affairs is a chap called Luigi di Maio, and he was never, ever expelled! or fou li deor, as you forcefully put it. You know what happened? The French ambassador to Italy was recalled to France, that is it!
Doesn't Ivan know anything at all about diplomatic niceties and protocol, that it is unheard of for senior politicians of one country to be fou deor simply for taking photos? Just because he and his mob p fou deor someone who has served the island better than 90% of our politicians does not mean that political leaders of other countries are as vain stupid, and useless as ours...
In real democracies, politicians are the first targets for satire, for making fun of, to laugh at when they become too arrogant and too full of their own importance. In Mauritius, the culture of soucerisme and roder bouttisme has turned too many otherwise decent people into slavish, unquestioning idolisers of political pygmies.

Jeudi 2 Mai 2019

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