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[Paul Lismore] Seeruttun :" je laisse la police faire son travail." Parey kouma la police p enkor fer so travay lor to frere depi 2016

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 25 Juillet 2020

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! It seems that the most important work of this crazy government these days is to select which idiot will go to Casernes on any given day and make a complaint as stupid as their own stupid faces.

Our police force, yes OUR police force is no longer ours, despite the unarguable fact that it is us who pays for it: their salaries, their holidays, their uniforms, in fact everything! But a bunch of squatters has taken over Casernes since 2014 and installed 2 commissioners momi and many arselickers in positions of seniority and authority.

The end result? It is the PMO, esp la cuisine, which now runs OUR police force , and which demands that everything else must be put on hold when a stupid minister/politician from the government side turns up with yet another stupid, time wasting complaint. 

Mahen Seeruttun joins a long list of useless chavs in nice suits and dresses who really believe that Casernes is now Lakaz Mama, kot zot kapav al rakont ninport ki ggtri.

The poor pets have become ultra sensitive, not because of what is said about them is untrue, but because it is true. Such a topsy turvy state of affairs can only happen in a banana republic, and we are fast approaching that status, where a police force assumes the role of a Gestapo, out to obey without question the diktats of a Little Hitler. 

Mahen Seeruttun has today made " une déposition au Central CID contre Roshi Bhadain parce que je pense qu’il est inacceptable que quelqu’un puisse jeter de la boue sur moi et ma famille sans aucune preuve quelconque. Je ne permets à personne d’attaquer ma réputation et mon intégrité, je ne ferai aucun compromis dessus. J’ai donné ma déposition et je laisse la police faire son travail."

I am fairly sure that Roshi Bhadain can look after himself, and will treat this latest " zet la bou" self indulgent garbage with the contempt that it deserves.

Mai ki eter sa ggtri ki apel "zet la bou"? Why has it become such an epidemic with one eyed government members who believe it is ok to zet la bou as long as they are the ones doing it on MBC, in a disgustingly inept National Assembly, or in the used toilet papers known as Insane News, WasipakiZaa, and other toilets managed by arse lickers? 

But I believe in being fair to people, so let me give Seeruttun the benefit of the doubt. I'll ignore the fact that many of his relatives that no one had previously heard of are now in chauffeur driven limousines, drawing huge salaries, all because la cuisine nominated them...

I will ignore the fact that he is related to the Jugnauths and that some cruel mouths are saying that his incompetence was overlooked because of his family links....I will pretend that he has done a quite amazing job as Minister of Agriculture and that his tenancy of the Good Governance and Finance Affairs Ministry has been so good that it has resulted in us being now on the black list of the EU....I will ignore all of that. But I cannot ignore the bit that follows and the film evidence, as it concerns his brother, part of the group he considers " inacceptable que quelqu’un puisse jeter de la boue sur moi et ma famille sans aucune preuve quelconque."

Here is his brother showing brotherly love to an opponent...Remember, a deposition was made at St Hubert police station on 11th February 2016, i.e. more than 4 years ago. Can Mahen Seeruttun tell us what has happened to this case and whether la police p enkor fer so travay lor sa depi 4 ans? 

You see, Mahen Seeruttun, when you accuse others of zet la bou, check around you and you will see your brother p zet kalottes, cou poin... But I suppose, in your weird world, zet la bou, whatever that means, is of far greater importance than behaving like a deranged, aggressive, violent bully, non?

Crédit : TéléPlus WebTV/ L’agression de Nitin Jeeha par Suren Seeruttun filmée

Samedi 25 Juillet 2020

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