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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 12 Novembre 2018

" Two things form the bedrock of any open society - freedom of expression and rule of law. If you don't have those things, you don't have a free country."-- Salman Rushdie

For the last few months, a terrible thought has been creeping up on my feeble brain and has triggered a prolonged period of insomnia: the gnawing and distressing realisation that despite all the scandals and incredible incompetence, the Jugs will be back in power after the next elections.

Why? Because the opposition has been quite useless and has shown a remarkable lack of originality and cynical opportunism when faced with a government on its knees.

This has allowed the Jugs to recover some ground, esp when helped in such a corrupt and criminal manner by the MBC and rags like le defi and the online 'newspapers' created and financed by the Sun Trust and various soucerres.

The MSM has changed its logo to one where a Golden pair of scissors skilfully handled by a toothy PM in cutting a wide variety of ribbons has given the impression that this is a country in full development where elderly ladies admiringly sway creaking hips in front of a 'dynamic' PM before the inevitable speeches on renal operations for drug dealers and no time for him to tousse sali....

All those speeches on " Mo pou kass le rein marsan la drog" have failed to explain why the hundreds of kilos seized have not been followed by a huge increase in the price of drugs, which naturally happens in times of shortage....which means that one or two headline grabbing items about drug seizures of hundreds of kilos have done nothing to stop the supply, hence the remarkable stability in the price of drugs and the advent of competitive pricing in true salesmanship fashion by those with still two functioning kidneys despite the professed attempt by our brave PM to kass zot le reins...

All those speeches about 'good governance' which are contemptibly ignored by a la cuisine in full overtime mode, with various appointments/nominations of the kalchoul handlers, and contracts worth hundreds of millions of our rupees given to those who supply la cuisine with all the raw material. 

When religious festivals like Eid, Divali, etc last for many months after the public holiday in order to allow arseholes to drape a garish and lurid curtain over the PM's shoulders, and for him to then make speeches of such repetitive dullness that they will soon replace Mogadon as our preferred sedative....

When all this and much more has been happening, what has our opposition been doing? Ramgoolam still insists on listening to 'advisers' who have only one thing in mind: "keep him happy, praise him, and when he becomes PM again, gro boutte la pou moi sa!".

Is it a coincidence that our so called "Vaish" PMs always have advisers who are babouji/maraz, a clique that is as fanatical and self serving as those we like to call 'fanatik'?

What has Ramgoolam been doing over the last 4 years? Admittedly, he has been busy with the numerous charges against him, and it is to his credit that most of them have been thrown out.

But on the political front? Absolutely the same nonsense as before, the same repetitive, ultra boring expressions of "Servi lespri ki Bon dier in donne ou kan voter", " Ar moi bef travay, bef meme pou manzer", etc.

And now, he has homed in one word which he thinks will galvanise us: "RUPTURE"!

What? How can we have 'rupture' when the retrograde mentality is still the same, when there is no visible sign of the change in governance that he has been promising us for nearly 3 decades, when he is still surrounded by the same fossils in the PTr who caused the PTr so much damage in 2014?

Tell me, what possible use can people like Kalyanee Jhugroo ever be to us, part from giving us a daily reminder that overuse of makeup and the sight of a stupid face can never be an adequate substitution for the new policies and mentality that a whole nation wants to see in our politicians? For Kalyanee Jhugroo, read other luminaries like Lormushmush, Sheila Bappoo, Dhiraj Kamaljeet, Hookoom, Patrick Assirvaden, Peetumbur, Virahsawmy, Rajesh Jeetah, etc etc.

And now there are moves to allow Bunwaree to rejoin the PTr? Why not Rashid Beebeejaun too, so that we can again see him like a useless lump slouched at the back of his limousine causing havoc with the traffic?

When are we going to see young and intelligent men and women around the leaders instead of those idiots?

And when will see real signs of the 'rupture' Ramgoolam keeps telling us about, the root and branch reform of all our institutions and the drastic change and replacement of many of our obsolete laws, esp those dealing with crime, consumer affairs, the environment, corruption, and the restitution of all our money stolen by various serviteurs du pays?

You think playing the same old, rancid tunes will make us vote for you?

Re the other opposition parties: it is clear to everyone that the MMM is in terminal decline and that the money and time spent on useless weekly press conferences would be far better spent on holding regular public meetings, lor caisse kamion si bizin a la 1970s...

Zoli Mamzel PMSD should stop behaving like the easy girl who is willing to sleep with anyone in order to gain the taste for the good life; and its result in the by election in Quatre Bornes ought to remind even the most stupid amongst them that the loud shouts about recensement now only serve to make people ask one thing: Zot ti o pouvoir depi 2005, recensement ti dan zot fesse lerla kan zot ti kapav fer kiksoz?

So, because of a pathetic opposition and the absence of real leadership, I came to the conclusion in the last few months that the MSM has a more than decent chance to win the next elections.

However, I made the terrible mistake of underestimating the power of la cuisine and of the stupidity of the kalchoul handlers in digging a big hole for themselves when victory was an attainable proposition.

They decided to place one kalchoul handler in the Electoral Supervisory Commission and when that failed, they found another kalchoul handler. That was bad enough. They then came with the novel and completely self destructive idea of pissing off the 400,000+ Facebook and social media users, and all those who value our constitutional right to freedom of expression.

If ever there was a recipe for electoral disaster, well they have found it. They have crossed the Rubicon with their stupid and pointless amendment to ICTA, and I am afraid this is the point of no return for the MSM...

You can steal from us, and you lot tend to do this in spades; you can try to insult our intelligence, and the arrogance of our politicians makes it inevitable that you will treat us as idiots, thinking that we are gullible enough to believe everything you tell us; you can use the MBC as if it is your property and most of us refuse to watch it; you can target L'Express as your bête noire and praise the rag le defi and online sites run by mercenaries as much as you want to, we know where you are coming from; you can appoint as many dickheads as you want to, we are used to that; you can make multimillionaires out of idiots with the abuse of our money in extravagant salaries and expenses, stupid missions, per diem, and contracts for mercenaries, we don't care.

But you try to stop us from voicing our opinions, and you are finished. And there is now no way back for you.

Lundi 12 Novembre 2018

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