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[Paul Lismore] Once again, useless zourlanus trying to rescue the corrupt...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 9 Mai 2021

It never seems to end, does it? This relentless search for the only thing that seems to bother them, WHO IS PAUL LISMORE? by the thieves, the corrupt, those who have been 'sanctified' by arse licking zourlanus, the vile individuals who give hypocrisy a bad name. It is a real tragedy that in a country beset over many decades by governments comprising of mostly dullards, turgid nonentities who magically become multimillionaires five years after being called " Honourable" (the misnomer of all, surely...) and thieves, we have a press that continually pours out piffling claptrap and sanctimonious and sensationalist nonsense. 

These things seem to go in cycles. Some years ago, it was the zourlanus at le defi who were at the forefront of this quite crazy search for the real identity of Paul Lismore. One of them always welcomes his new colleagues at every salle de redaction that he joins with " Mo koner kisan la Paul Lismore. Mai mo code detik enpesse moi dire zot!"

What? That in itself tells you the type of noxious personality shrouding a body and little mind that had become a corpse well before its sell by date....There were also some credible rumours that some zourlanus at L'Express were at it too, and one can imagine the late Phillipe Forget screaming his disapproval at the way his beloved paper had been turned into a sensationalist rag by some of the people it now employs.... 

Over the last week, several amongst you have sent us messages telling us that the chap primarily responsible for the way the last general elections were stolen, the Electoral Commissioner, has been asking several people about the identity of Paul Lismore. Predictably, they include the Bajaman, perhaps the biggest affront and insult to the noble profession of journalism.. And some other zourlanus too, esp those of the "Je suis" variety who believe that an adequate command of the French language makes them superb intellectuals...

Now, Irfan Rahman has always given us a public persona of honesty and piety. So, why would a Mehmon Muslim living in a gated community in Gentilly, Moka, choose the Holy month of Ramadan to indulge in the Dark Arts?

If he really wants to do good, shouldn't he be asking the police commissioner to examine the computers illegally used during the last elections? Or even badger the police commissioner and ask him what has happened to the case on expenses in Constituency 8 which dear Irfan himself sent to him?

Some seven years ago, we wrote this: "Finally, who is Paul Lismore? Let us give a little clue so that the efforts of the wankers pretending to be journalists can 'come' to some conclusion: despite what some craven individuals might tell you (and we really hope that people have far more principles than the zourlanus embarking on this opprobrious and repugnant intrusion in the personal and private domains of ordinary citizens), Paul Lismore is a group of 5 concerned individuals in constant touch with one another, and who decided to use that pseudonym in order to put into writing what people tell us, and what we know to be the truth, but which our "free and independent press" refuse to publish.

Yes, zourlanus, this includes real journalists working by your side; yes, police commissioner, these include real police officers, not the cardboard cutouts often parading their ignorance on videos; yes zavokas, this includes real lawyers; yes politicians, this includes real ones too; yes, judges, we have our sources in the hallowed chambers of your brand new Supreme Court too. Our informers come from every walk of life.

So, an advance warning to all those who might have the distasteful opportunity to witness the end result of the wank of these zourlanus re Paul Lismore: Do not believe a word of it! Why? Because we are very good at leaving red herrings everywhere, and with as many people as possible re the identity of Paul Lismore. (Cue for the gablous and these zourlanus to now jump into the ocean in order to find those 'red herrings'...). We have each individually met some people and told them we are Paul Lismore...or sent stooges to pretend to be PL. We even got some of them to meet with "PL's families", knowing very well that these are the types who can't help blabbing about how wonderful they are... 

As for the jasoos and the mercenary bhai lookes behaving like the slaves of politicians, here is our message to you and to your masters: You will NEVER find us, because Paul Lismore is not just one individual, as we told you a few years ago when some mercenary zourlanus and corrupt lawyers and politicians tried that little threat with us.

In the highly unlikely event that you find one of us, the rest of us will continue to show you up for the vile bunch of nasty thieves and cunts that you really are. Many soucerres, esp those who love to pontificate about journalistic 'ethics' might give you one name, and again you will be utterly wrong. Why? Because that one person was well trained to meet a few people and to talk, react, and swear like PL, same as he did for another pseudonym. So, even if you get him, you would have got fuck all because the other individuals who collectively are Paul Lismore will get even madder then and reveal secrets hitherto kept well hidden.

You see, anyone can mention any name as the real Paul Lismore, but until you get your hands on the laptop and other I.T. equipment that we use, you would have got fuck all as proof.  

So far, these Clouseaus have identified Paul Lismore as Antoine Domaingue, Shakeel Mohamed, Judge Rita Teeluck, Sonah Ruchpaul (John Doe of le defi), Isaac Rawat, Dev Hurnam, Vinod Boolell, Rashid Dawreeawoo , Desire Basset, Ravin Chetty, Sanjay Buckory, that chap with the face of a Kato and who is the RSS chief jockstrap in Mauritius, Arun Kutwaroo, and many other names...One of them swears that PL is Raouf Gulbul, despite us never carrying Rs 9 millions in the boot of our car...As long as they don't swear on the Bible that PL is Bobok Hureeram or Nuckcheddy, or that dentist with the crooked smile, Ismael Rawoo, we are fine...

So, instead of trying to find out who PL is, do your job properly. Stop being a corrupt, incompetent bastard, and we promise we will leave you alone.

Dimanche 9 Mai 2021

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