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[Paul Lismore] Only the deranged mind of a spoilt brat could possibly see any merit in this nasty immigration bill

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 20 Juillet 2022

When will the gruesomely childish behaviour of this spoilt brat end? After trying hard and failing to convince Hindus that a buffoon like him is their leader, he now has no shame whatsoever to describe every criticism of his mediocrity as "Hindu bashing/ India bashing". Really makes you wonder whether in his adolescent years, he bashed his own dick too often, for him to now use "bashing" in such an obsessive compulsive manner....

He simply does not realise a plain electoral factor: that there are many more Hindus who feel absolute disgust with his pretend ethno centric politics than the idiots who also like shouting "Hindu bashing" when they too are not dick bashing...

And now that the farcical " Hindu bashing" does not seem to be working, he has decided to have a go at "Stranger/Foreigner" bashing through a piece of legislation that confirms his status as a Little Hitler: the new immigration bill. I won't bore you with the details of that obnoxious piece of immoral legislation that only a useless Attorney General with ene la guele vier sousoute could have possibly drafted. But let me quote an extract which the Little Hitler himself, our national Bhai Lookhe, Pi Ke Jugnauth, said in the National Assembly yesterday: "The bill will allow the minister (i.e. Pi Ke himself) IN HIS ABSOLUTE DISCRETION AND WITHOUT GIVING ANY REASONS, to deprive anyone who has obtained citizenship under the old act of his citizenship of Mauritius, if he has reliable information ( via Jangi or Dipshit, of course...), and is satisfied that it is in the interests of defence, public safety, or public order". i.e if Pi Ke himself is satisfied as he is the minister in charge, at least nominally, of those departments.

Have you ever seen anything so despicable in any so-called democracy? In one fell swoop, Pi Ke gets rid of the Rule of Law, of the need for any judiciary (even if we do have a largely useless one...). Justice will be, if this monstrosity is allowed through by the taper tabla zombies in parliament, simply this: Daprer moi, mo pa siporte to la guele, b mo dessire to passport Morisien et al Plaisance! Moi ki mari!"

Doesn't he remind you of the spoilt brat at college that I used to love slapping, and who feels and acts big only because his friends had been told by their parents to get close to him parski sorpa ene gran dimoune sa? And doesn't his behaviour in parliament remind you of the same annoying little bastard in the school grounds, surrounded by his friends, and who would let out in a squeaky little voice " Si to ene zom, vini! Mo montrer toi kisan la moi"...and then he hides deeper within his circle of "friends"...

Think about this: Why is there a need for such a devilish piece of legislation? Who is Pi Ke targeting? As soon as I read that nasty bill, one name immediately cropped up in my mind: Touria Prayag. What is her crime? Only this: she is one of the very, very few journalists who tell it as it is and who writes in an English language that the sixieme fail speechwriters of Pi Ke can only fantasise about...As Pi Ke can't do anything about her articles in L'Express, he retreats to his adolescent days (not dick bashing, you perverts!) of the spoilt brat hiding behind his privileges in order to exact revenge..He remains the coward that he has always been, even though he is now 60 years old...

I have a message for you, Pi Ke, which I am sure decent Mauritians will support: PA TOUSSE NOU TOURIA! She has been a Mauritian citizen for far longer than your own children, so, be a man for once, if you can. If her articles cause you so much "distress and annoyance", either get Jangi or Dipshit to use your renegade ICTA obscenity against her...or, fight her on equal terms, and write articles in the rags that support you to argue against her opinions. That is what a real man would do, by the way....

So, Pi Ke, don't be a coward by bringing new legislation to exact revenge on someone who is merely doing her job as a journalist. You don't like her? Do what most decent, intelligent people would do, and stop reading her fucking articles! But you are too much of a bhai lookhe, and you can't stop peeping from behind the curtains, can you?


Mercredi 20 Juillet 2022

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