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[Paul Lismore] Populism is a dangerous thing...and Roshi Bhadain ought to know better

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 3 Octobre 2020

But then he has form for this sort of thing. Remember 2015, when a nasty, virulent campaign based on lies was embarked upon by MBC and our so called free and independent press to paint Dawood Rawat as a demon and his BAI/Bramer empire as the Ponzi that it never was?

The vast majority of Lepep Kouyon swallowed all the lies and accepted as truth what the thieves in power and the worst zourlanus on earth were saying: that Dawood Rawat had stolen their money, and that the guardian angels in government had come to save them...

Roshi Bhadain commandeered the MBC and with a huge TV screen hired at great cost to the taxpayer, and proceeded to show us his 'forensic accountancy' expertise by bamboozling many people with the type of bullshit that only an ambitious accuntant/politician could. Ask the majority of people now, and they will tell you that the real thieves were the people in government who stole Dawood Rawat's assets and acquired them at an incredibly cheap price....whilst leaving many investors to fend for themselves. 

Well, Roshi Bhadain is at it again, plumbing the depths of populism and scavenging as much as he can the detritus of a Lepep vomiting its nonsense online: " Lopposition bizin demissioner! Pravind Jugnauth pou oblizer fer elections zeneral lerla!" Really? Don't you think it is time to leave the planet of dunces you currently inhabit and come back to earth?

I just do not understand this at all. We all know the type of individual that Pravind Jugnauth is. He is the proverbial spoilt brat in a sweet shop who wants all the sweets for himself. Do you really think that he will resign as PM, call general elections, simply because he no longer has an opposition in the National Assembly? Eoula! La tete bon?

He will see empty opposition benches as the ideal opportunity for the dirty work started in 2014 to increase in intensity and volume, and to give himself stronger cards to play with when he eventually dissolves parliament in 2024. In the meantime, he will have carte blanche to do as he wishes, with no opposition to analyse and dissect any new repressive laws he wishes to enact. Granted, he does that already, but at least the opposition currently has a voice in parliament, despite the strenuous efforts of a terrible Speaker to silence them.

But let us take at face value what Roshi Bhadain is proposing: 

1/ All the opposition MLAs to resign. What does he think will happen then? Pravind Jugnauth will say, " Bez sa! Ban la in demissioner. Mo pou bizin fer elections zeneral!" Eoula! The day the opposition resigns, the noise of the celebratory fireworks from Angus Road will reverberate throughout the island with cries from his zombies, "Aster nou plis kapav fer seki nou envi!", followed by " Zis Pravind ki mari dan Parlman" and the mandatory tap latab....

2/ All 26 members of the opposition to resign and Pravind Jugnauth says, "Zot in demissioner! Zot ban anti patriotes! Moi, kom ene vrai patriote, mo pou fer by election dan tou les 26 sieges! Sa pou coute pays boukou millions roupies, mai mo ene democrate, moi! Mo pa ena letan pou met candidats!" In other words, " Mo deza ena 42 sieges, et oken mo ban zombies pa pou demissioner. Al laguerre zot by elections, zot!".

In the meantime, during the 9 months it will take to hold those by elections, he has the 3/4 majority required to enact the changes in the Constitution that the spoilt brat has always wanted...

3/ Only half the opposition resigns. I am afraid the same scenario will follow: No MSM candidates for the by elections, but an open net for him to score at will for 9 months in the National Assembly as he now has a 3/4 majority, to change our Constitution and to bring in even more repressive laws than he has already. Is this what Roshi Bhadain really wants?

Instead of fighting the government, and I have to admit that he has done a better job than the opposition in doing this with his videos, meetings, etc, why is he trying to paint the opposition as a "Zot tou parey"? Is the subliminal message being " Si zot tou parey, b plito res ar Pravind Jugnauth meme si pays in bankroute..."

That incidentally is the message being propagated by the Sun Trust trolls online, where they have invaded the comments section of newspapers and bombard us every day with comments that not even a sixieme fail could decipher or understand due to their illegibility and stupidity. They now do it in groups where one troll's idiocy is supported by other trolls, to give the impression that their moronic opinion is a popular one....

I have written before that despite my dislike of Roshi Bhadain, primarily because of his grotesque delusions of grandeur as minister and his primary role in the destruction of BAI/Bramer, the opposition should have co-opted him as their fourth member.

He has brought campaigning to a more modern level, and where the others seem scared of IT and online activities, he relishes all the new gadgets and methods to augment his reach to the population. I believe he will be an asset to the opposition group, even if it is purely in electoral terms. He is the cinq sous that will make their rupee whole...Ignoring his obvious potential to attract new voters to the opposition  is stupid on the part of Ramgoolam, Berenger, Duval, and Boolell. They really ought to reconsider their rather foolhardy decision to treat him with contempt.

Maybe that is why Roshi Bhadain has come up with his crazy proposal for the opposition to resign. It is a proposal born out of petulance and of hurt feelings that they are ignoring him. Instead of turning the spotlight on the opposition in such a crazy manner which benefits only the government, Roshi Bhadain ought to perhaps at last explore the cloud he talked so much about when resigning and give us a few nuggets of the misgovernance he claims he witnessed and which he apparently condemns....

I am afraid so far, his cloud has not given us even a drop or a hint of any scandal. The Angus Road scandal is something that ICAC has been " investigating" since 2011, and credit must go to the original complainants. Lest we forget, Roshi Bhadain knew about the Angus Road scandal and still chose to join the MSM led by Pravind Jugnauth in 2014...

So, get off that cloud, and instead of making simplistic and quite stupid proposals about what the opposition should do, tell us what the government you were part of was really up to. Otherwise people will say that your cloud is seedless...

And whilst you are at it, when will you tell us the truth about BAI/Bramer, and why you and your then mob decided that that was an absolute priority soon after you took power in 2014...You are in the habit lately of mentioning your name Sudarshan as someone " beyond reproach, beautiful, good looking, seeing, and observing", to give it its proper Sanskrit meaning.

Perhaps you could now tell us whether Sudarshan approved the theft of someone's assets, abusing your powers, and then maligning him with terrible lies...

Samedi 3 Octobre 2020

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