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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 30 Juin 2020

How else can one view a comment like this, apart from acknowledging it as a terrible indictment of her own ineptitude and incompetence? " « Malgré tous nos efforts, ceux des ONGs et du gouvernement, aujourd’hui il faut reconnaître que nous avons perdu le combat contre les abus sexuels sur les enfants!»

What she is saying is quite clear: " As Ombudsperson for children, I have failed in my duties and responsibilities, and worse, I cannot see how I can bring any improvement to the terrible situation that many of our children find themselves in. I am very pessimistic about my abilities to do anything in order to redress this situation. I have been Ombudsperson for Children for over 5 years, and no one else can be in a better position to know the extent of my weaknesses and failures. Consequently, I have no choice but to resign and allow someone else to do a far better job than I have been able to do."

But of course, she will not resign. Our serviteurs du pays are incredibly good at mouthing high sounding nonsense and irritating platitudes, but will never follow the logical consequence of their words when clearly they have fucked up: Resign.

To put it mildly, she has been useless as Ombudsperson for Children. We have not heard one word, not even one arising out of hypocrisy, about the concern of a real Ombudsperson for Children for the many babies and children living and sleeping in the cold winter air following their eviction by Steve Obeegadoo.

We never hear her say anything about the disgustingly lenient sentences of our magistrates and judges towards the animals who see young and under age children as ideal targets for their sexual advances and assaults. We are stunned with her silence when little children who have been abused and sexually assaulted are expected to remember in court every detail of their ordeal many years after the assault took place.

We cannot understand how an Ombudsperson for Children can stay quiet when our Courts of "law" repeatedly release those deviants and sadists on bail soon after their arrests, and then will try them many years after they have sullied the memories, bodies, and lives of young children. We remain flabbergasted at her silence when the court recently sentenced someone found guilty of sexually assaulting a four year old boy, yes FOUR YEAR OLD, to only six months imprisonment....

We have yet to hear her voice her outrage coupled with clear recommendations for how the law can be strengthened in order to give added protection to our children and to effectively punish the sadists and deviants who prey on them. Every time a terrible crime happens, all we get from her is some vague appeal for help from psychologists, as if that is the only 'remedy' that will cure this terrible affliction in our society.

Yes, you have failed, Rita Venkataswmy. You have been a terribly expensive failure for us. On your own admission, you have failed. Therefore, decency and logic demands that you submit your resignation immediately, together with an expression of contrition to the thousands of children who have suffered because of the uselessness of their parents and your incredible passivity and inaction.

If you won't do the decent thing and resign, then Pravind Jugnauth should sack you and replace you with someone with a back bone to shout at the judiciary and the police and all sorts of institutions, and with a mouth that will make the sadists, the perverts, and useless parents tremble with fear every time he/she says something about the ill treatment of our children.

I have no doubt that those teeth will get you a well paid job as Chief of Advertising for Blendax.....

Mardi 30 Juin 2020

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