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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 14 Mai 2020

"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right"----Victor Hugo.

Yes, there have been some wonderful speeches by the opposition, highlighting the evil nature of the amendments which a government dictated by the Super Rich wants to impose on us.

Shakeel Mohamed, Arvin Boolell, Xavier Duval and others have made speeches whose eloquence contrasts sharply with the zombified nature of the speeches from the government side which all had one main thread running through the verbose and quite undignified displays of servility and fealty to the one who must be obeyed: how le jeune et dynamique 58 year old Pravind Jugnauth has led the world in the successful fight against Coronavirus.

 Listening to the zombies gives one the impression that he is now our Winston Churchill overcoming the evils of Nazism through superb leadership, not by leading the fight but by hiding away and condescending to now and then tell us via the pre recorded video snippets on the Gestapo's instrument of propaganda, the MBC.

Where Churchill inspired the whole world with " We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender!", our jeune et dynamique PM has fought what he calls a battle against a virus in the studios of the MBC, reading from a teleprompter and telling us that " Evidaman, nou p fer tou zefor; Bien Sure nou pou gagne sa la guerre la".

You have to admit that this is highly inspirational, and we were all waiting for the call to arms signal from la Caverne, so that armed with our ill fitting masks and a few stolen brinzel, we were going to teach that virus, " Ar nou non!".

Let us forget how our Commander in chief went into battle with no masks and no gloves and decided to close our frontiers only after his nearest and dearest had landed.

Let us ignore the fact that his main general is a psychiatrist who would drive you to madness if you listen to him too often; or that his Deputy, a midget who compensates for his lack of stature by arming himself with the stuff from Place D'Armes; or a finance minister whose ugly features ooze an incredible arrogance from every pore of his pitiful features; or a Minister for Good Governance and Financial services who has already achieved the abysmally low standards of his 5 year tenure as Minister for Agriculture.

Yes, the army of our jeune and dynamique PM is made even more frightening with foot soldiers like Rawoo, Itoo and others repeatedly plumbing the depths of intellectual insouciance and selfishness, ably supported by the MMM transfuges who, to quote Roshi Badhain, no longer sing " Soldat Lalit Militant" and have instead choreographed a new song and dance routine called " Mo kontan Pravind plis ki toi!"....

And the insults to womanhood who paint their lipstick bright red on their ludicrously made up faces, presumably to give a hint to their idol that they are excellent at oral sex and nothing else.

This army is interested in only one thing, and despite the billions of our rupees that have vanished since 2014, they now want to get their hands on the keys to our Fort Knox, the Bank of Mauritius, where many more billions of our rupees are stored.

Of course, it will all be done dans l'interet superieur du pays, but foreign bankers are already rubbing their hands with glee and eager anticipation at the loot that will land in their secretive organisations soon.

Today, you heard Padaleksi again displaying the incredible arrogance that is second nature to him, presumably in the belief that a half decent command of the French language brings him closer to the Super Rich who he deifies and who he hopes to join their ranks soon.

Remember, Padaleksi came out of nowhere to be nominated as Deputy Governor of the Bank of Mauritius, a status that landed him the cool sum of something like Rs 13 million rupees just before he resigned and stood as candidate. Not bad for a year's 'work', esp as his colleague, old Pussy Face the AG is exhorting us " Nou tou bizin fer sacrifice!"

We now have in power a government that is interested only in how many of its members and friends can become multimillionaires in as short a time as possible. Nothing else matters to them. Remember how the arseholes on radio used to show us how 'caring' they were in handpicking cases that they know Lepep Kouyon will love when they use their special vocabulary of sugary but empty words? They are all MLAs, now, some even PPS, despite a few of them coming in as best losers via la porte latrine...They will all vote for those amendments.

Who is stupid enough to take a bet with me? That every single pathetic member of this government of goondas will vote for those nasty amendments, despite apparently telling some people that they don't like the amendments, mai ki pou fer? Oui, ki pou fer, sinon ene sel kou, le jeune et dynamique PM pou met nou touni...

So, the opposition can make wonderful speeches, and some of them have indeed been a masterclass in eloquence.

La Commission Diocesaine Justice et Paix can warn us that these amendments "génèrent dans la population une inquiétude qui pourrait déboucher sur une crise sociale de plus grande ampleur". It does not matter. The parasites running Hindu, Tamil, Chinese, Muslim etc socio cultural orgs will say nothing, as they are still counting the Rs 100+ millions taken from us every year, and are instead planning more religious festivals for the bastards to attend.

The die has been cast, and has been so ever since 2014. Anil Gayan is an idiot but he was right when he said that "Government is government, and government decides". In our so called democracy, your opinions only matter on the day you cast your votes, and as soon as you have folded your ballot paper, the bastards will ignore you for the next five years.

What can be done then, apart from making wonderful speeches? How about the opposition forces joining hands and holding regular public meetings asap? It really should not cost a fortune to hold these public meetings, unless if your egos demand large pancartes with your names on them, a sound and light system that would be the envy of night clubs, and treating Lepep Kouyon as children who need to be provided with transport and given food.

Ask Berenger how he used to organise meetings in the Seventies which were attended by tens of thousands of people, with only a lorry, an old record player, a functional loudspeaker (unlike the fat one in the National Assembly who remains as dysfunctional as ever...). Organise as many meetings as possible, galvanise this dormant population by explaining to them exactly what is happening: how a bunch of goondas have taken over the island and ran it into the ground. 

Get them to rise up, and if that leads to a revolution, all well and good. Because when your sewer is clogged up with shit, you really need  a good pressure jet to clean it up and to get rid of the shit. 

The goondas will get their way yet again because our democracy has been turned into a dictatorship by numbers. They know that 35+1 members in the National Assembly is more enough to make legal what is patently illegal, esp when you have a Marionette as police Commissioner and Fu Manchu playing the role of Bhai Lookhe with enormous zeal at ICTA, to lock people up for quite trivial 'offences'.

The goondas have more than the 36 required to fuck us up. And they are doing precisely this. Only a mass revolt has any chance of stopping them.

Jeudi 14 Mai 2020

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