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[Paul Lismore] Pravind Jugnauth needs to only look around his cabinet to understand why he is so unpopular..

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 31 Août 2020

If the man had any feelings, he would dread Fridays, because that is the day when he puts himself in a room full of idiots, charlatans, egomaniacs, and the odd bright spark at that thing the zourlanus love to revere as the Cabinet meeting. If he had any feelings or common sense, he would punch himself hard in his groin and ask himself: Was it really me who selected these idiots as candidates and then appointed them as Ministers?

If you think I am exaggerating, please accompany me in this cemetery of gargantuan egos and incompetent, incapable, impotent, ineffectual, floundering, useless dickheads currently sitting in that thing called the cabinet:

1/ Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, Minister of Home Affairs, defence, bla bla,bla, mari tou dimounes: Say what you want to say about SSR, SAJ, NR, or PRB, but PK remains by far our most incompetent, politically stupid Prime Minister ever. If one could design an individual who is really unfit to be PM of an island, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth is that man.

He is a PM in name only as all decisions are taken by that coven of witches known as la cuisine. No wonder he keeps yapping about the sexual peccadilloes of Navin Ramgoolam when he himself remains firmly stuck underneath the skirt of Lady Macbeth....At least no one could accuse Ramgoolam of being under the influence of any woman, unless if that woman came to his bed with a nice bunch of cotomili....In PJ's case, he does not even get to taste the Sherry which the Lady loves, apparently..

2/ Steve Obeedoobeedoo, fast making us regret the departure of the Ivan Collensipakiloo...Yes, if ever a word needed to be invented for arrogance, hypocrisy, intellectual pretence, and betrayal, Obeedoobeedoo will be that name. That arrogant idiot will be forever remembered as the monster who evicted poor people into the cold nights of winter and during the Covid-19 confinement. He is just another gouverner autrement arsehole, with the verbal dexterity to pretend that he is better than that.

3/ Leela Devi Dookun-Luchooman: Her claim to notoriety, apart from ensuring that her equally stupid husband is in charge of secondary education, is her desecration of the elegant sari with her persistence to show us a massive expanse of stomach fat under a criminally short blouse. That thing is in charge of our already crap education system? Vice Premier Ministre, siouplai! Oui, p fer vice ar nou pitaye!

4/ Dr Husnoo, a Vice Prime minister only because this crazy country has to have 'ethnic' quotas, so any idiot will do as long as he sounds as if he represents this or that community. A man who has studied in the UK and who believes that the English are terribly wrong to use "th" instead of "ze", so "Zis, zat , zoz" is what Husnoo will keep telling us...By all accounts, he is a nice man, but so is my Tonton Rajesh who knows that sewing nice shirts is his limit and not becoming Vice PM by subterfuge...

5/ Alan Ganoo: the man makes me want to vomit every time he opens his mouth. Either that or I want to squeeze that huge spot on his cheek until it splurges all that shit over his ugly face. The only bitch in existence who jumps into bed with Navin at 11 am and then kneels down in front of Pravind at 2 p.m. in an unhealthy menage a trois with Lachanya...A traitor of the worst kind who will also pretend to gouverner autrement...

6/ Renganaden Padayachy: A firm contender with Obeedoobeedoo for his name to be synonymous with arrogance, insolence, incompetence, and intellectual pretence. Like so many dark skinned Mauritians, he feels that an adequate command of the French Language makes him abnormally intelligent. He is the idiot responsible for leading this island directly into bankruptcy. Any Commission of Inquiry after the next elections will have to investigate how this man has become incredibly rich over a few short years since 2014...

7/ Nandcoomar Bodha, prefers to be known as Nando because just like the fast food place, he is eminently forgettable once you have had the misfortune of being too close to him. Years of pouring Brylcreem over that head and that unseemly kohl around his eyes have clearly affected his brain, and he now thinks, talks, and behaves like one of those zombies in a horror film.

A complete and utter disaster who is way past his sell by date. The best result by far at the last elections was to see Joanna Berenger trouncing him in his 'fortress', despite their forged electoral lists, computers, T Squares, etc....

