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[Paul Lismore] PNQ ki Xvier Duval bizin poze dan prochian session lassenblee national

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 17 Juillet 2023

[Paul Lismore] PNQ ki Xvier Duval bizin poze dan prochian session lassenblee national
" Is the Prime Minister aware that Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin of the Singaporean parliament has resigned because, in his own words, " there was much disquiet over my remarks, many felt that I was not impartial and felt that it was conduct unbecoming of a Speaker of Parliament....As Speaker, I should have known mistake raised broader questions over my neutrality and impartiality as Speaker. The credibility of Parliament and the Chair is critical and cannot be compromised."

As the Standard of our own Speaker is much much worse, will the Prime Minister, as the true democrat he tells us he is, ask for the resignation of Speaker Phokeer, as there is no doubt whatsoever that he is neither neutral, nor impartial, nor credible, and has single handedly brought our National Assembly into disrepute?"

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin resigned as Speaker of the parliament of Singapore because "I uttered words which were rude and unparliamentary"....Something which Phokeer has been doing every time he has opened his big mouth since 2019...

There is also the matter of Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin having numerous jig jig with a female MP...But I would hate to compare that particular incident with Phokeer, as the thought of that fat lump having jig jig with anyone is bound to traumatise you forever...

Xavier should ask that PNQ, if only for the chatwa clerk to make a fool of herself again by refusing it on quite spurious grounds...and for Phokeer to bore us to death again with his stupid Standing Orders...

Watch the video in this article, where PM Lee behaves as a true statesman...Can you imagine Pravind Jugnauth behaving like this? Li ti pou dire, "ein! Mo pa ti kone sa, moi! Laisse mo fer mo lenket ki zamai pou fini..."

Lundi 17 Juillet 2023

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