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[Paul Lismore] Padaleksi: Nou travayer social ki kontan 'positionne' ban zoli fam dan so orgasm, sorry organisme...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 28 Juillet 2021

Ever heard of a Miss Meteo called Shalini Runnoo? No? Neither had I...But Padaleksi is a known expert in "probing" hidden talents, and he apparently can detect skills and proficiency from any position he finds himself in: Bending over, horizontal, vertical (which some dirty minds call a "knee trembler", because your knees do shake when you finish..), on top of the job, clearing the desk, on all fours, going like the clappers when you are 'behind' with the job, finding 69 to be an irresistible number for someone whose record in finance shows he might not be able to count to it, and, if all else fails, always keeping a job 'in hand'...

Anyway, Miss Meteo, is now apparently a "consultante" for the EDB, which of course, (as do other people), "come" under Padaleksi. What are her qualifications? Well, she describes herself as " Experienced Television host (dimin pou ena la pli, hier ti ena soley, parti soley all ze way!), with a demonstrated (Surely, 'demonstrable' would be the right word, but eh, I am not a cuntsultant, ok?) history of working in the entertainment industry", bla bla bla! So, there you have it! Instead of wasting money on cinema tickets/night clubs, etc, watch the meteo every day! You won't get better entertainment than that!

She also tells us she is skilled in journalism, but then so do at least a hundred fatras zourlanus feeding us with crap "news" every day....

So, there you have it! You too can bag an excellent job if you let Social Worker Padaleksi take you under his wings and put you in one of his orgasms, sorry organs, sorry organisms under his control. The man really is a saint. He has saved so many pretty women from an ordinary, boring life.

If you are pretty, let Padaleksi take control of your life. He will be ever so gentle with you, will stroke your 'ego' whenever you want it to be stroked, will finger, sorry figure out your day for you, will make sure you get into the right position, will 'moisten' your appetite for bigger and better things, will make sure that your talents will really make you go all the way, and I promise you: You will bend over backwards for him! You will want to spend your time bending over the desk and poring over all the finer bits of life with Padaleksi.

Padaleksi: What a man! What a star! What a discoverer of hidden talents, even if those talents adamantly remain hidden to the rest of us....

Mercredi 28 Juillet 2021

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