8/ Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo, GCSK siouplai, same as many of these degenerate politicians who keep masturbating each other with these quite meaningless tin medals.. Is there anyone more stupid, more useless, more incredibly disjointed than her? Even a cynic like me often feels nothing but pity for her when she speaks in the National Assembly...Used to be VPM in the last government, again purely on the ethnic quota basis and nothing else..The NSPCC should sponsor her as a victim, because she really is an underdeveloped child in a woman's body, with the intellect of a nine year old..

9/ Mahen Kumar Seeruttun, another Jugnauth relative who has steered us into the black books of the EU and who is so stupid that he probably thinks "Black Book" is an award for integrity and proficiency. His brother was caught on camera pretending to be a boxer, et la police en fesse p enkor etidier dossier la depi 2014...Showed his incredible stupidity recently by getting sa ban zom pitins of the MBC to film him marching out of Casernes after lobbing a boomerang against Roshi Badhain. The boomerang has obviously hit him in the goolies when Roshi Bhadain rightly accused him in turn of criminal defamation...

10/ Maneesh Gobin, the chap with a mouth like a vier sousoute. Possibly the most disgusting man in that cabinet. So arrogant, so incredibly ignorant of the laws, so full of himself, really believes every woman on earth cannot wait to drop her knickers for that shit face. He has led Pravind Jugnauth down many liberticide blind alleyways, with laws and amendments that butcher our fundamental freedoms. Watch his speeches up until 2014 and you will see how the hypocrite has changed completely now. He used to love Dawood Rawat's shekels at Bramer until, like a true nimak haram, he too turned against him. A really disgusting character.

11/ Bobok Hureeram: I don't wish to mock the afflicted, but be honest with yourselves and ask this question: Is there any politician who makes your blood boil more every time he opens his mouth? Or when you buy your dipin frire, his face is on the newspaper used by the marsan gato to wrap your food for you? The only question left for me to ask him is this: Toilettes souvan renpli, drains souvan deborder, mai toi, kan to la guele pou arete koz kk?

12/ Kalpana Koonjoo Shah: You may be surprised to know, but I do feel sorry for this woman. She is a clear example of a capable woman whose potential has been stifled by the idiots in her own party, and who therefore has a public perception of "li parey kouma lezot". A bit like Nita Deerpalsing used to be in the PTr....

She is far more intelligent than the zimaz in the cabinet or in her party. But you don't need me to tell you that intelligence and competence are two qualities that are frowned upon by our political leaders. I will let you into a little secret: She wanted to go and visit the so-called squatters who Obeedoobeedoo had evicted. The idiots in government refused her the permission that she needed as minister.

She wanted to make a ministerial statement in the National Assembly over the tragedy of Baby Mateo. The idiots again refused her permission, thus giving the impression to the public that she does not care.
How do I know? Because people in the National Assembly and in the Sun Trust also write to me, silly!

13/ Jagutpal, psychiatre: Dear God, please make him understand this : "Physician, heal thyself!" Parski li demerde li koumna ene vre fouka, avek so la voi kouma dire li in fek met ene brinzel carri dan so trou fesse! A disgrace to the medical profession, to politics, to the human race! Completely useless.

14/ Hurdoyal, Teeluck, Balgobin, Toussaint, Lesjongard, Sawmynaden, Bholah, Ramano, Callichurn, and any that I may have missed: All completely useless, full of arrogance, incompetent to the tip of their miserable claws, and who know only one thing: compete with each other to show Pravind Kumar Jugnauth who loves him the best, who will wear the same lamoresse zoranz for years as a mark of loyalty and souceeredom, who can tap la tab pli for dan lassenblee national, because after the next elections, sa ban zoaves la pou ena ene sel job:  al tap tabla dan gamat.

Now, if you are Pravind Jugnauth and you know all those arseholes will be in your company for at least 2-3 hours every Friday, wouldn't you also look as stupid as him? His problem is: Who does he replace them with? All the new entrants on the back benches are worse than useless, including a Chief Whip who needs a few lashes herself to whip her into shape....

To put it mildly, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth is fucked...And the tragedy is that he provided the vaseline himself...

Lundi 31 Août 2020

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