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[Paul Lismore] Pravind Jugnauth demonstrates once again why he has been by far the worst Prime Minister ever

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 13 Juin 2023

[Paul Lismore] Pravind Jugnauth demonstrates once again why he has been by far the worst Prime Minister ever
Yesterday was his golden opportunity to show that he is the Prime Minister of all Mauritians and that he is not  the Prime Minister of only chatwas, soucerres, fanatical bastards, and assorted thieves from ALL communities. He failed miserably. He is so inept, so useless, so lacking in understanding the basic things in life that he probably thinks that "statesmanship" is what someone writes in a statement when committing a crime as a ship passenger...

I won't mention the numerous cases of corruption during his tenure as PM,, how the only people who enjoyed Covid were the thieves who stole billions of rupees as a result of decisions made by a "High level" committee chaired by him and with Ventilator man Zouberr by his side...I won't mention his numerous gaffes about " Mo in fer mo lenket" or "li lor mo radar" when behaving idiotically like the Mauritian Inspector Clouseau in front of a mob of fanatics. I won't even refer to the numerous lies of le roi menteur when he often annoys us with enormous whoppers like "nou bizin respect nou institutions, mo p kass lerin mafia la drog, nou ban patriotes, nou!". Instead, I will attempt to show you what a real Prime Minister should have said yesterday regarding the Vimen Tapes and the Planting scandal...
What a real PM would have replied yesterday:

" Mr Speaker, Sir, I too was shocked when I listened to those tape recordings. The House knows my feeling about allegations made in a gratuitous manner, but these allegations are supported by tape recordings of police officers apparently making some very serious affirmations of police misconduct which has led to the arrest and remand in custody of several citizens.  The House knows my support and appreciation for the role played by our police force.  But as a responsible Prime Minister, I cannot turn a blind eye to this, and pretend that everything is fine.

Mr Speaker, Sir, I am painfully aware that many people no longer have faith in our police service. I cannot therefore ask the police to investigate themselves. I will institute a Commission of Inquiry to be chaired by a credible ex Chief Judge. The Commission will have increased powers to compel witnesses to give evidence and to punish those who choose to lie or who try to conceal any evidence. It will have a clear remit to report back within a maximum of six months. I will of course consult with the Leader of the Opposition and with the leaders of the opposition parties so that we can all move forward and try to remove the scourge of corruption and criminal behaviour by some members of the police force. In the meantime, I am asking the police commissioner to suspend all the officers whose names have been mentioned in those recordings."

That is all he had to say and his answer would have lasted at most 2-3 minutes. Instead, we had the usual tripe and verbiage of over 20 minutes which simply underplayed the seriousness of the problem. "La France, Angleterre, Lamerik oussi ena ban gablous en fesse! Partou li kumsa!", was his childlike answer to a very serious problem.....What he did not say, and which Zaza unforgiveably failed to remind him, was that corrupt/criminal police officers are often imprisoned in those countries....Whereas in Mauritius, they tend to get promoted.

Once again, he showed us that he is no statesman, and that he is by far the worst Prime Minister that this island has had the misfortune to be lumbered with. He is certainly no statesman, as he often makes some wild and very undiplomatic comments about friendly countries. He is a spoilt brat, a child who views every criticism, however valid it may be, as an attack on his bann...

Unfortunately, it is a bann made up of a lot of thieves and corrupt bastards whose only role in life is to bleed the country dry, whilst at the same behaving as if the Gods in every religion are looking beatifically on their dirty faces and even dirtier hands..

Yes, I am afraid he hit the ball towards the corner flag yesterday despite being in front of an open goal..

Mardi 13 Juin 2023

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