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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 9 Juillet 2019

Think about it : you have been in power for 5 years and the goodwill engendered by your victory in 2014 has been largely dissipated due to a degree of incompetence never plumbed before, and a mandate characterised by corruption and nepotism on a hitherto unseen scale, and all overshadowed with a national debt of around Rs 325 billions hung around the necks of our children and grandchildren. 

Your mandate is coming to an end and the battle for power has started, with your mortal enemy gaining in popularity, which means that if he is elected, many will suffer the consequences of uncontrolled pilfering of our national Treasury to the detriment of the population. 

How do you try to foul your opponent even before the game has started? Easy! You emasculate the enemy by not only confiscating his financial assets, but also by pretending to bring some accountability to the thorny and rather corrupt issue of 'donations politiques', when really all that you are doing is to ensure that private companies which always hedge their bets by 'donating' to all the major parties will now feel reticent to donate to the opposition, because that will be made public. 

And nothing annoys our pygmies in power more than visible proof that your company is either not 'nou bann' or not behaving enough to be'nou bann'. Esp as you have already put one of your la cuisine zombies on the board of the Electoral Services Commission. 

So, having already stuffed your war chest with loads of money amassed from commissions, bribery, corruption, nepotism, and benefiting from the gratitude of the handful of people who control everything on the island and who managed to put their filthy paws on the assets of Dawood Rawat stolen to order by a government of mercenaries and nincompoops, you now want the game to start with as many things in your favour and as little as possible in the hands of the opposition. 

People with a bit more intelligence than the zoaves who think that saying "Vive Pravin Jugnauth!" is the summum of intellectual repartee and the apogee of political nous and intelligence will recognise that simply behaving like a demented Santa Claus, who says yes to every outlandish request by a Lepep Kouyon with its favourite mantra of "Gouvernman bizin donner," is taking the island on a a one way street to national bankruptcy. 

But the future of the country is of no major importance to these people. The only thing that matters to them is to win the next elections, and therefore power, by any means possible so that a/ the orgy of reckless spending and commensurate looting can continue for another 5 years and b/ the nightmarish vision for them of seeing Navin Ramgoolam back in the PMO and their fears that he will do to them what they failed to do to him: finish them off. 

This Political Financing Bill has nothing to do with democracy or making electoral campaigns more accountable and transparent. It is entirely to do with a disgraceful attempt by the Jugs to starve its opponents of the funds that are unfortunately needed for any electoral campaign in Mauritius. This bill favours only one party: the one currently in government and whose war chest is already overflowing with money from all sorts of dubious sources, whilst the cupboards of the opposition parties are all bare. 

There is no reason for any opposition member to vote in favour of this nonsense. If any of them does, one can assume one of two things: 

1/ they have either already done a deal with the government or are in the process of doing so for the next elections 

2/ They are too stupid to realise that when a noose is left dangling in front of you, you don't put it around your fucking neck yourself! 

So, I hope that they vote this corrupt bill down...If only to allow me to watch Bobok Hureeram making more of a prick of himself than he already is and shouting his favourite word, 'demagozi!" on Saturday, flanked by some transfuz and Eddy Seasonal Wood, who is so inept that even his dentures seem to have abandoned him... 

Please members of the opposition! Do not deprive us of the pleasure of seeing the Bobok on Saturday! It will be pure demagozi if you vote for this nonsense and prevent Bobok his half hour comedy show on Saturday.

Mardi 9 Juillet 2019

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