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[Paul Lismore] Questions to the Prime Minister next Tuesday

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 19 Mai 2023

[Paul Lismore] Questions to the Prime Minister next Tuesday
1/ Subasatini: Mr Speaker Sir, may I ask the Prime Minister why he is so sexy, so gorgeous? Could he confirm whether the permanent smile on his beautiful wife's face is a consequence of his gorgeousness? May I reassure the House that many of us on this side of the House, in fact all of us, would happily welcome his undivided attention, perhaps in some private moments? Mr Speaker Sir, I need to go and refresh myself now, as the thought of His Sexiness in a private moment with me has made my knees go very weak,,,,

2/ Bibass Mamode: Mr Speaker, Sir, as I like swinging in many ways, yesterday in PMSD's bed, today on the floor of la kwizinne, tomorrow God knows whose bed I'll jump in, may I offer the Prime Minister my services and expertise in the matter raised by Subasatini? May I ask the Prime Minister to ignore the comments of some anti patriotes that "once tried, never again Bibass"?

3/ Gilbert Manhattan: Mr Speaker Sir, the Prime Minister knows that experts in oral sex koz koze ki bizin koze. As I am a connoisseur on oral matters, may I offer my services in case the Honourable Prime Minister needs some tuition in that delicate topic?

4/ Doreen Chicory: Mr Speaker Sir, everyone knows that nothing can be better than a hot cup of chicory coffee first thing in the morning. As a patriot, I would be delighted to share the Prime Minister's first cup of coffee as soon as he wakes up...Just to show him how much we all love and adore him.

5/ Ivan Chihuahua: Mr Speaker, Sir, I don't need to remind the PM of my ability to generate electricity on demand, as our Danish friends will confirm. Will the PM accept my patriotic offer to recharge his batteries whenever he feels flat and needs some comfort?

6/ Rajanah Delilah: Mr Speaker Sir, the PM looks like he needs some strong meat inside him. May I offer him a leg of venison that has been passed on to me by my friend Malice a Grand Bassin Gobin?

7/ Lachanya Diolle: Mr Speaker Sir, the Prime Minister can't deny that he always turns round to check my embonpoint. May I reassure him that I will always be at the disposal of the greatest patriot in the world? It won't be a sacrifice, but a real pleasure hi hi hi...

8/ Doodoolub: The Prime Minister knows that I am an expert in stimulants and sex boosters, although I pretend not to be. When you have been with Lee Ki Shim for so many years, he knows that Lee ki, in singular or in plural, does not terrify me. I would be delighted to show him the pleasures that Lee Ki can give him. Sorry, I meant Lee Ki Shim..

9/ Teeth Jutton: Mr Speaker, Sir, The PM should never be frightened of my teeth. Believe me, my mouth is big enough to take anything without it touching the teeth. I am always at his service...

10/ Sandra Kayambo: Mr Speaker, the whole world knows how our gorgeous Prime Minister p kass lerin mafia la drog, despite the island being flooded with drugs. I am sure his radar has also detected that I can kass lerin in other more delightful ways....Should he ever feel the need to deblock his lerin, I will of course do my patriotic duty and deblock li...

Time's up! Next week for the questions from backbenchers with names starting from N to Z...
p.s This of course is a parody of the abysmally low standards in that exercise known as unrestrained arse licking by the back benchers of the government, also known as Prime Minister's Question Time.

Vendredi 19 Mai 2023

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