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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 24 Mai 2019

" Beware of my partisanship, my mistakes of fact and the distortion inevitably caused by my having seen only one corner of events."
― George Orwell, Homage to Catalonia

An apology first to all to you sensitive souls who will view this post as a defence of someone as risibly contemptible as Anil Gayan.

And a bigger apology to the ultra sensitive ones who during the Holy month of Ramadan have found nothing better to do than to protest about a mildly funny cartoon about dates (yes, a fucking cartoon! So dangerous that one cartoon could really kill, you know...) and who now view a comment by Gayan about the high rate of the abominable, so called "Honour killings" in Pakistan to be an attack on Islam itself! Really? Kot nou p aller dan sa pays la?

How can otherwise sane, rational people jump on an undisputed fact about the substantial murder of wives, sisters, and daughters by families offensive?

In all this unseemly brouhaha, I have yet to see any of these people condemn just as forcefully the real crime against women in many parts of the world, where any action of a woman deemed by men to 'dishonour' the family deserves the most atrocious death. Which perhaps ought to tell you the true agenda of these people who love to find any cause, however trivial, to scream about in public....

The only crime that Gayan has committed is of being a quite useless politician, one who believes that tact and diplomacy serve no purpose apart from concealing his incredible arrogance.. When he made that speech, he should have explained that these horrific crimes known as 'Honour killings' happen not only in Pakistan,but also in India, Bangla Desh, African countries, etc...which would be an accurate reflection of the sad reality.

I therefore cannot understand this latest manifestation of the lynch mob mentality by some people in severe need of any attention, aided and abetted by a hugely irresponsible press with zourlanus on the look out for any protest by any new group of people offended by remote control.

The height of ridicule is reached effortlessly by a middle aged chap (and I am being generous here...) speaking on behalf of something called Muslim YOUTH Federation, and who ends his rabble rousing peroration with a loud "Pakistan Zindabad!" Haha! A Mauritian whose ancestors came from India is shouting "Long live Pakistan!", and many people who have had a sense of irony bypass operation will applaud this glaring contradiction...

What makes matters worse, much worse, is that Gayan's rather silly speech was not made during this month of Ramadan, but 3 years ago! Some individuals who never fail to remind us that we live in a 'pays multiculturel' have been disinterring the bowels of the web in order to find what is at best a silly speech, but which is now in danger of causing the religious strife that they also often talk about...

Why does everyone else greet with silence the latest destruction of a kalimaye? Why do most people prefer to keep quiet and not give way to manic hysteria when some fanatical idiot refer to them as 'infidels' or tell them loudly that there is only one God? By definition, this means that the Gods of Others do not matter, because it is only the God of nou bann that matters. Yes, pays multiculturel....

I really cannot understand Shakeel Mohamed and other opposition politicians asking for Gayan to be dismissed. Yes, he is useless and should have never been even made a minister.

But resign now? Eoula! Learn the basics of politics do!

He resigns now and he drifts into complete oblivion and disappears from the political scene. Wouldn't it be far better for Gayan to continue to rile, frustrate, annoy, irritate, provoke, exasperate, and infuriate us as minister for the next few months? If he is made to resign, this means that he is unlikely to get a ticket for the next elections. But if he continues to pretend to be a minister, there is every chance that he will get a ticket and then get the real battering he and the others in government deserve.

So, if you feel slighted, offended, angry, hysterical about a 3 year old video, rein in your bile ducts please! If you want real revenge over an arsehole and the crap government he forms part of, wait for a few months and at the general elections, give them the hefty kick they richly deserve.

And remember, God is great, sees everything, hears everything, controls the religious people keep telling us. It stands to reason therefore that such an all powerful, omnipotent entity does not require loud mouthed idiots to defend him/her. I am sure His/Her omnipotence can protect and defend divine honour without your ridiculous help. Agree?

p.s. I can guarantee that despite my restraint in this post, some arsehole will accuse me of "Islamophobia". My fingers are itching to block the first numbskull who throws this gratuitous accusation at me.

Vendredi 24 Mai 2019

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