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[Paul Lismore] Mr Bean is now working at MorpIon News...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 19 Novembre 2021

That is all that we needed: someone who looks like Mr Bean pontificating on how wonderful the nasty Cybercrime Bill is, and all from the latest pik latrine known as MorpIoN News... Come back, Rabin Bhujun! All is forgiven! 

The old MorpIoN News used to get on my nerves at times, but the new, la cuisine sponsored MorpIoN News is an absolutely disgraceful pretence at journalism. Calling the idiots who work there as "zourlanus" would be an insult to the marginally better "zourlanus" working in our "free and independent " press...

Have you noticed one thing that is quite weird? One aspect of the toxic, savage Cybercrime Bill directly affects newspapers, especially those which attract a large number of comments from moronic savages keen to show us how to even misspell swear words. That bill will make the owners and editors responsible for the very many nasty, often racist comments of their 'readers'. And yet we do not see any campaign by the press against this liberticide bill. Why? Where are the great articles to analyse that poisonous bill, to dissect it, to condemn it, and to urge people to protest against it?

I get the impression that newspapers and our government have one thing in common: they both see the internet, esp Facebook, as a threat to the comfortable lives they had both been living, peddling lies and half truths and hardly ever exposing the whole truth. They are scared that the more Facebookers expose their lies, the little credibility that they currently have will soon dissipate.

Therefore the impression that I get is that both will be happy and relieved if Facebook in particular is controlled to such an extent that hardly anyone would want to put forward a risque opinion, never mind a fact to counter the lies being peddled by zourlanus and politicians. I would love to hear your opinions about the weird silence of the press in general towards the Devil's spawn known as the Cybercrime Bill.

But back to Mr Bean and his unfunny, quite stupid, and rather dangerous and uneducated opinion. He supports the Cybercrime bill and uses exactly the same weird arguments as the Mongoloid members of the government: in order to protect girls, women, children from sexual exploitation, the government has to control what people write on Facebook! Yes, the naked pics/videos of unsuspecting women (and sometimes consenting women...) on Telegram is on a par with what people write on Facebook, according to those sick minds...

The sexual abuse of young girls in Rodrigues is all the fault of Facebookers you see, and not the fault of that pervert MBC cameraman and a religious freak. B, quel ggtri sa bunum? Zenfan lekol payee pa rezon en fesse kumsa! Kifer zot pa dimander plito kifer la police ziska ler pa enkor fer ene ferfoute lor tou sa ban crimes la? Ou kifer la police pa fer narien kan ban ti macro met ban posts bien racistes lor Facebook? Ah bon! Korek sa, parski nou ban ti trolls sa, b pa tousse zot? Zis dimounes ki critik gouvernman ki ban anti patriotes, et ki cybercrime bill bizin arete?

Mr Bean is not on his own though. When you are feeling suicidal but lack the courage to take the final step, watch one of these "interviews" on MorpIoN News, conducted by another idiot who believes his role is to sit still for 5 minutes, pretend to write something, and then ask the most stupid question imaginable. But if you are really intent on committing suicide, then watch a MorpIoN News regular, the great mathematician and Shakespearean scholar, Rutnah, remind us of how stupid and infantile his arguments still are...He probably now believes that his long hair has given him the aura of intellectual finesse that was always lacking in that risible personality. Once again, he is wrong...

So, here you are people. I defy anyone to watch this short video and to try to understand anything that he says without this thought cropping up in your mind regularly: B vreman Mr Bean sa! Ki li p fer dan Moriste? Li enkor kondire sa ti Mini la?

Vendredi 19 Novembre 2021

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