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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 28 Mai 2020

No, I have not gone mad, and I still take the anti psychotic medication that prevents me from joining Lepep Kouyon in their lunatic world..I never thought I would ever praise Soodhun, but fair play to the man! He has behaved and performed far better than the idiots representing us in various parts of the world. 

Soodhun has not had the formal education that allows the other High Commissioners/ambassadors to flaunt their degrees as the perfect fig leaf for their incredible arrogance, stupidity, and incompetence.

Name me one High Commissioner/ambassador who has done anything of value, anything at all to help our citizens caught up in some difficulty in their personal lives.

Yes, there is that grossly obese one in Germany who found the plight of someone he graciously allowed to share the ambassadorial residence during these Covid 19 problems an excellent photo opportunity for him and his fat face. He has been our ambasador in Germany for the last 6 years and name me anything else that he prioritises above his disgustingly fat stomach...Nothing!

We have had Ivan's mistress as our High Commissioner to Australia, and I bet you no one can remember her name. I can't. Neither I suspect can Ivan himself when he wakes up with a jolt from his numerous bouts of prolonged sleep...

Gorgeous Maya has been our High Commissioner to Bharat Mata, but her gorgeousness has escaped the hungry, miserable look of the hundreds of our citizens left stranded in India. The various telephones in the embassy are now surplus to requirement, as hardly anyone ever answers them...

Fuck knows who is our ambassador to the USA, following the previous nominee now becoming our one eyed Loud Speaker in the National Assembly.

But you can bet your sorry arses that the political nominee is having a wonderful time at our expense, with free first class travels everywhere, and working only when some minister has turned up on yet another useless mission, and the hapless ambassador becomes chauffeur, landlord, cook, and day trips organiser for the buffoon.

Guess how many embassies/high commissions we have around the world?

In other words, guess how many soucerres, political rejects, mistresses, kouzin/kouzinne etc are having a luxurious lifestyle whilst doing next to fuck all? TWENTY!!! At a conservatively estimated monthly salary of Rs 200,000 each, that makes Rs 4 millions each month that we pay for those quite useless people, together with free accommodation, free everything in fact. Now, add all the other staff and how much are we spending every month? Rs 10 millions? Rs 120 millions a year just in salary for doing what exactly? Scratch, sniff, then ABCD et voyazer?

We have hundreds of thousands of Mauritians established in the UK, but the Consular hours are only from 9.30 a.m. to noon...Try calling, and you may end up stabbing yourself out of sheer frustration whilst waiting for someone to answer you. 

So, what do these people actually do all day long? They all claim to have shiny degrees as proof of their superhuman intelligence, but what exactly do they do all day? Do the bald ones ring Zouberr and ask him si li kapav transplant zot poils et met sa lor zot la tete?

Back to the purpose of this post, which is the rare thing of extolling the virtues of Showkatally Soodhun as ambassador. He is the ONLY ambassador to have obtained any money from the rich countries: a grant of Rs 1 billion rupees for building a new Eye hospital in Mauritius; he is the only proactive one trying to help our citizens stranded in foreign lands. The other ambassadors are presumably too busy counting how many poils they can spare from downstairs to implant upstairs....

So, for that reason only, well done Showkatally Soodhun. You have shown the great degree holders and the incredibly arrogant ones how to do the job properly.

I don't like you, and you know that. But should I ever be stranded in a foreign country or need any help from my embassy, you are the one I would try to contact first...and coming from someone like me who has mocked you relentlessly for ages, that is praise indeed.

Jeudi 28 Mai 2020

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